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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix. We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break. What you’ll love about Netflix: • We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device. • The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love. • Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix. • Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment. • Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases. • Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are. Privacy policy: Terms of use:


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Poor privacy

I love having Netflix on my phone except that your privacy and account security is terrible! I’ve had this account a little less than a month and my passwords have been compromised twice. Add two factor authentication or something! Who wants to pay for a service that other people across the world can so easily mooch off of!?
By Ari 🌻

Great app, needs some improvements

I love the app, but it has lots of room for improvements. Starting, I don’t know why they removed rating movies. It really helped me decide what was worth watching, now we just have a like or dislike system where it can’t see other viewers opinions about it, so it’s pointless for the viewers. Second, I get the Netflix originals are meant to tempt people to get Netflix for certain shows, but they need quality over quantity. Nobody cares about how ever many shows or movies that are originals, people care a lot more about a few movies and shows that are really good and have a large following. Lastly, this kind of goes with the second one, but we need more original movies and shows that everybody knows and loves. For example, Polar Express, I Am Legend, Spongebob, and many others I can’t think of right now. Hopefully these actually get read and these suggestions might eventually get passed on, though I have my doubts, but it’s worth a shot. Anyways, good app and I recommend getting
By Mason_42

Who doesn’t like Netflix?

I’ve been using Netflix for quite some time now and I really love it. The Netflix Originals are wonderful and there’s so many kinds available to different types of people. I do hope a “Finished Watching” button was added in order to remove some titles from the “Continue Watching” section. It absolutely drives me crazy when I finished watching a movie and it’s still under “Continue Watching” burying the tv shows I’m currently watching. I also hope more animes are added. There’s already a lot of animes, but it would be better to add the following seasons, not just season 1. Lastly, I wish there were more Korean variety shows such as Running Man or Infinite Challenge. Overall, I really like Netflix.
By chesterrrrrx

Signing in again?

Have to sign in online because you refreshed the app? Why?
By Rosecal27

Netflix stole my son and peed on him

Me very mad at Netflix. They stole my wife. And peed on the one child I had custody of killed my wife and stole him. Please give him back :(
By "deadpool was taken"

Terrible scam

Apparently if you dont buy a new ipad, you cant use the app you pay for service on. "Netflix not compatible with this ipad" Message appears after using ipad for years with netflix. Apple and netflix are greedy af.
By sllimaraik

Old shows

Bring it back !!!!
By xj2x

Disappointingly awful UX

tl;dr: Autopreview Autopreview alone makes Netflix my last stop when looking for media. AppleTV browsing is slow, clunky, and useless. Interface freezes with every swipe, I assume this is due to the previews loading. 20+ seconds from launch to "Who's watching?"
By _ŒÂ◊

No more Indian shows and movies please!!!

There should be a filter so you can block content you don’t like. For example if you don’t like Indian movies you could block them and not see ever again so many Indian mucked Wichita I hate so much. I think that there’s too many Indian shows and movies and I’m not interested in that content. So please make filter so I can block Indian movies and shows and not having to deal and get mad when so many pop out when I’m looking for something good to watch. Thank you:)
By Dan.N.G

Good Overall

The app works pretty fast and stable except for rare buffering issues, but that’s everything. Fairly cheap for all you can get. Support is usually pretty cool. There are 2 bones of contention. 1. Netflix seems far more interested lately in “Netflix Originals” and, let’s face it, they’re not all “Black Mirror” so maybe go back to uploading other stuff. Which brings us to... 2. Kindly stop having only a few seasons of something. If you’re going to have it, have all of it. If you can’t or won’t have all of it, get rid of the part of it. I hate getting into new shows only to find out a season is missing.
By TalisRaye


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