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  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2011-02-14
  • Current Version: 3.7.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 54.77 MB
  • Developer: Tactical NAV LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 4
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BACKGROUND: Tactical NAV was created by a U.S. Army Field Artillery officer who was deployed to eastern Afghanistan on his third combat tour with the "Bastogne Brigade" of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). While in combat, two of his fellow Soldiers were killed fighting in the notorious Pech River Valley of Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Following the memorial services, he prayed and asked for inspiration in finding a way to further help his Soldiers out on the battlefield. After receiving an epiphany during a combat mission, he came back to base and then set out to create an extremely accurate MGRS-focused tactical "app" that every U.S. military service member could utilize at all times. All with the ultimate hope of saving the lives of his fellow service members. MISSION: Tactical NAV’s mission is to provide military warfighters a low-cost, extremely accurate, and exceedingly powerful mobile tactical navigational solution. VISION: Our vision is to assist and support our nation’s warfighters with their mobile navigational needs and to further enable them to fight and win in the Multi-Domain Operational (MDO) battlespace. BUILT FOR ACCURACY: Tactical NAV allows users to pinpoint their location with precision accuracy, and acquire an MGRS/UTM/BNG/LAT-LONG coordinate to any position on the map, anywhere in the world. Its performance is on par with the AN/PSN 13 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), and the application has been used to accurately and safely deliver conventional and precision-guided munitions (PGM) onto enemy targets in support of combat operations. BOTTOM LINE: Purpose-built by warfighters for warfighters and created to save U.S. military lives, Tactical NAV was the first MGRS-focused tactical app on the App Store and has proven to be effective in both combat and training environments. Tactical NAV has been successfully evaluated against other targeting devices and software platforms such as JCR, CPOF, ATAK, and BFT, and it comes within 1 to 3 meters of these "officially approved" systems that are issued by the Department of Defense. Currently, Tactical NAV is being used by tens of thousands of U.S. military and NATO personnel worldwide. FEATURES: • A military-quality precision targeting platform • Purpose-built for the individual warfighter • Offline mapping capabilities (full usage of the TACNAV platform with no emission of a cellular signal) • WGS 84 standard (MGRS, UTM, BNG, and USNG coordinates) • Tactical drawing mode (joint fires planning, building overlays, route planning, etc.) • Waypoint plotting functionality with military graphics (per ADP 1-02) • Compass “FastLock” function for capturing quick azimuths • Snap and save photographs onto the main map for intelligence purposes and AARs • Location, waypoint, and photo sharing capabilities (via email and text) • One-button night mode function for low-light situations • "Go to Grid" option for smart pinpoint planning and drawing of overlays • Created and tested in combat to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability • iOS native code built for austere and contested environments • And so much more!!! MEDIA COVERAGE: Featured in the Army Times, BBC, CNN, CS News, ABC News, Fox News, MSNBC, Daily Mail, and the New York Times. IMPORTANT NOTES: The Department of Defense does not endorse Tactical NAV, nor should it be used in combat situations in place of a government-issued device. ALWAYS GIVING BACK: All sales go into further development of the Tactical NAV platform, and a portion of all proceeds go to charities that support disabled veterans and their families.


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Best military app

I use this app for grid references and for plotting waypoints. I also use Tactical Nav for building overlays and doing navigating to different firing points and unit positions while out in the field. This app is a MUST HAVE purchase if you’re in the military. The developer is an Army officer in the 101st Airborne Division and a fellow Field Artilleryman, and he is very responsive to questions and input and feedback. Worth every penny.
By smokeman3-320

Great targeting app

CPT Springer, Just discovered your app after one of my squad mates told me about it. Really love the simplicity of TacNav and the accuracy of the grids is spot on. Any chance you can include mission graphics soon? Graphics like block, support by fire, axis of advance, etc? Also, if you can add the ability to record videos along with photographs, that would be helpful too. Thanks for your help, Sir. Great app! Sincerely, SPC Marcus
By SPC J. Marcus

Fantastic capabilities

Jonathan, I love your app and have been using it for quite some time. You and your team have made big strides over the past year in features and capabilities; keep up the great work. One area I would suggest improving soon is the waypoint database functionality. If you could square this away and add some of the additions other users have mentioned in some of the more recent reviews, you would have a pretty substantial app that is only rivaled by TS-SCI level software offered by the DoD. Great work, and I’ll be in touch via email soon to give you more detailed input.👍
By gruntstylesucks82

Outstanding App!

I can tell a lot of thought and hard work went into building this app. Thanks for putting this together!
By RescueBaller

Well built app

Friend recommended this to me. Really great app. Couple recommendations: 1) iPad & Watch support 2) GPX export options Keep up the solid job TacNav team. You’ve earned a loyal customer for life! Tom F.
By ThomasFremont48

Mortar use

plotted our company mortar targets using tacnav for a live fire exercise.. all rounds fired and observed on target.. pretty dang amazing for an iPhone app.
By chappydude1996

Rock solid

Just got back from a deployment to the ME...all I can say is wow. Used tacnav outside the wire when I needed to pull quick grids. Crazy accurate and the offline mapping stuff makes this very secure (used it while in airplane mode - no signal emission). Much easier to use than most of the Army crap we are issued. Recommended for fellow Army grunts like myself.
By QueenofBattle11


My man, I love the updates...👌
By Hawkeye->

Don’t hesitate. Just buy it.

TacNav is the bombdiggity. Looking forward to what the dev team has up their sleeves in 2020.
By 101RangerATW

Great planning tool

Superb navigation app with accurate grids and very powerful features.
By Jericho=LeChampion


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