Oceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch

Oceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch

By Huish Outdoors, LLC

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2022-11-28
  • Current Version: 1.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 37.13 MB
  • Developer: Huish Outdoors, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 16.0+
Score: 3.84
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Transform your Apple Watch Ultra into a personal dive computer for the ultimate underwater experience. Get the Oceanic+ app — the fully capable snorkeling and recreational diving computer providing all the technologies expected from today's most advanced dive computers. With the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra, you’ll find: • Scuba, Snorkeling, & Surface Modes • Pre-Dive Location Planner With Surface & Water Conditions • No Deco Planner Calculates Dive, Depth & Duration • Built-In Variometer, 3D Tilt Compensated Compass & More Tools • Monitor Current Depth, Remaining Dive Time, & Ascent Rates • Easy-To-Read Color-Coded Realtime Dive Parameters • GPS Enhanced Post-Dive Logbook • Personal Dive Stats • Visual & Haptic Safety Warnings • 7 Watch Face Complications ▶ Powerful Dive Planner ◀ Set your gas mix, maximum depth planned, algorithm conservatism level, total dive time, surface intervals and more pre-dive settings. ▶ Safely Calculate Diving Parameters ◀ Oceanic+ runs a Bühlmann decompression algorithm that constantly calculates and monitors dive parameters, so all critical information is just a glance away. ▶ Pre-Dive Location Planner ◀ Your iPhone location planner integrates dive conditions like tides, water temperature, and even up-to-date information from the community, like visibility and currents. ▶ Real-Time Underwater Information ◀ Monitor critical dive parameters with customizable notifications at a glance. • No Decompression Time (TLBG) Tissue loading bar graph • Variometer for ascent/descent rate • Max depth/actual depth up to 130 feet (40 meters) • Air/Nitrox ready up to 40% • Elapsed dive time underwater • Minutes to surface • CNS + PPO2 tracking • Visual and haptic safety warnings including safety stop ▶ Enhanced Post-Dive Logbook ◀ See your dive profile in an overlaid graph with depth information, temperature, ascent rates, and no-deco time. Each dive log features the ability to add dive visibility, surface conditions, and currents. ▶ Track Your Dive Stats ◀ Tracking seasonal and total lifetime dives, max depth, temperatures, and other personalized dive stats is effortless with Oceanic+. ▶ Post-Dive Watch Face Complications ◀ Choose from no fly time, surface time, dive settings, dive planner, maximum allowed elevation, current elevation, and a quick-launch button back into the Oceanic+ app.


Oceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch ScreenshotOceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch ScreenshotOceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch ScreenshotOceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch ScreenshotOceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch ScreenshotOceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch ScreenshotOceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch ScreenshotOceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch Screenshot


Pricing is deal killer

I tried this and in general it’s a solid app albeit with a few kinks to be worked out for the regular/non-technical diver. For various reasons Apple/app dev’s indicate it should be used as a backup only, I assume as Apple Ultra does not meet functional safety critical aspects required to be a full blow dive computer. I don’t see wearing a second computer as a viable option (otherwise what’s the point of Ultra/App) so you’ll need to be prepared to be able to go back to old school tables and worst case numbers in the event of a failure. I always kept waterproof tables in by BC just in case anyway which the back doubled up as a writing tablet The deal killer to me is the pricing model. If you’re an infrequent / vacation warm water diver then it might make sense to pay the $5 a day or the week price (snorkeling is free), but for any avid diver who dives frequently the price will quickly add up. I’d like to see a fixed price buy option for the core dive function and then maybe I could see a subscription for the online features such as logs in the cloud but then, why can’t I keep them in my phone. I just hate the subscription/reoccurring revenue model app devs keep trying to push. As per the previous reviewer commented, there is no air integration. Not a big deal for me as my old school Suunto Solution didn’t have it and it’s worked fine for me for many years. Def an improvement of scrolling through my Suunto recorded dive profile when back home and manually plotting the dive profile or trying/log to work out the dive spot or dealing with docking/pairing etc….just needs some work on the pricing mode
By AdamN-SD

Data won’t sync to app

Went diving 8 time over a week. Watch worked great under water and during dive. However after the dive I could not sync the watch with the app to get the dive summary. I still can’t sync any data.
By Nyzio

Sync issues and need to upgrade to scuba

1- Often does not sync dives and snorkels even after syncing to the phone using settings. 2- very often if the phone and watch is not turned on together after opening app before a dive, the scuba option is not available. It says upgrade to scuba even if the app is premium. This is risky because you might forget and go for a dive and only snorkel option is available on the watch and by that time your phone will most likely not be at hand in a dive scenario.
By Islanders Group

Has potential

Right now this is very poor. We commercial dive for Megalodon teeth within recreational decompression limits. This absolutely needs to have 1.6 pp and 35/85 bhulman algorithim. You are far behind compared to my shearwater perdix. Also your entry exit gps didn’t work. Please fix this on a update!! This is basic deco diving and lots are trained for this and understand what’s required.
By Reeladv114

아직 갈길이 멀다.

다이브 기능은 기본적인 것들은 다 지원하는듯하다. 유료 요금을 지불하는 방식은 마음에 들지 않는다. 더욱이 트랜스미터를 지원해야 더 많은 사용자들을 끌어드릴 수 있을것 같다.
By taddkim


How does Apple let a software app provider release something that won’t sync with the phone? This was my first Apple purchases, dive watch and iPhone, and I’m much less than impressed with the product. Watch and phone are great. But not being able to sync logs and push to the cloud, and also charging money for the app seems criminal. Apple should seriously look into Oceanic company ethics.
By 2023DiverPlaya

Log book doesn’t always sink with phone

My only complaint with the app, and the watch app is that they don’t communicate well together. I’ve used it for about 20 dives, but not all of the information will sync between the watch and the phone app. The phone app has a lot more of your dive information in it, like graphs that show surface and bottom temperatures. You can’t find those on the watch. But it’s useless if it will sync the logbook from the watch to the app.
By JeffVanHouten

Apple Watch support

Would like support for older Apple Watches. Understand they don’t have depth sensors or anything but an estimation at best or at least using the app for logs would be fantastic. Much better than a red screen or device not supported.
By PartyFran

Not syncing

When are you all going to fix the issue with the logs not synching? I open the app on the watch. Hit sync on the phone and nothing…

Not all dives sync to logbook

Although the watch app itself on the dive was pretty good, after the dives only one out of my three dives synced to the logbook on my phone. I won’t continue using the app until this is fixed, as the logbook feature was something I was really looking forward to.
By Kevin77345

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Oceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch

Oceanic+ | Dive Computer Watch

By Huish Outdoors, LLC

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