Planet Fitness Workouts

Planet Fitness Workouts

By Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC

Score: 3.6
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Welcome to the Planet Fitness App – The Gym In Your Pocket! Bring the Judgement Free Zone® anywhere with the FREE PF App. Check out our exclusive features including digital check-in, trainer-led on-demand virtual workout classes, hundreds of exercises that you can do at home or in-club, equipment tutorials, activity tracking for in and out of the gym, a crowd meter so you can pick the best time to visit, and so much more! Key Features: Digital Keytag: Quick and easy touchless check-in at your Planet Fitness with your digital keytag. Crowd Meter: Coming into one of our clubs? See how many people are at your club before you go to find the best time to visit! Just check out the Crowd Meter to view how busy your club is. Digital Workout Videos: Access on-demand trainer-led workouts that will get you motivated and moving! Whether you're starting your fitness journey, or you just want to try something new, we’ll help you make the most out of your in-club or at-home workouts. From beginner to advanced, there are workouts for everyone! PLUS, it’s easier than ever to find workout programs you love. You can search workouts by type, time, target, and more to find what’s best for you. Member Perks: Check out exclusive discounts and deals from Planet Fitness partners. Start exploring now. Exercise & Equipment Tutorials: View hundreds of easy-to-follow exercise routines and equipment tutorials. If it’s your first time using a piece of equipment in one of our clubs or need a reminder, you can just scan the QR code in the app and your video guide will help you get started. Activity Tracking with My Journey: Check out the My Journey screen to track check-ins, integrate with fitness trackers like Apple Health, and track just how much you’re moving by logging it in the Activity Tracker. Download the Planet Fitness App today - You got this!


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Stop hiring psychopaths who bother people while they’re working out That’s cool I’ll use something else since you, random trainer need to use my equipment. Time to change this trashy gym

Wrong $$ taken out of my account

I went personally to address this issue ( manager Michael ) helped me UPDATE information… Still taking out Toooo much for a $10 account!! Really!!??? Imora I don’t even attend (71 y.o.)
By ladydragon52

Lost my membership

I’ve had the PF membership for three years now and ever since the app did an upgrade I lost my membership, my progress and all my data. When I contacted customer service I was told that unfortunately they weren’t able to retrieve my “old” membership due to the new update on the app. I had to create a new account, new membership which I found it extremely frustrating. How can you not find my membership with my email?? Like are you kidding me!! 🤯😠
By Lizethkarla84

Used it on my desk

They are going out tomorrow to see
By dinahemanna


My workout does not show under my journey. I like to see a check in then a work out and it’s not there. Also you removed the 150 minute meter from the last app! My goal every week was 150 minutes and now my activity doesn’t even show under My Journey. I’d find a new app but it won’t show my checkin! Horrible update to the last app.
By jmciv1999

Terrible app

Everything about it terrible, should’ve been simple but it isn’t. Not even mentioning the company itself which is a borderline scam and should be reported to ftc for how hard it is to cancel a membership
By goodolboy12345

Static QR Code!!!! (Watch)

June 4, 2023 The update has not fixed the issue; the app still crashes on the watch. I’ve deleted, etc. On the “You Got This” screen, when you click “Keytag” it crashes. Earlier Review On the watch, I have to repeatedly login to connect to the key tag. I would give it three stars but the fact that reviews have been saying the same thing for more than a year deserves a one star because it shouldn’t take a developer team a year to fix that seemingly straightforward problem. Just make the login static! Why set up the app to connect to the key tag every single time when the member ID doesn’t change? The app is one of the few I actually need to work so I don’t need my phone to go on a workout or run. Wasn’t that part of the value proposition for the Apple Watch?
By Zae X

Apple Watch issue

After opening the app and pressing ‘key tag’ on Apple Watch every single time, I could show the QR code on my watch to check in. However, I noticed that the checkins were not recorded when I used the code on my watch. Now I check in with the code on my iPhone, and it does get recorded. Simply frustrating. The manual sync’ process itself discourages us from using Apple Watch App. I don’t think the watch has never been supported properly for me for the past year.
By Min C. Lee

Older phone

I have an older phone that apparently doesn’t support the new app.
By moxiexp

Don’t go. Do not care about customers

I rode my bike all the way there just to be told off and not let in for not having the write shoes. How is that going to hurt anyone?? This gym encourages laziness
By warlockfromdogfishmeadow

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