Favfic - Romantic Web Novels

Favfic - Romantic Web Novels


  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2021-10-29
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 57.52 MB
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.55
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Werewolf Novels, Vampire Novels, Romantic Novels, CEO (billionaire) Novels, Fantasy Novels, ‎Fanfic Novels All in Favfic. Whether you like urban romance stories or horror, fantasy stories, Favfic has a huge amount of fiction genres for your reading pleasure. As the web novel metaverse, Favfic should be your No.1 reading app choice. https://Favfic.com/ Favfic - your mobile library. With rich stories to immerse you in the world of online fiction, Favfic will be the best reading app for you to spend your time reading. As the most anticipated online web novel reading platform in 2022 - Favfic has built a huge inventory of fiction with hundreds of web novel genres as it continues to build an original web novel system. Web Novel Genres: Werewolf novels, vampire novels, metaphysical novels, billionaires and Cinderella-style novels, young-adult novels, female-oriented series, homoerotic novels, and even multi-sexual novel genres, all of which are completely open and rich. Favfic has independently incubated a very complete novel content system, therefore, Favfic should be a must-have for your phone. If you feel bored, it's not a bad choice to open Favfic and immerse yourself in the meta-universe of fiction stories. - 1000+ werewolf novels: join his pack, become his Luna and watch his love-hate relationship with her - 1000+ Billionaires' love stories: see how he is played by her - 1000+ Metaphysical story: vampires, an interspecies history of love ordeals that will bring tears to your eyes - 1000+ Horror mysteries: late-night reads that will make you feel every hair on your back - 1000+ Transgender romances: learn about the protagonist's coming out and finding true love - 1000+ School romance novels: How the bad boys are captured by the good girls All these great stories are waiting for you to read. The authors are overjoyed to have you here. Welcome to be one of Favfic's VIP readers. Favfic Bonus System: Favfic has a complete system of task bonuses within the app. By completing tasks, each user can receive about 50 - 150 bonuses per day in the app, which can unlock story chapters. This is a long-term incentive that Favfic gives to readers who love reading. Favfic Social Media: In addition, Favfic will also hold bonus incentives on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you join Favfic's community, you will have the opportunity to receive additional bonuses every day for free. Excited? Write Your Story: Favfic would like to say to all authors of original fiction. As more and more online novels are created, readers are reading one wonderful online story after another, and one independent and excellent author after another is hatched. Many of the best authors, by virtue of writing web novels, have achieved a high degree of financial freedom and are enjoying a better material life. It is also thanks to these extremely remarkable authors that writing online novels have become a career choice. In serving authors, Favfic will further expand its readership in 2022 and develop a more independent and complete writing coaching system. The establishment of such a system will allow authors to deepen their understanding of online fiction and improve their ability to write online fiction. Favfic and its team of authors are mutually beneficial, so we hope Favfic will become an even better Internet fiction platform with the support of its author community. To be an author:ficfav@gmail.com Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/FavFic-107671005054597 Feedback: ficfav@gmail.com - LEGAL: Please see FavFic "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy". Terms of Service: https://www.favfic.com/service.html Privacy Policy: https://www.favfic.com/policy.html


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To expensive

I enjoyed the one and only book I read but the price was just too expensive. I spent $50 and finally stopped reading because I refuse to spend any more money. Im going to delete the app. I have other apps that are nowhere near this expensive.
By Haislea

Not able to do daily check in

I am only giving this a 3 star bcs I have been trying to do a daily log in and it just keeps going in circles like it's thinking. I tried several times in a day and over a course of days, with no results. Please fix this and I'll fix my review. 😉
By JCole2014

Good but Costly

The app itself is designed well and easy to use. And I love the fact it has a night-mode to it. My primary complaint is the expense. I understand this is a business, so it is for-profit. However, the cost borders on sheer extortion when it comes to a good chunk of these novels. There is an extreme limit on how you can earn tickets to purchase chapters, and there does not seem to be an option, or even deal, on unlocking the entirety of a book at once. Some of these novels have so many chapters that it would cost well over $50 to get through all of them. As much as I want to support these budding authors, I cannot personally justify spending That Much on a book that I will never be able to hold in my hands. If I may suggest re-assessing the spend vs cost for a less heavy-buying environment or perhaps some sort of monthly membership that has a tiered system to it.
By Evilticktack

Too expensive

I purchased $5 of tickets to put towards a book but it didn’t even cover 10 chapters. With how many chapters there were in that book it would cost over $50 to read it. Not worth the money
By lili437

This is the best novel apps ever!!

This is great..... All of the stories are interesting.... All of the story is eye-catching. .it's great... Just a little hard to Open another chapter on it... But it's challenging...
By Ragav Farnxz

Too expensive when scaling to a whole novel

I love this app. I also don’t mind paying a fee for books since I know the authors should get paid. But I got hooked on one, spent $20 to keep reading it, and only got halfway through it. To finish the book I would have to spend another $50! That’s insane. I cannot fathom spending $70 on ANY single book. I know there are a few options for free coins and such but even if you do all the tasks each day, it still takes 2-3 days to be able to read the next chapter. I wish the developers would price chapters with the whole book in mind. For these reasons, I will be deleting this app and going back to other, more reasonably priced apps that are similar.
By Leah-Grace123


The user interface is very clean and unique, feel comfortable while reading the novels there. You can do some simple tasks and get free coins. Have been reading Ascension of a Gamma for a while now, just can’t put it down lol, it really worth the coins. I even registered an account in their creator centre to see if I can write anything, their editors are always helpful and patient to guide me all the way. Best app ever!!!!
By donnot save Zelda

Full of surprises🤩

Those werewolf stories are awesome!! Keep them coming please😋😋
By 噗呲噗呲了蹼欧


This app gives me a great feeling, there are a lot of books in it, recommend everyone to use
By Rebecca092


Recommended by a friend. As a mother of 2, I found this a great app to kill time, already get addicted to it. Hope there will be more free tickets in the future.
By javaNB666


Favfic - Romantic Web Novels

Favfic - Romantic Web Novels


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