Wahls Diet App

Wahls Diet App

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Get ready to have more energy, lift the brain fog, reduce your chronic pain, and feed your cells the nutrients they need to thrive, with the Wahls Diet App. What is the Wahls Diet App? The Wahls Diet App makes following the paleo principles of the Wahls Diet easy. It is a powerful tool that will help you manage your multiple sclerosis symptoms. Inside the app, you’ll find nutrient-rich, chef created recipes that are delicious, easy to plan with clear concise directions and shopping lists. What the recipes don’t contain are refined carbohydrates, sugars, and inflammatory foods. The app tracks nutrients for you to take the guess work out of complicated protocols, so you can concentrate on improving your health. The Wahls Diet App filters in what you need and filters out what you don’t need.  Dr. Wahls’ Story Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000 and declined rapidly. Within four years, she was in a wheelchair, unable to sit straight. Not willing to accept her fate without a fight, she began her healing journey by learning everything she could from the most cutting-edge nutritional studies that could impact the brain, nerves, and muscles. She then started to experiment on herself with nutritionally dense whole foods. She started to feel better, then sat upright, then walked with a cane, and finally went from a wheelchair to a bicycle! How the Wahls Diet App can Help You The Wahls Protocol Diet is complex. It’s paleo-based, with a focus on sulfur-rich foods, fermented foods, leafy greens, colored vegetables, and the protein sources are meat, including organ meats, and fish, nuts, and some protein powders. As dairy can be inflammatory, it is not allowed, but there are other choices. Certain foods are daily, and some are weekly with varying serving sizes. For someone with multiple sclerosis who is inspired by my success and wants to try the Wahls Protocol Diet, the App does the work for you. It would be too complicated to figure all of this out yourself, especially if you don’t feel well and may be experiencing brain fog and fatigue. What People Are Saying “I have been doing the Wahls Protocol for about a month - the results are amazing. I went from a lot of aches and pains - low energy - mood swings - brain fog and headaches to no symptoms in just the 2nd week.” – Leanne T. “I've been treating my severe secondary progressive MS naturally for 4 years now following the Wahls Protocol. I have had no relapses and getting stronger every day. My fatigue is so greatly improved and I have a ton of energy and symptoms keep slowly but surely easing up and going away.” – Faith H. Benefits of the App 1. Select from hundreds of chef-created, nutrient-rich, delicious recipes that follow the Wahls Diet Protocol. You can be certain that the foods you eat will help you manage and improve your MS symptoms. 2. Each recipe has undergone thorough nutritional analysis. Know the nutrient profile of each dish with a simple tap of a button. 3. The calendar feature allows you to plan meals in advance. Easily organize your meals on a daily or weekly basis and according to mealtime. 4. With just a glance, the Wahls Diet App lets you know if you are reaching your daily and weekly goals and if not suggests dishes that will help you reach them. 5. Easily create a shopping list based on the meals you have planned. 6. Each meal comes with step-by-step cooking instructions. “I wish this app were available when I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; it would have saved me years of trial and error and assisted me in getting out of my wheelchair sooner.” – Dr. Terry Wahls Download the Wahls Diet App today. By downloading this app, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy: https://foogal.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/privacy_policy/WahlsPrivacyPolicy%28Jul2022%29.html Terms of Service: https://foogal.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/privacy_policy/WahlsTerms&Con%28Jul2022%29.html


Wahls Diet App ScreenshotWahls Diet App ScreenshotWahls Diet App ScreenshotWahls Diet App ScreenshotWahls Diet App ScreenshotWahls Diet App ScreenshotWahls Diet App ScreenshotWahls Diet App Screenshot


Name level of recipe

App seems ok, only been using a few days. Only wish recipes would specifically state which Wahls level it is, this would be much easier to find what you need quickly. Such as grits is not at all Wahls level 3.
By Jb@1345

Not very user friendly

After going through the app there is a lot of similarities between the nutritional lifestyle that I currently have. Due to how my metabolism works, I focus on the net carbs in a meal or dish. Since this app only lists the total apps in the quick view, I had to go to the full nutrition information to find the net carbs. I did experience a glitch with the app when trying to look up the net carbs of a blood orange. When I clicked to see the full nutrition information, the entire nutrition area went blank. Also, I don’t feel that for me the value of the app is worth the cost. It is very pricey compared to other meal planner apps. Even with lower prices, this app is ONLY subscription based. I have found free apps that, as long as you read the book, allow me to accomplish the same goals as the app would with tracking my diet.
By TashaZay0729


Seems like it could have been a really effective app but I wish there was a free trial or an option to explore a little and test the app before paying 20$ a month.
By laurielu203

Amazing app

My wife has ms and this app has made our life so much easier. Well worth the price for the subscription. The recipes have given us so many meals that are delicious. Before we had a few recipes that we stuck to. Now we are able to try new things and not have to worry about them fitting into the Wahls protocol. Any one that believes in the Wahls protocol should definitely get this app to simplify their life.
By kellon h

Helpful but sadly overpriced for the population who could benefit most

Many MS patients I have spoken with are very interested in the Whals Diet and could greatly benefit from this app however being disabled sometimes comes with not being able to work thereby having less income.
By It just my opinion

Life changing!!

I learned about Dr. Terry Wahls protocol shortly after I was dx with MS almost 10 years ago. I would be lying if I said I followed the protocol perfectly. When I did get serious I noticed big differences, but I would eventually find myself falling off the protocol if things weren’t easy or convenient. This app has it all, it doesn’t matter what level, they have it! My favorite thing about this app is that I can make a plan for the whole week, check off the items that are already in my kitchen from the shopping list before going to the store. It accounts for the number of people in my household & walks me threw the recipes. I’ve learned that it’s possible to make things that follow the protocol that I never thought I’d be able to have again. Wahls recipes are included & more are consistently being added! Life changing app!
By BombshellBarbie

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Wahls Diet App

Wahls Diet App

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