Topo Maps

Topo Maps

Topo Maps

By Mappendix Limited

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2009-03-27
  • Current Version: 1.16
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 113.29 MB
  • Developer: Mappendix Limited
  • Compatibility: iOS 6.0+
Score: 4.3
From 88 Ratings


* View over 70,000 Natural Resources Canada 1:50,000 and USGS 1:24,000 topographical maps on your iPhone or iPod touch. * Ideal for hiking and other backcountry activities. * Map downloads are FREE! * More than 4 million maps downloaded so far! - iPad owners, please see the app "Topo Maps for iPad". * Users write: " I've bought all the topo map apps and I like this the best " " Scans are gorgeous ... the interface is exceptionally clean " " Downloading maps is easy and fast ... Map displays beautifully and zooms flawlessly " * Includes Canada (at 1:50,000), the contiguous US (at 1:24,000), Alaska (at 1:24,000 and 1:63,360), Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. * Locate the maps you need on the satellite view. To install a map, touch for about half a second. Touch again to view it. * Search by name for over a million towns, peaks, lakes, parks and other features. * No network connection is needed once the maps have been installed. * Mark waypoints, and import and export waypoint files in GPX, KML and CSV formats. * Touch the "current location" button to see where you are, and the compass button to align the map with the ground. * See coordinates in NAD27 or WGS84 degrees, degrees minutes and seconds, UTM, or MGRS formats. * Measure distances (miles, feet and km) and bearings (true and magnetic). The Maps: This app uses high-quality scans of the traditional USGS and NRCan topographic maps which have been the definitive resource for hikers and other backcountry users for many years. You can make the terrain stand out with hill shading, using simulated sunlight from the direction of your choice. In the U.S., this app does not use the new "US Topo" maps because they do not show hiking trails and lack other details: please see the web site for more details. Downloading: US maps are around 8 MB in size and download in a few seconds on a typical home broadband connection. Canadian maps are larger. Both cellular data and WiFi can be used, though WiFi is likely to be more reliable in most cases. - Do please visit for complete instructions, so that you don't miss any features. We have many ideas for additional features to add to future versions of this app; if you have ideas or other questions or comments, contact details can be found on the website, The website also has more screenshots and other information.


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It just works

Great App done right from the start
By imjustme2

No good

Asia Cover Map Don’t Spoort
By 007Lwin


I’ve tried them all (Gaia, OnX, Earthmate, and others) and by far this is the most reliable and intuitive topo application of them all IMO. It has some fantastic features the others do not, and it’s the closest you’ll get to physical topo maps in hand. Sure it doesn’t have all kinds of layers to overlay, but do you want to be caught up in techno-glitter or navigate? Earthmate is lousy, OnX the worst, and Gaia is not bad. Topo Maps+ is pretty good also. This app, however, is always my go to. Kudos to the developer for focusing on simplicity and functionality rather than bling subscriptions that simply bilk you for a lot of crap you don’t need.
By CrashyAppy

The most useful backcountry tool I have on my phone

This app is fantastic. This is my go to for any backcountry trip- put my phone in airplane mode, use gps on the maps, and the battery will last for days and days. This has made the navigation on so many trips so much easier-from month long mountaineering expeditions to packrafting in remote places to backcountry skiing day trips. Also, the support offered is fantastic. I recently had a problem and got a really fast response from the app creator.
By bc200000009

Great App

This is my favorite topo map app. I love its ease of use, and its ability to annotate and pin waypoints. The only thing I don’t care for is that there is no cloud saving of your annotations and waypoints. If it did that it would be the only topo map app I’d use. I use it about two to four times a week when fishing.
By tvdavis


I have used this app for years, iPhone 4 days. I wish the developer would update the maps but even as it is it is far more useful than most. It seems like it’s been abandoned which is sad. But it’s still worth it, You pay ONCE and have access to download Topo maps of the entire U.S. for as long as you want. All on your phone so no data connection needed. I payed a year subscription for another popular Topo app who made promises that all downloaded maps would be available on my phone even if I stopped subscribing. Wrong. Maybe 1/3 of the maps worked and if those they were segmented all over the place so useless unless I happened to be within a random maps location. When I buy a Topo map from REI I pay once and it’s mine, I don’t pay $1 a year or something. Subscription based software is a trend and money grab but what can you do. Why use the Topo Maps app of course and forget paying more than once.
By Tock13

Outdated maps

Scanned outdated Topo maps. Could have downloaded the PDF current versions of the maps I need, for free.
By NoFakePhone

Awesome App and great Developer Support

I’ve used this app for years, it’s a great app for any outdoorsman! I recently upgraded my phone and forgot to export my Waypoints. I did make a backup in iTunes on my computer but my new phone didn’t have enough storage to restore to it. I was able to dig into the backup file though and extract the waypoint file, I then worked with Phil (The Developer of this App) to convert the file to a CSV and re-import the waypoints on my new phone. He was very kind and helpful!


This is my most-used app. I’m in the backcountry frequently, and this app has more utility for me than any other. Here’s a partial list of my favorite features. 1. No spam - they do not ask for an email address. 2. Access to access all USGS quadrangle maps. 3. The ability to easily store waypoints. 4. Searchable database of place names. 5. Works with or without internet connection (you must pre-download maps of your areas of interest) 6. Map orientation can be altered from “north is up” to “point of view.” 7. No in-app purchases required or subscriptions involved.
By VolKayaker

The reason I bought a $700 iPad

This is the best app ever made. The cellular enabled iPad mini becomes the ultimate gps enabled, location finding map - even without a cell plan. I use this app to plan backcountry trips, save locations, and save usgs maps for later use for recreation. I also use it extensively to assist my platoon leader with route planning and map recons prior to going on training missions in the Army. This app is what justifies having a GPS enabled iPad for me. Intuitive and easy to use with tons of features and low power consumption. Location finding function can be turned on or off any time within the app to save battery. Adjoining sheets line up as well as when using paper maps and MGRS is supported as well as several other formats. LOVE THIS APP!
By PresidentGod


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