Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor

Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor

By DragonPlus

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-12-05
  • Current Version: 1.0.20
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 422.92 MB
  • Developer: DragonPlus
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.65
From 54,593 Ratings


Hurry up, we have an emergency at Central Hospital! Many patients are waiting for your help! This is a health hospital simulation game, where you can play as a doctor, nurse, and help patients recover. You can also play the role of a hospital administrator, building, maintaining, and managing your hospital. Here you can get money by curing patients and upgrade the various facilities of the hospital to create a more perfect medical center. Game Features: - There are hundreds of different level objectives, the content of the level is exciting, and you will not get bored; - Doctors from various departments will appear in the level, and you can help cure various patients; - Perfect hospital facility upgrade system, no matter how difficult the level can be easily passed; - Decorate your hospital, you can design different styles of equipment to create your own hospital; - The unique achievement collection system makes your game no longer monotonous; - Rich activity rewards bring a more fulfilling sense of purpose. Want to build a world-class hospital? This is the best place for your dreams to come true!


Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor ScreenshotHappy Hospital: ASMR Doctor ScreenshotHappy Hospital: ASMR Doctor ScreenshotHappy Hospital: ASMR Doctor ScreenshotHappy Hospital: ASMR Doctor ScreenshotHappy Hospital: ASMR Doctor ScreenshotHappy Hospital: ASMR Doctor Screenshot


WAS fun, no longer is‼️

I really enjoyed this game, AT THE BEGINNING but just like the men around my city, it got real greasy! First day I downloaded it, I was hooked like a dope Fien. I locked myself away after work everyday. Made sure my children were in bed, satisfied my husband, and in some clean clothes after hitting my vape, and rubbing my feet together in bed for HOURS! However, after the first world it become impossible to win battles without spending extra cash and let’s not talk bout the ads🙄 I even uninstalled it, and downloaded it again to try and save all my coins and spend wisely but that didn’t get me much further. It went from spending hours a day on this game till going without playing it for a few games. I really hope they get it together because there’s NOT another game this good on the market but the way they are going, I don’t think many people will stick around.
By FMOI@: Classy_kayla

Perfectly fine

I don’t know and get it how people are saying it isn’t good and it’s a scam.Its fine and awesome although the ad said you would be able to do everything well you just click it but it is still very fun and entertaining of the sounds, It works fine,there’s no ad at least I know that cause I have been playing for a while and haven’t gotten any.Super cute and fun to play around when your bored.

Love this game but….

I wish it had a pimple popping part like the picture. I’ve never seen that part in the game ever!
By sabrira86


I love this game so much. It’s so fun.
By Cdcdcdcd9999999

Highway Robbery…

This game is not rocket science, yet, it’s designed as if, every single player is paid in ‘rocket science’ money, in real life. Why not just lower the prices (waayy down) so that more people can play?! And the prizes are so minuscule and worthless, that it’s pointless to put in all your efforts ‘cause you know it’s not worth it.👀 It literally gets so difficult, immediately, that it’s physically impossible to enjoy. Hence — you’re forcing us to spend an obscene amount of money, especially when we get nothing in-return (You’re right, we can always delete it and go about our days; but, what kind of professionalism is that, if we have to choose between ‘your way’ and the ‘highway’? If I built a game, I’d want people to stay, so I’d be incredibly reasonable with my time in making said game. My advice to you? DON’T BE GREEDY — it isn’t sexy…
By Melissa Borror

Falsely advertised

You barely get to do any of the actual ASMR cleaning up a gross body part stuff. It’s mostly tactical taking care of patients and an annoyingly addictive game where you have to match a bunch of different objects in groups of 3. It’s not, not fun, but completely falsely advertised and very misleading on what the main gameplay is. Also the ads are insane. Not at the beginning but they become pretty constant unless you pay money. And knowing I’ll be bored of this in a week or two I refuse. To succeed quicker through the game or have a chance to succeed doing cooler, more fun things, you need to pay money too. So pretty average overall. Quite a frustrating game on all front, when you’re just trying to find something silly and mindless as an alternative to social media.
By Neridabronwen

Fun but quickly becomes almost impossible to advance without paying

Starts off awesome but progress comes grinding to a halt after a short time and becomes frustrating to try to continue
By anonynonymous

Just a money grab…

Once you get past the first 2 hospitals, you can not pass the levels without paying for extras. It is impossible to beat without the quick shoes and other extras. You shouldn’t have to pay to play. Also, once you “update” the game you now have excessive adds. Why do I have to pay to play and watch adds????
By Just want your money!

Ex Fan

Not a fan anymore the commercials are ridiculous. You spend enough already then to have to pay $4.99 to be AD free is outrageous. Won’t be playing much longer. Ri
By Hangdoghhh


I have been stuck on Level 25 for forever. You have to get $562 within 15 clients. You cannot update the reception desk which never clears o that’s 4-5 people I automatically lose out in. I upgraded the equipment for revenue and although I cleared it I’m still stuck. Once I filled the bar I should have proceeded to the next level but have not. Why? Also, why does the reception desk doctor never diagnose anyone?!
By BeautifullyFlawed82