Talking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook

Talking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook

Talking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook

By Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand

Score: 4.8
From 76 Ratings


Whether you're on a short trip to Thailand, working with Thais, or studying the Thai language in-depth, this is the one dictionary you can really use. 195,000+ entries (250,000+ translations), plus a built-in phrasebook with 300+ categories and 12,000+ words and full-text searchable, ready-to-use customizable phrases. Clear native sound recordings for every Thai word—even offline. Favorites screen lets you organize words/phrases in multiple folders. Includes both pronunciation guides (12 different systems) and Thai Script with the Thai and English text as big as you want. Includes a guide to speaking and writing Thai and other mind-blowing features for exploring the Thai language—nothing else even comes close! == Listen to Any Thai Word Touch any Thai word/phrase in any of our 195,000+ entries to hear a high-quality sound recording of a native speaker, not a toneless gravelly robot as found in other software—more than 29 hours of studio-recorded sound included. Long-press to hear 2x/4x slow playback with no change in pitch. == No Connection Required and No Data Charges Works even when you're in a taxi or a countryside street market and not connected to the internet: all entries and sounds are stored right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and you will incur no data charges when you use the app. == Big Text and Clear, Clean Layout Make the Thai and English text as big as you want—no more reading glasses! Easily scroll through multiple, complete definitions on the screen at once. Customize layout. == A Dictionary Crafted for Those Learning Thai Unlike typical dictionaries based on low-quality, free internet data meant for Thai natives, our superb dictionary entries are hand-crafted by Paiboon Publishing with your needs in mind: if you're not familiar with the Thai alphabet, you can even look up Thai words by their sound using an easy-to-read pronunciation guide system (12 popular systems are supported). Hear somebody say "sa nuk?" Type "sa nuk" to find out what it means. All Thai words in every section are written using both Thai Script and your chosen pronunciation guide system(s). Unlike dictionaries meant for Thais, we clarify critical shades of Thai word meaning and formality using English explanations, we list crucial Thai classifiers for more than 60,000 noun entries, and we even notate syllable stress. == Built-In Phrasebook Beginner or advanced, communicate in Thai easily! 12,000+ phrasebook entries in 300+ categories like “Language Difficulties,” “Hotel,” “Renting a Place,” “Food/Drink,” “Price Haggling,” “Transportation,” “Health,” “Shopping,” “Sightseeing,” “Love/Romance/Sex” and even “Swearing/Insults.” Two-way conversational format helps both of you communicate. == Introduction to Thai Included More than just a dictionary, our software includes a comprehensive, interactive introduction to the Thai language, including a "Speaking and Understanding" section with clickable sounds and detailed grammar coverage, and a "Reading and Writing" section with all the consonants and vowels in multiple, real-world fonts. == Unique Thai Learning Tools This app is loaded with amazing, industry-first Thai learning tools. You can touch any word to find out which component Thai words it's made from: a great way to learn new words quickly. You can see any Thai word written in multiple real-word fonts you are likely to see on signs and menus. You can touch any Thai word to see a detailed interactive breakdown of how to pronounce each syllable (with clickable sounds that let you compare nearby sounds) or see a detailed visual explanation of its Thai spelling—indispensable for learning how to read and write Thai. Nothing like this has ever appeared in any dictionary software on any platform. == Buy ThaiDict Now! Don't go another day without this indispensable tool! Enjoy free lifetime upgrades as we add more vocabulary and more features. Our website has more screen shots and much more information.


Talking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook ScreenshotTalking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook ScreenshotTalking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook ScreenshotTalking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook ScreenshotTalking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook Screenshot


Very limited

I bought this translator thinking it would be a useful tool in place of the google translator.. I was wrong. It has some words, but very few useless phrases. It uses a women’s voice and no man’s voice. There is no support because it is old. Save your money and use the free Google translator.
By Discouraged98765

Best Dictionary I’ve Ever Seen

I’m upset I didn’t discover this app 2 years ago when I started learning Thai. I was fine paying the price just for a simple good dictionary with the Paiboon phonetic system but this app is way more than a dictionary. It has absolutely everything you need to study Thai from common usage to grammar, to classifiers. This is great work by the developers.
By Thaispanol

Absolutely the best!

Thai to English or English to Thai, this is the most comprehensive and easy to use, for beginners or advanced speakers. Many useful features as well.
By Chiang Mai fan

Covid-19 vocabulary update please

I love this app but would like to see some updates on more modern slang and with the Covid-19 crisis, some new additions to the word bank. Also a dark mode would be an awesome feature.
By ฌอน เคลลี่


I have NEVER paid so much for an app, but this one is EASILY well worth it! TONS better than other apps! LOVE the off-line audio and highly thorough spelling explanation of each Thia word- including a break down of syllables and clear explanation of why certain tones apply. Search in English or Thai with a pop up Thai keyboard. Even those pesky sign fonts that are impossible to read while visiting Thailand are in this! REALLY love the extensive list of ALL vowel sounds, not just the basic ones. Wonderful transliteration for quick pronunciation. This is the very best app I’ve found to study and learn Thai.
By jtclat

Great application

One of the better ones
By zxrthai222

For anyone learning Thai

The depth of this app is amazing. In all honesty, from the get go it is a bit tricky to use. I have had it for probably over a year and I didn’t really appreciate it that much. My advice: dig around inside and fiddle around with things. There is so much functionality in here and the ability to break down ties script into each individual sounds is amazingly useful.
By Aki_ki

works both ways

Are use this app to teach English to Thai people and for myself to learn Thai. A very excellent and powerful application highly recommended.
By PraJon

Superb interface and extremely useful

I have used this app daily for more than two years and it’s a great companion when learning the language. The interface is a breeze, words can easily be found and explored, the voice recordings are very clear and can be listened to in slow mode. I find particularly useful the possibility to collect words in lists - then being able to listen to all words as they are played in order, fast and slow. A lot of other functions to be explored and enjoyed and that will fit many different learning styles. As all apps it has limitations - the app from has a larger number of words, more detailed explanation of meaning and many examples of use for the words, but when the two apps are used together only a few words are absent. But as a fast and convenient tool for easy reference regarding basics this app is the best.
By MarcusSyl

The best

Don’t let the old school looking app icon fool you. This is a great app! It is worth the price. There are countless phrases here all with a native speaker pronouncing them with the Thai tones. I would love to see an update with added functionality but even without an update this is a must have app to learn Thai.
By jeremyaadams


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Talking Thai <> English Dictionary+Phrasebook

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