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0 stars if possible.

Deceiving. Keep looking for a legit free app. This not free when you get locked into a screen that prompts you to give email, which as I’ve been made to understand means I now have a monthly payment. It states you have 7 days to cancel. I just spent the last hour and a half trying to determine how that can be done. You get charged for a subscription after 7 days. But you can’t cancel when it doesn’t show up, until that happens.
By Jenna9283

Very accurate

I test the app against my blood pressure cuff, oxygen level meter with a HR meter, and the recumbent I ride daily and matches all those readings.
By Mcadoo43

Political ads

I deleted this app bc of political ads. All for ads to support free apps, but don’t really want to do it based on political ads when I’m just trying to check my heart beat.
By Joeywigs

Political Ads?

I finished testing, pressed "done," and screen immediately went black with white letters that said STOP IMMIGRATION NOW. Are you kidding? At least add the word "illegal" for crying out loud. Or I don't know, maybe vet ads you sell? Or keep politics out of ad sales entirely? Weird that I should ever have to suggest that.
By justeandj

Why is this app sending our heart rate to FaceBook? It’s criminal!

This app should be banned. The Wall Street Journal reported this app sends our data straight to Facebooks. This should be illegal. I’m hoping Apple removes this app NOW.
By Artiste212

Deceiving photo sharing

Why exactly does this app need to take a picture of my living room to take your heart rate? When I deselected it’s use of my photos and camera it doesn’t work when selecting again it immeadiatly takes a picture, what is the app doing with these photos? This app is shady and not free!
By Beckyfatur


This app forces you to use it, then force you to give more personal info to cancel. They will still charge you $10 for the first month. No refund, no considerations. (I didn’t want it at all) There will be no indication that they will charge you. (I think they hope you will forget.)
By Son of my father

Good app

It’s a good app for what I need for free part
By Imisis2174

Making a difference

Great app works well with my OMRON blood pressure machine to
By AUTO addict

Must have an account to use

Really annoying that you can’t even try it out without creating and account or signing in with Facebook, which didn’t even work when I tried it.
By pcmiranda2443


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