Oceanic+ Dive Computer App

Oceanic+ Dive Computer App

By Huish Outdoors, LLC

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2022-11-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 33.76 MB
  • Developer: Huish Outdoors, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 16.0+
Score: 3.75
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Transform your Apple Watch Ultra into a personal dive computer for the ultimate underwater experience. Get the Oceanic+ app — the fully capable snorkeling and recreational diving computer providing all the technologies expected from today's most advanced dive computers. With the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra, you’ll find: • Scuba, Snorkeling, & Surface Modes • Pre-Dive Location Planner With Surface & Water Conditions • No Deco Planner Calculates Dive, Depth & Duration • Built-In Variometer, 3D Tilt Compensated Compass & More Tools • Monitor Current Depth, Remaining Dive Time, & Ascent Rates • Easy-To-Read Color-Coded Realtime Dive Parameters • GPS Enhanced Post-Dive Logbook • Personal Dive Stats • Visual & Haptic Safety Warnings • 7 Watch Face Complications ▶ Powerful Dive Planner ◀ Set your gas mix, maximum depth planned, algorithm conservatism level, total dive time, surface intervals and more pre-dive settings. ▶ Safely Calculate Diving Parameters ◀ Oceanic+ runs a Bühlmann decompression algorithm that constantly calculates and monitors dive parameters, so all critical information is just a glance away. ▶ Pre-Dive Location Planner ◀ Your iPhone location planner integrates dive conditions like tides, water temperature, and even up-to-date information from the community, like visibility and currents. ▶ Real-Time Underwater Information ◀ Monitor critical dive parameters with customizable notifications at a glance. • No Decompression Time (TLBG) Tissue loading bar graph • Variometer for ascent/descent rate • Max depth/actual depth up to 130 feet (40 meters) • Air/Nitrox ready up to 40% • Elapsed dive time underwater • Minutes to surface • CNS + PPO2 tracking • Visual and haptic safety warnings including safety stop ▶ Enhanced Post-Dive Logbook ◀ See your dive profile in an overlaid graph with depth information, temperature, ascent rates, and no-deco time. Each dive log features the ability to add dive visibility, surface conditions, and currents. ▶ Track Your Dive Stats ◀ Tracking seasonal and total lifetime dives, max depth, temperatures, and other personalized dive stats is effortless with Oceanic+. ▶ Post-Dive Watch Face Complications ◀ Choose from no fly time, surface time, dive settings, dive planner, maximum allowed elevation, current elevation, and a quick-launch button back into the Oceanic+ app.


Oceanic+ Dive Computer App ScreenshotOceanic+ Dive Computer App ScreenshotOceanic+ Dive Computer App ScreenshotOceanic+ Dive Computer App ScreenshotOceanic+ Dive Computer App ScreenshotOceanic+ Dive Computer App ScreenshotOceanic+ Dive Computer App ScreenshotOceanic+ Dive Computer App Screenshot


I wish it was better….

I really wanted this to work better, but I’m very disappointed to say it didn’t work out the way it should have. The app on my Apple Watch Ultra worked well enough, but none of the information of my dives transferred to to my phone. Another diver in my group had exactly the same issue.
By hfbandit

Not working

Paid 0.99 to try it for a day, nothing works, still in snorkeling mode, can’t switch to scuba mode glad I didn’t pay for longer
By Long9527

Doesn’t work

I was on vacation in the Caribbean and purchased a daily subscription. Unfortunately, the app would not function and would only enter “Snorkeling mode” even at depth. Never could get it to start up despite multiple dives and attempts to get it working. The app doesn’t appear ready for prime time which is unfortunate.
By Dhkewkhdwdekdcbj


I paid for it but the dive mode did not start when diving. The dive mode seems to be locking itself if by mistake you start the snorkeling mode. Not sure who came with that idea but that’s a terrible one. Don’t buy the app and let’s wait for a better solution
By TheophileA

First dive use - failed :(

Just tried my Ultra & Oceanic+ for the first time. Watch got stuck in snorkel mode with no way to switch back to dive mode. Mistake on my part not to have to have the setting start on dive mode. But no way to change it back once got wet :( Understand that it’s a “safety” feature - but there has to be a smarter way to toggle to dive mode at the start of the dive if you missed it. Going to ask for the subscription fee to get refunded as my Ultra is “bricked” for my 2days of diving. Hopefully they come up with a better way to handle the defaulting in the future.
By Scotterito

Such a missed opportunity

Now that I have done about 40 dives with the Oceanic+ app I have to say that there are too many little annoyances to list them all. Mainly the iPhone app has a nice, slick UI that seriously lacks on substance. I can only add Huish Outdoor brands to the equipment section of the dive log for instance? Why not let the user create their own equipment entries that, you know, might match their equipment? Also displaying total accumulated depth? Really? Why ? Did you actually engage experienced divers when you designed the app? It would seem not. And some dives don’t make it from the Watch to the phone app. I so wanted this to be great. The actual dive part is pretty good, nice compass that works without having to be flat for instance, but again that side slider thing is a waste of space since it provides no useful information, and something common to do every dive, like change my gas mix, requires going too deep into the menu. I bought a year hoping it would be good . I will not renew. I only gave it 2 stars because the in-dive experience isn’t awful.
By jgold6


Did one dive with watch. One hour surface interval. Forty five minutes into my second dive it switches to snorkel mode! Happens to be the monthly renewal date which was in auto renewal (and paid). So in some bizarre and dangerous way when it hit the exact one month time in basically shutdown. So not only this dive is aborted but given the common flaw people have already commented on numerous times it locks out SCUBA when a dive occurs while Snorkeling. So basically the computer is unavailable the rest of my trip. I have had many dive computers over my 35 years and 3652 dives but non I have seen with these sort of flaws. This is app is not a substitute for a dive computer. Do not count on it as your primary device!. Luckily I was testing it against my Suunto Eon Steel and have that for the trip. There are multiple other flaws in its calculations (eg. Distinguishing surface swim and dive time) and operations (eg. Occasionally not turning on). It’s a toy right now.
By 8mobius

Frustrating to the extreme

This app costs a lots to use for an occasional diver. So I decided I would try their $0.99 single day offer when I was in the Caribbean on a set of dives to see if this was even worth the $5 a day option. I had a lot of issues setting up the app to the watch. And then when I finally understood I had to set the mode to scuba diving it was too late for my dive that day and I was locked into snorkel mode. I thought it would auto move to dive mode after a specific depth, nope. Then it locked me out of switching the mode to dive for the next day for 24 hours. The real insult was later when I attempted to switch to dive mode it said I needed a qualifying plan, they wouldn’t recognize their own $0.99 offer for a day. So I’m out a $1 and never got to see if it was worth it. Buyer beware, the manual isn’t very clear on the details you need to do before to do a dive. Why even have snorkel mode.
By PilotK

Expected greatness, got an ok MVP app

This is very much an MVP release with no updates since launch a month or 2 ago. Myself along with every other apple fan was excited to see Apple partner with oceanic to build an app made for the new Ultra watch. Ok quality UI. Accuracy of dive data captured by Watch. Poor user experience. 1. Cannot merge logbook dives in the event one surfaced and then continued. Rare yes but a need. 2. No where do they offer a link for support. 3. Buggy in that editing a dive name didn’t always save it. 4. Dive planning doesn’t work at all. Can’t open that page. 5. Home Screen is boring and wasteful 6. Expected a lot more from the app because they partnered so closely with Apple and touted this on stage at WWDC. 7. Have no idea what will happen to my data or the experience once I stop paying monthly. I go diving 1-2 times a year. It’s an expensive hobby and I don’t live anywhere warm. What’s going to happen to my data once I cancel? No clue as the app doesn’t say anything nor your website.
By DesignerParker

Bit disappointing

So it doesn’t share the same login used for my other oceanic computers, it costs a ridiculous amount of money and it just feels like a slap in the face given you bought the apple ultra watch thinking this kind of app support was a given both because you paid so much for the watch and because the dive capability is likely why you bought the watch.
By Nick-the-Brit

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Oceanic+ Dive Computer App

Oceanic+ Dive Computer App

By Huish Outdoors, LLC

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