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Overall pretty solid

One thing I wish were possible is to be able to to set different lengths of intervals within the interval coaching program of a single run, whereas right now it’s only possible to set one length for the fast intervals and one for the slow. So I can’t vary the intervals I’m doing in the course of a single workout except by choosing to ignore a cue to start a slow or fast interval. Seems like this shouldn’t be a terribly difficult thing to program? It would make the interval training option a lot more useful.
By DreamsOverBroadway


Please stop asking how I like your app Ggggc styhbvinnkjnvff
By Money2222222222

Easy to understand

This tool really helps keep track of my workout. It also encourages me to work out consistently!
By GY2288

Great free app to track rides

I use it to time daily commute to work and back on bike!
By Gamelova 1234


Great app I enjoy looking at my map Love it love it
By marmarbalo

Great detail and accuracy

App is great, only negative is often trying to upsell to paid, and often not working at those times, especially on my android phone. Works better on I phone.
By DPStout

Definitely like

Great app. I figured by now I would have to upgrade to save or even record my rides. I’m sure it’s coming. But until it happens, definitely enjoying.
By DJE231968

Still better than Strava

I still like MapMyRide over Strava. Last season I used both off and on and still think MapMy is superior. The only ding I’d give it (and this applies to Strava too) is that at some point it stopped supporting my speed and cadence meter, which was a bummer.
By xosder1

Great app Except for 1 problem

1 problem: the pause button is right at the very bottom of the screen so it is almost impossible to close out the app (swipe up) on iPhone without accidentally and unknowingly pausing your workout. Then check to see how far you went when you’re finished just to find out that it stopped tracking you a quarter mile from your house.
By jhsjsisisbevrhfid

Unreliable. Not for serious use.

Update 20 May 2023 I’ve continued to use the app, but it never fails to disappoint. There have been no improvements to the app in several years. My biggest frustrations are that you cannot edit a workout and if you either hit the wrong button or forget to hit a button, you will lose everything. What started out as a Five-Star app is now barely worthy of one star. The app needs some major work. I’ve been using Map My Ride for years. It was a great application when I first started with it. It has gotten worse over the past couple years. It randomly stops recording. I record both walks and bicycle rides. I might go on a 20 mile ride but when I finish it will sometimes say that it was something much less, like eight miles. Lately, I’ve been walking more than riding. After a two-hour walk yesterday Map My Ride said that I had only walked for half an hour and had only walked half a mile. The app also often fails to record workouts even when the entire workout was properly recorded. If you accidentally forget to stop recording, you cannot edit the workout and have it synchronize with Apple Watch. The app frequently hangs up and remains connected to Apple Watch long after a workout has ended. That causes the Apple Watch’s battery to run down quickly. The only solution I’ve found is to reboot both my phone and my watch at the same time. I am using the paid version. As I am writing this, I am wondering if I am being too generous giving this once five-star app two stars.
By Geo_

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