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Free yourself from recipes! The best-selling cookbook, Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking, by me, Michael Ruhlman, is now an iPhone app that will help you calculate amounts of ingredients in all the fundamental culinary preparations. When you know a ratio, you don’t know a recipe, you know 1,000. And this application does all the calculating for you. “Cooking, like so many other creative endeavors is defined by relationships. For instance, knowing exactly how much flour to put into a loaf of bread isn’t nearly as useful as understanding the relationship between the flour and the water, or fat, or salt. That relationship is defined by a ‘ratio’ and having a ratio in hand is like having a secret decoder ring that frees you from the tyranny of recipes. ….Michael Ruhlman, in handing us mortals a power better suited to the gods, has changed the balance of kitchen power forever.” —Good Eats host Alton Brown What You Get: --THE 32 CRITICAL RATIOS that form the backbone of the culinary arts, with instructions: doughs, batters, meat preparations, custards, sauces (pasta dough and pizza dough, sponge cake and pancakes, fritters and crepes, stocks and sauces, crème caramel and chocolate sauce. --A CALCULATOR that figures out how much of each ingredient you need, no matter how many or how few people you want to serve. --An OUNCES-TO-GRAMS CONVERTER (ratios work no matter what unit you choose to use!). --DELICIOUS VARIATIONS FOR RECIPES on all the ratios, ideas for the creation of new dishes according to your tastes. --An easy way to STORE YOUR OWN RECIPES and notes that you’ve created from the basic ratios. --Quick fun ways to SHARE what your cooking with your fellow cooks, on Facebook and on Twitter. --Ratios is also a great way to understand and TWEAK YOUR OWN RECIPES, to help you make your pancakes even fluffier, your pizza dough crisper, your crème brulee richer.


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No need for recipes, I’ve got ratios!

Highly recommend you read the book Ratio to understand how great this app is. Knowing basic ratios allows you to cook on the fly, to tweak dishes and make them your own. Example: rice. Liquid to dry rice 2:1. I’ll make a chicken &sausage jambalaya with two cups of rice. I’ll need 3.5 cups liquid plus the .5 cup liquid the onions, bells and celery will throw off. I’ll sauté up a pound each chicken and sausage, sweat the vegs and the stock, and the rice. Ka-BOOM!
By Big Daddy S'port

Chef Jim

This an excellent cheat sheet. Works very well.
By JBlackley

Loved the book

Nice app that has the book published ratios. Very convenient
By foodcoman

Very little here here

Five dollars? You could fit the information this app contains on a double sided, letter sized sheet of paper with 12 point type. I like the concept and it has its uses. But for $5 I'd like to see how these ratios adapt to different dietary requirements, or something a little more encyclopedic in its scope. For one thing, it's extremely French classical in its viewpoint. Wish I'd read the reviews prior to purchasing.
By Alex from the North


Complete waste of money. Don't bother with this app.
By Hhghdtdbh

I Agree: Way Overpriced

Very useful but would be satisfied if this app, as it is, were free. I'm tempted to say "where's the beef" but I won't. Disappointed.
By Wojo4127

Expecting a little more

I have this book and I thought there'd be a little more to the app, little skimpy for the price.
By strikingtwice


Too expensive for what you get in this app. I expected more from the brand.
By French792

This is an ok baking app

But overall it's too limited for the price. I used it for a couple months and then deleted it from my iphone.
By Emalahow


Too minimal for a $5 app. I regret this purchase.
By Leahmonique1


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