Pression Artérielle et Poids

Pression Artérielle et Poids


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  • Release Date: 2022-01-13
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Disclaimer of Liability The "Blood Pressure and Weight" application is intended to collect your self-measurements of blood pressure and weight. The indications are not advice and should not be treated as such. No endorsement of any treatment or medication is implied; in addition to using this application and before any decision to treat hypertension, you should seek informed medical advice. Consult your physician to interpret the data collected. IMPORTANT: This application is intended to keep your blood pressure and weight readings for medical follow-up. In this case, this application is NOT a blood pressure monitor and cannot replace it. This means that you will not be able to measure your blood pressure directly from the application. Use an appropriate medical blood pressure monitor. Hypertension must be taken very seriously. Beyond a simple risk factor, it is a real chronic disease. Its constant progression is the consequence of the evolution of our lifestyles, in particular a diet too rich in fats and salt, as well as a decrease in physical activity. In addition to monitoring your blood pressure, this application will also allow you to closely monitor your weight. High blood pressure is a well-known cardiovascular risk factor that is often associated with being overweight. Generally, if weight increases, blood pressure increases as well. Although it cannot be cured, hypertension can be treated very well. Effective treatments now make it possible to live longer and without disabling complications. But only if you know that you have high blood pressure! To avoid being one of them, remember to measure your blood pressure regularly, at home or at your doctor's. If you are already taking a medication, try to follow it carefully: compliance is essential in controlling your hypertension! You should also know that treatment can only be effective if you also follow simple lifestyle rules. Your involvement in your management and follow-up by your doctor will help you reduce the risks associated with hypertension as much as possible. A single reading at your doctor's office does not always reflect reality because blood pressure varies according to your state of fatigue, emotionality, stress... To reduce the risk of error, you can take your blood pressure yourself, with an adapted blood pressure self-monitoring device that you can buy in stores or any pharmacy. (note: this application is not a device to measure your blood pressure; you need an adapted medical blood pressure monitor). The "Blood Pressure and Weight" application allows you to better track your hypertension and weight. You can edit a report of your self-measurements (pdf or paper) that you can send to your doctor. The history of measurements will allow your doctor to visualize at a glance the evolution of your hypertension and weight over time. For any suggestion to improve this application, do not hesitate to contact us directly by e-mail:


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