Speechify - Text to Speech

Speechify - Text to Speech

By Speechify Inc.


Text to speech from Speechify lets you listen to docs, articles, PDFs, email, and various other formats — anything you read. With 20M+ users, it is the top rated TTS app in the AppStore. Sir Richard Branson Loves Speechify. It helps him read with Dyslexia. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Speechify is brilliant. I’m so glad to have it today.” – Sir Richard Branson ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our users have listened to 6.5 billion words. FEATURES YOU'LL LOVE • Listen at Any Speed Our high-quality AI voices can read 4.5x faster than the average reading speed, so you can learn even more in less time. Ease into 300 words per minute & slowly increase the speed to as fast as you need it to be. • Natural-sounding Human Voices Our text to speech voices sound more fluid & human-like than any other AI reader. • Screenshot Image to Audio Find an image with text on it, no matter the length, with one click, you can easily take a screenshot and sync it to your cloud. Speechify will read the text out loud. Letters from loved ones? Scan them and turn them into audible notes. • Desktop or Mobile Anything you’ve saved to your Speechify library instantly syncs across devices so you can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. Gwyneth Paltrow Uses Speechify to Listen to Scripts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Speechify lets me listen to Goop blog posts out loud in the car and gets my friends through grad school. It's amazing for scripts." – Gwyneth Paltrow ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Features • Exemplary customer experience • Cloud sync makes for a seamless listening experience across all your devices We created Speechify so that reading is never a barrier for anyone again. Designed to help people with dyslexia, ADHD, low vision acuity, concussions, and other reading disabilities. Speechify now helps hundreds of thousands of people to consume their reading content with ease. From those with reading disabilities to auditory learners, productivity fanatics, second language learners, hobbyists, and more, we love all of our users and strive every day to create a reading assistant that empowers them to read more and succeed in life. We can't wait for you to join the family :) Install Speechify today, for free! Privacy Policy: https://speechify.com/privacy/ Terms of Service: https://speechify.com/terms/


Speechify - Text to Speech ScreenshotSpeechify - Text to Speech ScreenshotSpeechify - Text to Speech ScreenshotSpeechify - Text to Speech ScreenshotSpeechify - Text to Speech Screenshot


Unexpected find

I discovered Speechify when a favorite author of mine used their other app as part of their crowdfunded audiobooks. I've now been using their text-to-speech feature more frequently, finding it convenient to have articles read aloud while I multitask. Even when the content is dull, it's enjoyable to have interesting voices, like that of the president, narrating it for me. Initially, I thought it might be a gimmick, but I'm pleased with the product and intend to maintain my subscription.
By JJ Tech Lover

could not live without this

use this for everything. literally. amazing.
By Kbreslow

Why only 52 Mac downloads ?

Out of all the screen readers definitely the best option available and not only that but voice is like what is Paltrow and Snoop Dogg and it may be my own stupid opinion but I'm blind so it's pretty good one.----- Andrew
By Coolage_aa

The absolute best Text to Speech.

I use this to read along my textbooks with me; along with my airpods. The subscription price isn't horrible, but it could be cheaper, not bad enough for Speechify Inc. to lose a star over.
By D. May. RVTS

Rarely works

Works so sporadically that it actually decreases your productivity. It may read one or two pages, and then it will stop so you have to try and restart the app to see if it will work. I have sent messages to their support with no response. Avoid this service. There may be others, I'm not sure, but I wasted $140 dollars on this and don't use it.
By Does not work. Do not buy.

Best App Ever

This app is by far the best app I have ever used in this category. It truly is a life saver. I love it so much. I have no complaints. Really thoug it is great..
By RobertJKendall

Pretty good but some functionality tweaks needed

Please create a software update that skips over footnotes. It seems like this should be relatively easy to add (detect numbers that are in superscript). Additionally, I have noticed issues with certain "inserts" or "call-outs" within PDFs where it reads across multiple columns. One way to get around this would be to allow the reader to click a button that allows them to 'circle' the columns in that section or otherwise draw the path that the reading should follow. Thanks!
By Leia547

Great for what it does

Super easy to use, got right to work
By amiznyk21

Does not work

Why pay for a subscription if the app doesn't even work? Won't open on my computer and the web version crashes every time.
By smileystarfruit

A great help for proofreading

Try Harry's UK voice. Makes my novel sound like a good audiobook.
By anonymüs

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