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  • Category: News
  • Release Date: 2019-02-02
  • Current Version: 10.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 72.66 MB
  • Developer: Stitcher, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 2.98
From 3,304 Ratings


We’ve rebuilt Stitcher to make it easier and quicker to listen to the podcasts you love. Discover new features made for and only podcasts. Explore shows from NPR, Wondery, WNYC, the New York Times, Earwolf, Exactly Right, and more. Stitcher is home to all your favorite podcasts, from politics, true crime, sports, and comedy, there’s a podcast for everyone on Stitcher. ORGANIZE YOUR PODCASTS Use Stitcher to follow all the podcasts you listen to so you never miss a new episode or update. Access your latest and unfinished episodes, downloads, and favorite shows all in one convenient spot. STREAM PODCASTS ON DEMAND Stream instantly or download podcasts to easily listen offline EPISODE SEARCH, FILTERING, AND SORTING Search for specific episodes on show pages, filter episodes based on Unplayed/Played, Downloaded, and Liked on show pages. Sort episodes by Oldest to Newest/ Newest to Oldest or by duration on show pages MORE CONTROL Customize download settings on a per-show basis and determine how many downloads you want saved before they are removed. And listen at virtually any speed. EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM PODCASTS AND AD FREE SHOWS Subscribe to Stitcher Premium for exclusive content from My Favorite Murder, WTF with Marc Maron, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend and many more Earwolf shows - plus ad-free, original content on Stitcher Premium, like exclusive episodes of Office Ladies and True Crime Garage, and ad-free versions of podcasts including Comedy Bang Bang, How Did This Get Made, and most Wondery and WNYC shows. SMART SPEAKER INTEGRATIONS Now features an Amazon Alexa skill and connects to Sonos speaker systems to play podcasts easily throughout your home or office. HOW TO GET STARTED 1. Install the free Stitcher app 2. Sign in with Google, Facebook, or your email 3. Start listening!


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Doesn’t work with Alexa!!

This new update has been nothing but garbage and bugs and missing features. I wonder if they have any plans to get their act together and make the app compatible with Alexa?
By Hmalamala

New version is bumming me iud

I also do not enjoy navigating this new version ...I’ve been a loyal user of stitcher and I’ve really enjoyed it for years...heavy user!!! I especially miss the way my favorites list was organized and it was much easier to optimize phone storage because it was easier to delete old shows etc.
By jennnicol

Great content, unreliable app and player

The only reason I’ve stuck with Stitcher is because of the great original shows and Premium only content. However, the app experience leaves much to be desired. Episodes won’t play at all for hours, especially on day of release, episodes will stutter and pause and play randomly. I used to like that the app gave me my stats of listening history but that seems to have been lost with the redesign. It’s frustrating that this is supposed to be the premium podcast app, and it can’t get something as simple as playing the episodes right.
By rsilva07

It’s so bad

Whatever update you did is utter crap. I couldn’t figure out why everything on my iPhone had changed until I came to the reviews. New podcasts I follow don’t show up on my feed. Who listens to chronological order shows from end to beginning? I find that to be really stupid, yet when I try to listen “oldest to newest” it states there are no shows to listen to. Even the way the app looks has changed and I’m not sure for the better. Looks exactly like the apps my 3 year old granddaughter watches. I see that you are “doing your best” to solve this issue but it’s been at least a month and I still can’t listen on my iPhone. Maybe fix it back so we can actually use what we are paying for? At this point I’d rather just let my favorites go that are only on stitcher.
By MergeDragonsIsStupid


Lousy app for all the reasons everyone has already said. Treats its users with contempt. No consideration of our interests or histories. No customer service to speak of. The stitcher Twitter account is still busily promoting their “shiny new app”, despite it being unanimously repudiated. Hard to believe they’re listening to us. Oh, stitcher, I’ve copied and pasted your rote response into this review, so you don’t have to: Thanks for your feedback - we hear you and are working hard to make stitcher the best podcast app it can be!
By spamthexannedham2

Bad update

Stitcher is convenient. There are a lot of great podcasts within but each time they update it gets worse. “Customer service” as is abysmal. I’ve had problems with random 5 seconds pauses and still occasionally hear adds from premium content for months. They get back to you in 2-3 weeks then say take a screen shot and we’ll get back with you. Don’t hold your breath. Essentially the update killed all that was charming or unique about the app. Then they replaced it with bug ridden b.s. that just made everything bad. Please, quit your day jobs developers.
By Beepbopboopbopbeep


The update destroyed everything. My podcasts won’t stay in the groups I put them in and they cannot be put into more than one group. Sometimes shows disappear altogether and somehow I’m just not subscribed to those shows anymore. More often than not, nothing new will load.
By Dreadful_Girl

Continuous play should have an on/off toggle!

It’s crazy that now every time you choose something to listen to, you have to take several steps to set a sleep timer if you don’t want continuous play. I like to listen to single episodes. Let users choose whether to use continuous play or not. Also, listening stats are no longer available.
By MicaNorth

Ugh, change is not my friend

Oh stitcher how I love thee but the recent changes have made it so hard to see the icons for my podcasts. The old layout was the bomb!! Just my opinion, still a loyal fan, just have to get stronger glasses🤓
By Twallyx5


If you were able to allow me to use Bluetooth controls to forward and rewind in an episode before, why can’t you now? This is a dealbreaker.
By meeperpark


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