AccuWeather: Weather Tracker

AccuWeather: Weather Tracker

AccuWeather: Weather Tracker

By AccuWeather International, Inc.

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Get the accurate weather forecast you know you can rely on with AccuWeather. With in-depth forecast news, the latest forecast updates, severe weather alerts, and much more. Our precision and scientific accuracy let you stay one step ahead - making the unpredictable, predictable. Be prepared for any sudden changes in weather with live alerts and detailed reports. Plus our daily snapshots provide everything from cloud cover to UV index. Why you’ll love using AccuWeather: - Our brand new UI - Enjoy a beautiful, streamlined layout with a stunning conditional background feature. Plus, our easy to use UI helps you to quickly visualize all of the relevant info you need. - You won’t miss a minute of accurate weather information - Our MinuteCast feature has had a makeover - now you can enjoy Minute by Minute! Our latest feature gives you a detailed minute by minute breakdown of the next two hours so you don’t miss a second of the latest weather updates. - You’ll be prepared for any weather event on the horizon - Get highs for today and tomorrow with our Today Tonight Tomorrow feature or even get a 45-day outlook. - You get superior accuracy™ whenever and wherever you need it - Get worldwide weather updates if you're home or away. - Enjoy RealFeel & RealFeel Shade Temperature® technology - you’ll know the difference between how the weather looks and how it actually feels. - Go beyond your local forecast - Access hyper-localized mapping layers, featuring an improved radar (with Past/Future in one timespan), temperature contour map, and live tropical storm radar. Plus, dew point, UV index, visibility, allergy, precipitation, air quality index reports and more. - Get relevant weather content - Read articles and watch videos that are updated regularly and personalized to your needs. The best part is you control what type of information you get with our new custom notifications. Opt into Minute By Minute notifications to get jacket or umbrella reminders and much more! From the daily forecast to minute-by-minute updates, you’ll be prepared come rain or shine. How to make the AccuWeather app work for you: - Personalize the app depending on where you are in the world. - Look 45 days ahead to ensure that you’re prepared for any weather. - Try the Minute by Minute feature for the most up to date weather forecast, minute by minute. - Get the latest trending videos from AccuWeather’s dedicated news team. - Filter according to your preferences and easily hide any features that you don’t want. - Sync AccuWeather with your watch to get updated information with just a quick glance at your wrist. With AccuWeather’s superior accuracy™ you’ll never miss a memorable moment due to the weather. Wherever you are or wherever you’re going, count on AccuWeather for reliable weather information. Download AccuWeather today for free and enjoy award-winning superior accuracy™ in weather forecasting on your iOS device.


AccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker ScreenshotAccuWeather: Weather Tracker Screenshot


July update

July update is horrible. They changed the app where it is not difficult to find if it’s going to rain. Go back to the way it was.
By Test4echo73

Stellar update!

Just woke up and saw the new update - wow this is an outstanding improvement! I love the ease of access to all the info I reach for every day. The layout is (for me) perfect! Very, very well done. Bravo!
By Engrtp0


It’s too cluttered all over the place! Improvements are ok but sometimes doing nothing is better!
By brwlybil

New design is terrible

Title. New design is difficult to navigate and confusing to understand. Old version was crystal clear. Looking for new apps now...
By GMaj7_Cadd9

This last update.

I have been using this app for several years and always liked it. I like the way it looked, the ease of use, everything about it. This latest update I am not fond of, I would like to see the old one back. I know that won’t happen and I will either keep using the new one or get a different weather app. I just don’t like the new one, maybe in time I will. Sorry.
By highgame

Used to be the best weather app

It's gone from being one of my fave apps too being unusable. Total redesign with no visual hierarchy, teensy weensy type, no graphics to speak of. You can't tell when you first look at it what the 🤬 weather is outside -- sunny/rainy/apocalyptic? Could be anything. I'm deleting this pile of horrible design and going back to my old app, "Look The Hell Out The Window." So so so terrible.
By Angielimetiger

New Design Is Awful

The newly redesigned AccuWeather app looks terrible. The daily forecast screen is confusing and has a very poor layout. The colors are dreadful — all white icons and text. Where’s the color? It’s sad. This app used to be my favorite weather app, now it gives me a headache. App needs a ton of work to bet back to its former glory. This new update isn’t it.
By Brandon1351

Really nice to have

My grandpa sent me this cus me and him go fishing a lot so we need to check the wether it saved us one time we where about to get hit by a big storm and we pulled it out and we seen that so we started heading in that you acu wether
By it is way werth it

Nice Update

Doesn’t cut off music anymore!
By Andykoom

Not for me

Sorry not a fan of the update more confusing


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AccuWeather: Weather Tracker

AccuWeather: Weather Tracker

AccuWeather International, Inc.