Chinese Checkers Online

Chinese Checkers Online

By Xiang Dong

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-11-25
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.23 MB
  • Developer: Xiang Dong
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+


Features: - designed for people who are interested in strategy board games (checkers or draughts). - a fun brain exercise to keep you mentally sharp. - can be played by 2 - 6 players. - both the normal mode and the Super Chinese Checkers mode (the fast-paced mode usually takes much less time to finish) are available. - can be played both online and offline. - play online by matching with a random player or creating a match with a friend. - play offline and develop your skills with a bot(s) (weak/strong bot). - play locally with another player on the same device. - interactive tutorial to help you learn the rules in only a few minutes. - absolutely no ads. - choose your preferred background music. - choose your preferred interface theme and game board theme. - choose to display all possible destinations of one ball (this will make the game much easier for you to win). - create your own profile: type your name and choose an avatar. - easy to understand user interface. -------- The game Chinese checkers (also known as Sternhalma or Chinese chequers) is a popular board game originating from Germany. It is played on a star-shaped board by 2 to 6 players. Each player tries to move all of their pieces from their starting corner to the opposite one. To learn more about the rules of the game, click “Read rules” on the main screen. -------- Game modes The app allows you to play the game both online and offline. There are two ways of playing online: 1. be matched to a random opponent, 2. create a private game and play with your friends or join such a game by typing in the code. Offline games offer capabilities to play against the computer, or against another player locally on the same device. You can configure the game to have any number of players (e.g. you against a bot, or you against 5 bots). -------- Bots Currently two different bots are available: “weak bot” and “bot”. As the name suggests, weak bot simulates a weak player that frequently makes non-optimal moves. Choose this option if you just started learning the game. Regular bot is much smarter, though experienced players should be able to beat it. -------- Profile Click on the person icon on the bottom-right corner of the main screen to configure your profile which is displayed to other players during online games. You can type in your name and choose an avatar. -------- Settings Click on the gear icon on the main page to open the Settings screen. It allows you to configure the game to match your preferences. In Settings, you can: - adjust interface sounds volume (button clicks, moves, game end & other sounds); - adjust background music volume; - choose background music track; - choose interface theme and game board theme; - switch on/off Super Chinese Checkers mode; - switch on/off “cheating” mode: show all possible destinations; - and many more. -------- How to play Click the “Read rules” button on the main screen to watch an interactive tutorial. -------- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Have fun!


Chinese Checkers Online ScreenshotChinese Checkers Online ScreenshotChinese Checkers Online ScreenshotChinese Checkers Online ScreenshotChinese Checkers Online ScreenshotChinese Checkers Online ScreenshotChinese Checkers Online ScreenshotChinese Checkers Online Screenshot


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