Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

By Ipnos Software Inc.

Score: 4.5
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** The Most Positively Reviewed App in the History of the Apple App Store ** — Business Insider ** It’s Like a GPS Directing You How to Fall Asleep ** — The Guardian Can’t sleep? Discover Relax Melodies, the soothing app that makes sleep easy. Relax Melodies makes you fall asleep in minutes by helping you combine Soothing Sounds, Bedtime Stories, Sleep Meditations, and SleepMoves. Relax Melodies is recommended by leading doctors and neuropsychologists to give you a better night’s sleep. Join millions of happy sleepers who use Relax Melodies every night! HOW WE HELP YOU SLEEP: Since sleep is unique to everyone, Relax Melodies gives you the freedom to create your very own bedtime experience. Choose your favorite tracks amongst our rich library of sounds and guided content. Mix them together. Fall asleep to your own perfect soundscape. Relax Melodies offers innovative music and sounds designed to melt your tension. Perfected through the feedback of millions of people, our nature sounds and white noise will lull you to sleep. Discover our carefully crafted ASMR sounds and binaural beats, scientifically proven to lower your anxiety and induce deep sleep. Quiet your mind with our Sleep Meditations created using the best meditation practices to guide you to a restful sleep. Embark on a journey with our Bedtime Stories narrated with soothing voices and written specially to send you to dreamland. Experience our SleepMoves, a series of body-mind exercises and relaxation techniques developed in collaboration with sleep professionals. Let yourself be guided through gentle movements easing you into a deep sleep. Over 100+ Sounds & Music: * Nature sounds * ASMR sounds * White noise * Water sounds * Meditation music * Isochronic Brainwaves * Binaural Beat * Healing music Over 200+ Meditations & SleepMoves: * Restful sleep * Stress and Anxiety relief * Tinnitus relief * Yoga nidra * Gratitude * Better sleep * Deep sleep * Napping * Dreams * Kids * Couple exercises * Travel * Cooldown Bedtime Stories : * Fairytale * Mystery * Sci-fi * Fantasy * Non-Fiction Also featuring: Bedtime reminder: Set one every night to get more restful sleep Timer: Stop the application after a set amount of time Favorites: A section to add your favorite mixes And more! Relax Melodies optionally integrates with the Health app to save your meditation sessions. ... Brought to you by Ipnos Ipnos gives you the best in the world of wellness apps. Need help with the app? E-mail Read more about our terms and conditions here : Privacy policy: Terms of service:


Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRelax Melodies: Sleep Sounds Screenshot


So nice

My girlfriend says it’s so nice.
By QuantumMunki

Waste of money.

App locks up repeatedly. Impossible to find support. When it worked it was great, but at this price I consider it a rip-off to have to constantly fight with features locked up that I paid $60 for.
By dr-drs


I love this app however I used the 7 day free trial and I decided I didn’t want it I thought I had unsubscribe it and it took money off my card how do I gotta unsubscribe in order to not get money taking off my bank card ? Can I get a reimbursement for $59.99 ?
By jttpbp

I love it

It help me sleep so fast it has been a help it helps me sleep in a snap TY FOR THIS APP
By llllllooooovvvveeeiiiittt


This app is amazing for sleep. I tried the first night and I was in love with this app. I really like how you can pick multiple sounds at once. This is amazing for sleep. This is truly a five star app. I have a sleeping issue were I need to take medicine to fall asleep and it really helps. This might sound weird but if it’s quiet when I sleep I here footsteps and breathing so it really helps clear the dead silence. If you are like me a truly recommend this app. I heard of a similar app before called Calm most of it’s not free, it’s weird where they have story’s when you sleep, and unlike this app you can’t combine sounds. I have stress issues so this really helps. If you want a sleeping app this is the one!
By keiradonut

Best all around

This is THE best meditation, white noise, sound machine app by far. You can completely customize your sounds. Use this every night for our kids and us especially when traveling.
By aukelewoj


I tried everything to help fall asleep. Melatonin, prescription meds, NyQuil/zzzquil, even a hypnotist etc. I downloaded this app late one night thinking I’d give it a shot. I have been falling asleep relatively quick AND staying asleep. I’m so happy I can finally get a good nights rest!
By vikkibeanz


Long stressful days can usually cause me no sleep but with this app I can actually sleep at night I love it and my Bff loves it to
By Space bag

The Annoying Opening Sound

Oh that annoying sound added on start up! So so annoying, especially when you're sleeping at night and it jolts you opening the app to turn on sleep sounds! Option to turn it off please :)
By Kilaeua

Great app

We love this fantastic app. app. It has so many options to relax!
By Isagraph