Planet Fitness Workouts

Planet Fitness Workouts

Planet Fitness Workouts

By Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC

Score: 3.95
From 7,816 Ratings


Welcome to the Planet Fitness App – The Gym In Your Pocket! Bring the Judgement Free Zone® anywhere with workouts and features for anyone, with the FREE PF App. Check out all our awesome features like always NEW exclusive premium workout content with Planet Fitness trainers to help coach you and iFit trainers, LIVE stream, hundreds of exercises that you can do at home or in-club, equipment tutorials, progress tracking for in and out of the gym, crowd meter and so much more! Key Features: Crowd Meter: Coming into one of our clubs? See how many people are at your club before you go to find the best time to visit! Just tap the Crowd Meter at the top navigation to view how many members are at your club. Workout Videos: Always NEW workouts with Planet Fitness trainers, exclusive iFit trainer series, all to get you motivated and moving! Whether you're starting your fitness journey, or you just want to try something new, these guided trainer videos will coach and help you make the most out of your workout and feel good for at home or in-club. From beginner to advanced, there is a workout for everyone depending on your fitness journey and with or without equipment to help you no matter where you are. NEW PF+: Daily LIVE stream and premium workout content with Planet Fitness trainers and exclusive iFit trainers with workout series built to guide you through every muscle group to get you motivated and moving. These range from 20 minute workouts to 5 Mighty Minutes for those needing a quick burst of movement and feel good vibes. Exercise & Equipment Tutorials: Hundreds of easy to follow exercise and equipment tutorials so if it is your first time using a piece of equipment in one of our clubs or need a reminder, you can just scan the QR code in the app and your video guide will help you get started for all your workout needs. Workout Tracking: Every minute matters, whether you set a new personal best, or took a stroll on the treadmill. Track your activity and watch those minutes and good vibes add up. Digital Keytag: Quick and easy touchless check-in at your Planet Fitness with avoiding unnecessary contact by checking in using your digital keytag in the app or through your Apple Watch. Apple Health: We included integration with Apple Health, to add the details of your workout, like duration and calories burned, to your Apple Health account. Download the Planet Fitness App today - You got this!


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No w/o Plans or Photos

I only use it to check in at the gym. If I was able to create a work out plan / routine or circuit for the week or the month this app would be 3.5 stars If we were able to save photos to track workouts from the rowers/ ergos, ellipticals/bikes/ treadmills etc. the app would be 5 stars
By Bohemian Rhapsody

Check it out before you go.

Awful experience. Athens, ga location. Workers were at the desk didn’t even acknowledge me for a good few minutes. Then didn’t really know how to sign me in. Took too long to just that. I could have been done with my workout by the time they finished just signing me on. Employees were in Jeans ... in a gym. I would trust them for an advice on how to use a new piece of equipment or for a spot.
By d.hamm

Mostly useless

Aside from cardio activities, you can’t log or track weightlifting /exercise progress.
By dasvunderkid

Apple Watch Key does not work without the iPhone

I have a cellular Apple Watch with can work independently from the iPhone it is paired with. I don’t see why I need to open my iPhone to activate my key. This kind of defeats the purpose of leaving my iPhone home when I am going to the gym. This is the main reason I gave this app two star rating.
By thePaintGuy

0 star review..

I can’t even get pass the enter password part of the app. Planet fitness please hire people who know what they are doing this is terrible.
By thisnicknamefeaturesucksballs!

App isn’t working

The app currently isn’t working on my iPhone for me to use when I go to the center. Please fix. I get a message that it isn’t connecting to internet.
By Quinn1

Needs more

This app would kick butt IF I could actually log my work out that I do on the machines how many reps at how much weight to see progress. And if I could log my steps from my Apple Watch . All’s this app does is shows you how to use the machines and shows you a few work out . But I need to keep track of my actual work out ...
By Mspinklladybug


Love the app.. but I wish that I could track my exercises and workouts on the app.. ( where it shows how to do the exercises) I wish you could put in what you’ve done!! That would definitely be awesome!! I absolutely love this gym ... it has helped me tremendously Thanks.. Rose Chumbley
By Rosebud1229

Apple Watch app

Its cool that you can use the app to check in on your watch and go. You don’t have to carry around your phone in addition to your water bottle, keys, headphones, yada yada. Especially if you’re like me and accidentally leave your phone somewhere 👀 BUT. It’s annoying that I have to log into the app on my phone in order to use the scan in on my watch EVERY time. Its a little tedious and unnecessary. Why does it need that much security when anyone can snag my keys just as easy?
By ladylizarrd

Enjoying the App!

I like the app and being able to watch any videos if wanted. Could there be a way to delete a activity history in the app that gets added by accident? I was looking at a video and it added workout time. Also wish there was a way to link the Fitbit to the new app . Other than that the app is great!
By SodSqw


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