Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

By Ipnos Software Inc.

Score: 4.77
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Make this 6X App of the Day winner the app of your night! “The most positively reviewed app in the history of the Apple Store” - Business Insider “It’s Like a GPS directing you how to fall asleep” — The Guardian Having trouble unwinding & falling asleep? We get you, and we’ve got you. Sleep to your own beat with Relax Melodies. Tune-out stress, anxiety & fall asleep easily. Mix endless sounds & music, countless meditations, and shelves of stories with our smart technology. Recommended by leading doctors and neuropsychologists, Relax Melodies helps you fall asleep more easily. Now, that sounds good. HOW ARE WE UNIQUE? Because YOU are. No two people decompress the same way. That’s why Relax Melodies gives you the freedom to create your very own relaxation and bedtime experience by mixing: - Endless sounds & music. Lull yourself into easy sleep by mixing soothing sounds & music, designed by our in-house sonic gurus. - Guided meditations. Discover your simple, go-to sleep meditation (even if you’re a novice). Let tons of guided practices like visualization, hypnosis, Yoga Nidra, and more help you calm & quiet your mind. - Shelves of stories. Lose yourself in one, or many, blissful bedtime stories. Warmly narrated and enhanced by a rich, custom soundtrack and specially written to ease your mind into sweet sleep. - Calm breathing exercises. Inhale peace and exhale the day with simple, guided breathing techniques that are paired with beautiful nature sounds to lull you to sleep. - Proven SleepMoves. Let your mind & body connect (so you can disconnect) with a series of gentle guided exercises and relaxation techniques developed with top sleep experts. Over 200+ Sounds & Music: * Nature sounds * ASMR sounds * White noise * Solfeggio Frequencies * Water sounds * Meditation music * Isochronic Brainwaves * Binaural Beat * Healing music * 3D sounds Over 160+ Meditations & SleepMoves: * Restful sleep * Stress and Anxiety relief * Tinnitus relief * Yoga nidra * Gratitude * Better sleep * Deep sleep * Napping * Dreams * Kids * Couple exercises * Travel * Cooldown * Morning Bedtime Stories : * Fairytale * Mystery * Sci-fi * Fantasy * Kids *Journey * Non-Fiction Also featuring: Bedtime reminder: Set one every night to get more restful sleep Timer: Stop the application after a set amount of time Favorites: A section to add your favorite mixes And more! Relax Melodies optionally integrates with the Health app to save your meditation sessions. ... Brought to you by Ipnos Ipnos gives you the best in the world of wellness apps. Need help with the app? E-mail Read more about our terms and conditions here : Privacy policy: Terms of service:


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Ahhhh peaceful slumber

I highly recommend this app as it has been a huge help in reclaiming my ability to sleep through the night. Sleep is uber important to our wellness and this app is awesome at helping me get the sleep I need.
By Abbwood76

Relax melodies

I was extremely impressed on how it made me feel
By Ijs49


This app is such a good app! It helps me sleep ten time’s faster!!
By yiyeiywitwitiw

It could be better

This is the best sleeping app but there are a lot of things that are locked and need to have that VIP thing I hope they unlock a couple more things to listen to but otherwise it’s pretty good
By 99horerider

Great App

I have been using this app since it launched. I am happy with how much content has been created. They are always adding new meditations and stories. Highly recommended.
By ROCpj

Wizzies bed time

sleep time
By wiz clouse

Relaxing listening

It’s very relaxing all the music and sounds but I think it is expensive to buy one item.That is locked.
By vlh1326

I finally subscribed. Worth Every Penny!

Created a sounds and music mix, liked that for a year or so. Then I added a guided MEDITATION. Within days I fell asleep before it ended...until the scary pandemic, the hate-filled rhetoric during the campaign and after the election. I was worried. OVERWHELMED, my chest was tight and my mind was racing every night when I tried to sleep. I started looking through the list of meditations from RELAX MELODIES’ and subscribed. I saw a stress option meditation tab. Adding PRE-SLEEP mgtz to my music mix, and stress option meditations literally saved my sanity. I fall asleep quickly and STAY asleep. For me, this app is worth every penny. Grateful.☮️
By ameacham0204

The Best!

It is so good,I used to have trouble sleeping but now I don’t because of this app.😁
By Becca🦄

Immediate $65 charge if you don’t cancel the trial

If you forget to cancel the trial they charge your account for the highest subscription (annual fee). This is PREDATORY. Trial runners beware! Also you can get most of this stuff for free on other apps.
By ShrubbyBand5527