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No RST in Minnesota

For some reason RST in Minnesota disappeared. Major city not listed!
By DirkDagger

Cheeseburger without the meat

People with bad reviews are unreasonable. 1- THIS IS FANTASTIC 2- THIS IS HORRIBLE, Let me tell you why, in this day in age and the tech we have, this could be 10x bigger than just analogue sounding waves coming through one of the most advanced hand held devices created by man kind. There are sooooooo many amazing things that can be added to this app (even for extra cost). Except the developers are sitting on a billion dollar cheeseburger idea and are too lazy too just add the meat.
By SycOps

Not bad, volume won’t go up

Worked really good for the first three years or so that I had it and suddenly the volume won’t go up! Can’t hear it, deleting app. Tried contacting support, keeps saying my e mail is invalid?
By today 13577(?)6)

Just another way for Google to track you

This app sends tons of personal information to google!
By Yaundawg

Needs a lot of work

This app is great but it has not been a voice over friendly and I really think you should update it for voice over problems
By anisb3l


Bought the app. Worked a month or so. Then all my local channels have been down for over 200 days. Can’t hear anything on cape cod. Happened when Biden came to the islands. All his fault. Lol
By Ma3166

Quits playing without notice

Just as the title suggest. I like to listen to my home airport as background noise or listening for practice with my own conversation with ATC when I fly. Without warning, it will just stop. I won’t realize until I notice I haven’t heard anything for a while. When I go to check, sure enough it’s stopped. So aggravating, I’d expect that from a free app, but this is a paid app.
By caleb oxford


App worked fine for a few days and now I can only pick up tower frequency. No aircraft radio transmissions are coming thru. I do not recommend
By J. L. London

Never worked

Could not listen to any radio
By Altela


A good general app. For some reason for KGEG it only reports NOAA weather. Nothing from Ground or Tower. Odd
By Mannandrew

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