Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

By MOBGames

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-08-15
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.35 GB
  • Developer: MOBGames
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 4.57
From 1,005 Ratings


---The Train Station--- Explore one of Playtime Co.'s most popular locations, the Game Station! This Train Station is more than just a pitstop... there's games, a playground, and much, much more. Even better- the train provides a straight shot right out of the factory. ---New Toys--- This factory is filled with remnants of a crooked past- All you need to do is go deeper. Let's ask Bunzo Bunny. Or perhaps PJ Pug-a-pillar has some ideas. Or maybe... Mommy knows? ---The Green Hand--- The all-new Green Hand has been introduced into the GrabPack family! You can now carry power with you, remotely! That's not all... you can grapple now too! Innovation has done it again. • Transfer power without the confines of a wire! • Grab onto pipes and swing across missing flooring. • Fly! Kind of- you can grapple straight up, more accurately. Playtime's not over yet- stick around...


Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 ScreenshotPoppy Playtime Chapter 2 Screenshot


A Bug.

At the statues game,the lever won’t pull.Even if I try hard enough it just won’t pull! May you fix this and make it easier to pull so I can play Statues? Anyways,this is a good game!
By Mpplayer65

Great game but has one problem

When you walk to the Kissy missy part you can see that her fur is pink before she even gets to you please make it a little darker
By Berkleyellie1

I love this chapter! But I can’t finish it

I love this chapter it’s so well built! However after wack-a-wuggy I can’t pull myself up the stairs with the grab pack, making it impossible to complete. Pls fix this bug so I can progress some more. THANKS!
By Gaming With Nolan

Hi guys

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
By gigilalamimi

Dear mob games Why will you not fix this game if you don’t fix this game I will be so upset

Stupid game
By Lincoln smalls

I love mod games

After so long I finally found your Beautiful game I loved the part when log legs was chasing u I just want you to know that I feel this way and u will always be somewhere in my heart forever have a good rest of your day❤️❤️❤️
By ggjff fgjc

I love this game but a few minor problems

I love your game ever since it first came out and I don’t want you to stop making more but there’s a few minor problems that I’m going to write in my review. I don’t like the brightness isn’t the same as the PC version and it really bugs me I know you can just decrease the brightness but that won’t change anything. I noticed that when you get jump scared by the little Huggys from lack of Wuggy they don’t have all their fur i’m pretty sure it doesn’t annoy everyone else but it really bugs me. sometimes not all the time I’ll be playing the mommy long legs chasing and I’m about to go to the place where I grind her and go through the little hole but all of a sudden my game says Area still loading please wait and the only thing I can do is look at my inventory use my grab pack and look around and that’s it and it’s super annoying because it won’t stop loading and I have to go back to my checkpoint and redo the entire thing all over again. The last thing I noticed is that Poppy‘s hair doesn’t have the curls in it it just looks like this weird clay goo I’m not saying that to be sus or anything I’m just saying it because it’s kind of annoying. i’m really sorry for all these complaints I think what you have so far is amazing I love your game I am your biggest fan but there’s a couple problems on mobile that kind of upset me PS I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR NEW GAME PROJECT PLAYTIME TO COME OUT!!! keep up the good work mob games love me. I am not telling you my real name. Hint it starts with a K :)
By findivnir

the hole|death

so when i first got it it took a while but i finally got to the mommy part where u get chased so i was about to get threw the hole but it started to load BUT it took 2 or three or maybe 4 days until i could actually beat the game|when the toys get killed by mommy you can’t even see where they got killed and in the real game it would show where bunzo died and it would show bunzo and mini huggy's in the web where mommy put them
By Adycorn

I am so mad it did not let me play it at all it just glitch for me and now I can’t play it so I spent 5.99 for no reason like it will allowed me to play a clip of it only
By lolaMyrick

Me encanta ☺️

El juego se ve extremadamente bien los personajes se ven igual que los del ps pero me encontré con un glitch no sé si sea mi teléfono pero al final de la persecución de mommy cuando entras al agujero me pasa que se queda cargando pero aun así me encanta el juego no puedo esperar al capítulo tres adiós.😊
By Zeldagamer623

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