Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™

Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™

By Charlie Banana (USA) LLC

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  • Release Date: 2022-05-23
  • Current Version: 1.1.10
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The Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers app is like having a sleep consultant in your pocket. Offering a smart and tailored approach to sleep, starting with an in-depth sleep consultation, to craft a fully custom sleep plan that grows with baby as their sleep habits adjust. HOW THE SMART SLEEP COACH WORKS Smart Sleep Schedule Updates dynamically as sleeps are tracked to suggest the optimal time to put YOUR baby to sleep (in tune with their biological rhythms), helping YOUR baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Smart Sleep Courses Short daily classes that right size what you need to know about sleep, when you need to know it. Smart Notifications Keeping you accountable in delivering the optimal sleep plan, so you are always one step ahead of your baby’s sleep. Smart Sleep Support Step-by-step guidance as you implement your sleep plan to help ensure sleep is approached consistently, with access to a Pediatric Sleep Consultant for extra support when needed! Sleep Insights at a glance Viewing your baby’s sleep patterns has never been easier! With sleep insights, all your sleep data is automatically organized so you can follow progress along the way. Parent Power And because your mindset is your secret parent power, the Smart Sleep Coach includes exclusive mindset coaching content to support you every step of the way. The Smart Sleep Coach is with you for the long haul, growing with your baby and their rapidly changing sleep needs – like a sleep consultant in your pocket, you can rely on the Smart Sleep Coach to support all of your baby’s sleep needs! SMART SLEEP COACH FEATURES • Personalized 24-hr schedule tool updates in real-time, as your day happens - so you’re always in lockstep with your baby’s sleep needs • 1-click sleep tracking – makes it easy to log your baby’s sleeps • Sleepy cue prompts – let you know when your baby might be getting sleepy • Sleep insights – see your baby's sleep data at a glance • Sleep coaching method – personalized for your baby and your family • Bedtime optimization – helps prevent overtiredness • Expertly curated custom sleep plans that guide you step-by-step to sleep training success • Mindset coaching & guided meditations keep you grounded and present throughout the process • Sleep support from newborn through age 2. So, whether you want to: - get one step ahead of sleep for your newborn - establish healthy sleep habits - sleep train your baby - fix short or non-existent naps - end bedtime struggles - resolve night wakings - transition naps The Smart Sleep Coach app can work with you to create a personalized sleep plan as unique as your baby, including all the tools you need to make better sleep a reality. It’s our most effective sleep product yet, with parents like you reporting better sleep in as little as a week. Your baby deserves good sleep, you deserve peace of mind. SUBSCRIPTION TERMS Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers is free to download and you can get full access today with our 7-day free trial. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual auto-renewing subscriptions. Payment is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription renews automatically unless you turn off auto-renewal in iTunes Account Settings after purchase, or cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. Terms of use:


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Can only have 1 account on your phone so other parent has to buy it too!!

So if one parent has to go to work with the app on their phone the other parent is out of luck. Or you can but it other the parents phone. What a scam!!!!!
By Rhyme.slimez

Needs improvements

I’ve been using the Hatch sleep tracker app so I can see patterns and see how many days in a row we’ve been on the same schedule successfully. I downloaded this app and got the 7 day free trial because I wanted help getting onto an automated schedule for sleep so I am using both apps. I really like the app notifications telling you to look for cues that’s super helpful. This app is wonderful with daytime naps and adjusting when a nap is needed. However, there is room for improvement. 1. I want to use the app to just track sleep and use the automated nap schedule. However, once I got through the sleep training tips and lessons, it won’t let you track night sleep anymore without starting sleep training. There should be an option to bypass the timer if you aren’t ready and to just track sleep like normal. 2. The default Home Screen should be the daily schedule, not the lessons. There are too many things and the main focus is consistency and staying on a schedule. The app focusing on lessons in why sleep is important is redundant, why do you think I downloaded this app? Should be secondary in my opinion. 3. Please add a view like the hatch app has where you can see and compare your days sleep. 4. Please add total sleep time to sleep bar NOT including wakeups. 5. Please add an option when adding a feed for dream feed (No wake up) or awake (and auto add a wake up during this time for the user). 6. When adding a wake up during a sleep currently happening, please have the time start at the current time, not at the time the sleep happened, or add a “now” button to auto skip to current time. This would be a much more pleasant user experience in the middle of the night tracking a wake up. 7. Please add an option to user profile for a 3 nap day or 4 nap day. I see that if you add short enough naps it auto adds a 4th nap, but I’d like to be able to see what my day would look like if we started with 4 naps. My baby takes short 30 min naps so 4 makes more sense for us to start with. 8. Please add at the top of each day a total amount of sleep for the day. Maybe the user could select when the day starts and ends for the total they want to see? 12-12 or 7-7? 9. Please add the option to add future times. In the middle of the night, when I add a wake up, I add what time it is, and then I know he will sleep in 5 minutes or less. Whilst tired, I just want to add the time, add 5 min and save. Right now, it makes you wait until the physical time has passed to add the 5 min. So I always end up going backwards in time in order to save and then the wake time is not correct. 10. Add ability for user to choose the wake up and asleep time. You can have the suggested time, but I’d like to be able to plan my day around what I choose if needed. Thank you
By H--wilson

Sleep is SO important

I tell all my new mom friends about this app because the sooner you can get on a healthy sleep schedule for yourself, the better. I love how the notifications tell me when to look for my baby’s ‘sleepy cues’ (yawning, rubbing eyes) …and it’s always right on point!
By Lindsay Donn

In app purchase

No free options. Get through the how signup process with only to be hit with $20+ price tag.
By ffashionsizes

Wanted to like it

I didn’t mind paying $27/mo if it worked. And maybe it does. But after free trial ends and you’re charged, you’re asked whether or not your baby is at least 12 weeks old to begin sleep training. What is the point then of filling out a questionnaire in the beginning about your baby? My baby was 7 weeks old when I got the app - I’m not about to pay for a whole month before we can start sleep training. The basic function seemed like a better idea - log every sleep/nap and with time recognize the pattern. But that can be done on a piece of paper, for free :) Also, no way to change 12/24 hour format.
By yanacyanacyanac

Thank you

I am not and have never been a good sleeper. I know I want my son to have a fighting chance but what we were doing prior to this app was a little chaotic. This app gives me a template of how my day may go and helps me plan better and make a routine for my almost 8 month old. Before it I was very overwhelmed. It’s been only a week and I have seen such an improvement in the way he falls and stays asleep. I used to laugh at the “drowsy but awake” mantra and now I’m living it. There is so much more consistency in his sleep. We are working on staying asleep past 5am, but the improvements I’ve seen have given me the confidence in both myself and my son to push through and stay consistent as well and start to work on nap time and conquering these contact naps. This app may not work for everyone immediately but I think it’s worth a try. The price is fair to me and I’m surprised a lot of people said it was too high. This is more than a sleep tracking app despite what other reviews say. There’s a little more help involved and the positive messages, tips, and lessons help me so much. At least take advantage of the free trial! Good luck, parents!
By Jeanna313

7 day trial- not flexible

I signed up for the trial to see if it was something I would find helpful, rather than having the flexibility of reviewing content on my own time in my own schedule in the 7 day trial you are trapped into only opening certain content on certain days. The exact opposite of what is needed for a mother who needs flexibility in her life. I simply cannot know if this app would be helpful because of the limitations set by the app in the trial. Not exactly motherhood friendly.
By SarahL2323

I don’t usually review apps, but…

I’m sorry I signed up for a $65 subscription to be able to read 2 articles a day that are not even personalized to my baby?! I would like to begin sleep training today and I can’t because it won’t let me read anymore information…? I can get better reading resources online for free and track her sleep on another app. So this is a big no for me. Trust I cancelled that free trial ASAP!!!!
By Katielizzzz

Changed our lives

We were really getting desperate. This app is magic. Thank u!
By Doctor Gilat


They take all of your personal information about you and your baby and THEN tell you there’s an expensive fee to see the helpful plan they made for you. Gross exploitation of tired and desperate parents.
By alwkusbrbakaiwuheksb

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Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™

Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™

By Charlie Banana (USA) LLC

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