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  • Release Date: 2010-06-04
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ACHIEVE THE PERFECT CUP – CONSISTENTLY Creative coffee roasting is an art. The key lies in leveraging both your triumphs and mistakes, and visualizing how all of your data works together to affect the final taste. Designed for specialty and prosumer roasters alike, Roastmaster paints the bigger picture. It enhances and speeds your workflow, compounding your achievements on your way to that consistently perfect cup! ROAST Learn from the past and build a future: Set a roadmap from any profile or roast with just a tap Track any number of roast curves: control or temperature Target, inspect, and monitor data in the interactive analyzer Stay on course with delta curves, level indicators, and temperature projections Never miss a milestone with alarms, set-point alerts, and temperature trigger notifications Save any roast as a profile, and build a custom library tailored to style or bean View interactive roast log reports to compare metrics like drying time, development percent, moisture loss, and many others Create roaster maintenance schedules to be reminded when individual tasks are due, and log details like service time and costs BEANS Keep your green bean inventory in sync with your actual stock — automatically: Beans or blends – let Roastmaster do the bean counting for you! Set order reminders to alert you of low inventory Record details like country, trade, processing, and more Track lot details such as age, cost, moisture, Q Score, and more Audit inventory and lot shipments with advanced reporting BLENDS Get creative concocting, tasting, and perfecting your signature blends: Blend green beans or roasts by weight or percentage Create "snapshot" experiments and track your results Roasting a blend? Let Roastmaster calculate the green weights CUPPINGS Rate a morning pot of drip coffee, or score a professional cupping session: Record extraction time, brew ratio, grind settings, and more Score traditional attributes like aroma, body, and acidity with multiple cupping styles Enter scores easily with interactive spider graphs Visualize how cupping scores relate to all aspects of your workflow LINK TO THERMOCOUPLES (OPTIONAL) The Data Logging in-app purchase allows you to connect one or more thermocouples to automate your roasts. Roastmaster displays and records real-time temperature readings from each probe. When paired with Roastmaster’s other automation features, roasting becomes truly hands-free! MUCH, MUCH MORE Reports, labels, sharing – if it’s aimed at great tasting coffee, you can bet it’s in there or we’re working on it! For a complete guide and walkthrough, please visit:


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Essential home roaster tool

Tool is very helpful in tracking my roasts and creating consistency in my output. I must also say that Danny has incredible to work with. Great developer and professional support! Have a cup of coffee and catch your breathe.
By BVC Roasters

Great, well designed, modern app

I avoided this app for a long time because I *wrongly* thought it was dead and from the iOS 6 area of skeuomorphism. Screenshots on their website are dated, the roaster graphic threw me, along with infrequent updates. I finally bought it today on the verge of writing my own app, and oh boy am I glad I did! I’ve really been missing out for a long time. It’s well thought out, feature rich, and works very well. If you home roast, and don’t want to use Artisan, this app is a must have. I have a Behmor, and it has custom profiles just for that which is great and niche because I can’t easily put probes in there and the automatic modes are already profiled.
By hannibal87

Great app - with one bug.

Great app! Love it. One issue: turning on the iOS setting “Increase Contrast” obscures the description for all Preference settings. Sorry for posting bugs here. I didn’t want to create an account on the forum.
By picree


Top notch software and invaluable to a home roaster. I think this would be my most missed app if an os upgrade ever broke it. Please keep up the great work on this.
By maitri1

Overall good app

I’m new to roasting but I started using this app to document my progress and results. Quite satisfied with its capability. Since I’m using a Behmor 1600+ I don’t have an easy way to log bean temperatures but I can log the basic B reading for comparison purposes. Help files are full of great documentation. If I had a wish list it would be for two items - ability to store a low to medium resolution image with a roast, and the ability to make a blend from existing roasts.
By pj47tech

Great App

I have been using RoastMaster for nearly two years and can't imagine roasting without it. Stat is transmitted to the app on my iPad via Bluetooth. The app provides consistency and milestones to help me roast the way I want. It also tracks inventory, cuppings, scores, ratings, etc. I have created curve templates so I can follow a precise roasting profile and modify it as desired. Very full featured and highly recommended.
By Lbdina


I fully agree that both the app and Danny are extremely helpful. It is really comprehensive in covering so many aspects of roasting coffee. But there is one feature that really brought me back after a year or so of using it, then a couple of years of not using it. It now generates, DURING A ROAST, a curve of any reading or setting that one wishes to time plot. In other words, at any desired moments, one can enter data that are read from any source, and the data will be graphed vs time. That is great for observing the progress of, for instance, beand mass temperature. (But you could also use it to generate a time plot of the outdoor temperature, if you so wished, though I haven't checked for the upper time limit on such a plot.) Some roasters spend a lot of time and money on fully automatic roaster control from their computer. This is for the simpler person like me who wishes to do things more manually, and get a nice 'feel' for things. It is also helps remind those like me who need to do certain manual things during a roast, but sometimes miss because of inattentiveness. I like it!
By Bats & Crows


I started using Roastmaster as a hobbyist, and have continued with it as I transitioned into a small business owner/micro-roaster. And this app has performed exceptionally at every step of the way. The developer is a roaster himself, a coffee industry professional, and a talented app developer...and all-around great human! I can't say enough good things about the app and developer. Tip o' the hat!
By Coffee Roaster Small biz guy

Not worth the cost

This app has its usefulness, but it is not worth the $10 I paid. It has a very non-intuitive feel, and features seem to change with no warning or pattern. Sometimes I am able to compare a current roast profile with a historic one, but then that feature drops out mid-roast. For the cost, I expected much more.
By Jpinec

Very useful!

I have been using this for years and I love it. Any chance of an iwatch app coming for manual data logging?
By CaptBrwnStubble


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