Mint: Budget Planner & Tracker

Mint: Budget Planner & Tracker


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  • Release Date: 2008-12-19
  • Current Version: 150.54.0
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  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
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Experience a fresh way to manage money. Reach your goals with personalized insights, custom budgets, spend tracking, and subscription monitoring—all for free. Easily see your monthly bills, set goals, and build stronger financial habits. Get the #1 personal finance and budgeting app now*. Mint is the money management app that brings together all of your finances. From balances and budgets to credit health and financial goals, your money essentials are now in one place. Join the 24 million users that trust Mint to help them reach their goals. ALL YOUR MONEY IN ONE APP Your spending and financial accounts all in one place. See your credit balances and transactions with one tap. Mint gives you a more complete picture of your financial health by bringing everything together: account balances, monthly expenses, spending, your free credit score, net worth, and more. Connect your cash, credit cards, loans, investments, and more. MONITOR YOUR CASH FLOW Mint helps track your transactions, budgets, expenses, and subscriptions. We bring together all your numbers to show your net worth and spending trends. Get alerted when you’re close to going over budget and before you overdraft from an account. We’ll notify you when subscription prices go up and uncover old ones you don’t use. SPEND SMARTER AND SAVE MORE WITH PERSONALIZED MINTSIGHTS™ Find new ways to make your money go further. Mintsights will take a deep dive into your accounts and uncover new ways to make every dollar count. Plus, get convenient alerts that keep you on top of your budgeting, spending, account balances, credit score, and more. Use our money tracker to get a quick view of your financial health. BETTER BUDGETING AND EXPENSE MONITORING Make every dollar count with our budgeting feature. Get a smart budget based on your spending on day 1. Mint provides budgeting tips and advice to help you save for your goals. We’ll work with you to create budgets that are effective. Plus, keep tabs on your balances with our budget tracker. SEE YOUR BILLS LIKE NEVER BEFORE Track bills right alongside your account balances. Our bill tracker makes it easy to manage your recurring expenses, helping you keep tabs on your debt. Plus, get bill reminders so you can put an end to late fees. Expense tracking can help you reach your goals sooner. TRACK YOUR IRS TAX REFUND Check your refund status and date estimate in Mint when you file with TurboTax. We’ll notify you when it arrives in your account. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS Set custom financial goals in our budgeting app and get actionable tips tailored to you. With our money management advice, you can see and celebrate your progress. We’ll help you make the most of your money. GET YOUR FREE CREDIT SCORE & CREDIT REPORT See your free credit score & credit report whenever you sign in. Get fraud and identity alerts and updates to your score in one money management app. REFINANCE FASTER AND GET MONEY SAVING OFFERS Apply for a refinancing loan in Mint. We’ll prefill your app with your Mint data, so you can lock in an accurate rate in just 8 minutes. Plus, get exclusive money-saving offers from our partners. This includes credit cards, investments, loans, and more. STAY SECURE Protecting your data is our top priority. We’re serious about keeping your account safe and are constantly improving our security measures. See more here: *based on all-time app downloads FROM INTUIT INC. Mint is part of a suite of financial tools that include TurboTax®, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Self-Employed™, and ProConnect™. To learn how Intuit works to protect your privacy, please visit By installing or using Mint, you agree to our Terms: Mint currently connects to US and Canadian financial institutions only.


Mint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker ScreenshotMint: Budget Planner & Tracker Screenshot


Credit score does not work

The credit score feature does not work with this app. I try to access it by clicking on the Add credit score button on the top left. Every time I fill out and submit the form the app freezes, does not get me credit score, and sometimes gives an error that’s says it couldn’t connect to the server. Sometimes I use a VPN when I get this error but when I disconnect from the VPN it still does not work or it freezes. This has happened several times in the past. I download the app, it shows my credit score fine automatically without filling out the form. Then a month later it doesn’t show my credit score and instead shows the add credit score button. When I click the button it takes me to the form. I fill it out, submit it, and keep getting errors saying it can’t connect to the server. Then I uninstall the app, reinstall the app, then it gives my my credit score fine. Then a month later, I can’t access my credit score and instead I get the add credit score button. I click on it, fill out the form, and get an error or it freezes. Now when I uninstall and reinstall the app it still does not work. No credit score, when I fill out the form it gives me an error or it freezes. When I go onto mints official website and sign into the same account, it gives me my credit score right on the dashboard of the home page when I sign in. ??? Please fix. The free credit score is the main reason why I use this app. Please fix this or this app is pretty much useless to me. I often compare this app to credit karma and experien. Guess who’s winning? Not Mint! Great job intuit, good thing you can still do my taxes or else you’d be completely useless to me. Other than all of that, when the app works and gives me my credit score, it’s a great app! 5 stars! Fix this issue and I’ll give you 5 stars.
By vince5335743246775

App is great except for…

Love the app, it’s great for creating a monthly budget, but there is still room to have more customization. My biggest gripe is that after you are done with a savings goal, the goals cannot be archived. Only options are to Delete it or to keep seeing it at the top of your Goals section under the Monthly page. Please move new goals to the top of the section or give us an archive option!
By Mr.Av_Bot

Great App

Tells you exactly what you need to know and helps you budget out how much you want to spend for any given time. Overall easy to use
By MeBush06

Bank info doesn’t update

I’ve tried updating my checking account linked to mint many times and it just doesn’t update so I can’t use the functions of the app properly. It doesn’t track my actual spending and deposits in real-time. Very disappointed.
By liliat23

Works okay

App emails ads, cannot see the text you enter when creating a subcategory. So you might type “Mom” but end up with “Moo” or “Moom”. You won’t know until you save the subcategory and then are forced to edit something you cannot see,
By SuperShoeDiva

Not as advertised

Very buggy software. Charges me $5 and it doesn’t accurately pull up my subscriptions. This app collects all this data on me and I get nothing beneficial in return. My banking app shows me more information. This is a useless marketing tool.
By nnsnfbnd


It’s excellent this program is so awesome and I love using it. Keeping up with me credit score, watching over my budget and seeing if I’m spending more than I should. You you guys are great
By Joe2day

Great app

Super helpful
By Yahwehbless

Constant Bug Issues

My savings account no longer connects and can’t be connected no matter how many times I try to log in. A few loans transferred to another provider, so I can’t remove the previous provider account nor can I add my new one. I can’t add my investment account, these issues are just ongoing. Last year I deleted this app because it never opened to begin with no matter how many times I tried, I was hopeful when it finally decided to work a few months ago and I could utilize its spending tracking, net worth, etc., but it’s back to the same issues and errors and it’s no longer serving it’s purpose. I have to delete this app a second time! This is frustrating!
By victoriac423

Too often fails to sync!

Total trash to sync with most brokerages! Will switch to different app with a better GUI!
By Buried.dreams

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