Solo: Your Gig Business App

Solo: Your Gig Business App

By WorkSolo

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2021-12-12
  • Current Version: 2.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 77.11 MB
  • Developer: WorkSolo
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.4+
Score: 4.71
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Work with Uber, Doordash, Instacart, Amazon Flex or other gig jobs? Take the uncertainty out of your app based gig work with insights, tools and guaranteed daily pay from Solo. Solo seamlessly connects your work accounts to a single app so that you can manage your income, track your expenses, project your taxes and guarantee your daily pay. If you optimize your schedule using Solo’s pay predictions and earn less, we’ll pay you the difference. How does it work? Download the app and link your gig work accounts Start tracking your income, expenses, estimated taxes and access personalized pay predictions Save thousands on taxes and earn up to 20% more per week FEATURES PAY PREDICTIONS & DAILY GUARANTEES We crunch the numbers using real earnings data from the Solo community in your city. This allows Solo to produce pay predictions by hour and by job that you can use to optimize your schedule. When you schedule your work using these predictions, we guarantee your daily pay. If you make less than what we predicted, we’ll pay you the difference. INCOME INSIGHTS Manage your income from all of your gig jobs in one place to understand where you’re earning the most and how you compare to others in your city. MILEAGE TRACKING Automatically track your driving miles so that you can maximize your deductions and save thousands of dollars come tax season TAX PROJECTIONS Don’t be surprised come tax time - know what your estimated tax amount may be so that you can prepare ahead of time. *Solo only provides a projection for the income & expenses you track through the Solo app. Your actual tax liability may be different and you should consult a qualified tax professional. LEADERBOARD Curious how you stack up? Check out the earnings leaderboard to see how you stack up relative to other Solopreneurs MARKETPLACE Know you’re making the most with your time by seeing the hourly rates and weekly trends for gig jobs in your city IMPORTANT LEGAL STUFF Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: Pay Guarantee Terms and Conditions: Solo is not a financial advisor. All information provided by Solo’s application is for informational purposes only. For tax advice and preparation, please seek advice from qualified/certified professionals.


Solo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App ScreenshotSolo: Your Gig Business App Screenshot


Holy cow. This changes everything. Can I do (2) 5 stars to equal 10?

This app serves me more than any other app I have now or ever had in the past. You can tell the entire team is hyper focuses on one thing; understanding the problems gig workers struggle with and solve them. Every screen is set up to give me information I need to succeed. Every tool is designed to make it effortless. I can poke my head into the app once for the day and reap the benefits for the entire shift. I’m a bit over the top with logging data and running A/B testing to find the best platform to use for each time block on every day of the week. No need to do it anymore. I’m confident you guys are hungry for feedback for future iterations. If you and Gridwise app had a love child that had Sherpashare as a nanny, you could double the premium plan and still save me money. Gridwise took over the weekly event planning and daily airport inbound review so I could be where the surges are before they show up. Sherpashare gives me insight where the grass is green if the area Im in is not doing it for me. And the radar feature is useful if I need a ride real quick before a bonus ends by telling me where to drive for best odds based on the radius size I input. The only possible improvement you can make to the amazing functions you’re bringing to the table is with the scheduling and somehow making the shift I’ve built easier to view and more accessible. It’s actually pretty good the way you have it, it just may be me and my over taxed brain limping on the few active brain cells that remain after driving 12hrs. It’s not intuitive enough for me and I end up poking around until I see what I want. My suggestion would be to incorporate principles used by project planning apps? Maybe have an agenda page as the “home “ page where I can change view to 3 days or week as needed. Don’t get hyper focused on that structure,..just there to help communicate where I personally need to land when I access the app and what presentation I need simplified for my simple mind. I’m betting you geniuses will find a layout that project planners will copy.
By ProllyHonestMistake


So basically, this app gives you a free 14 day free trial with 10 free credits that guarantee your pay by paying you what you don’t make while working. They’re supposed to send your guaranteed pay to you via Venmo or PayPal on Tuesday nights. I’ve been on the app for 11 days today (03/15), I decided to try it out Tuesday, yesterday, & guaranteed my pay & hours - which is kind of difficult to do even after exploring the app, there is also no information on when they pay you on their FAQs, I had to email them to find that out. Today is a Wednesday, I never received the money they guaranteed & I definitely did not make the amount they said I would make (which is why & what they pay you). On top of that, after your 14 day free trial is up, they want to pay for a subscription. The free plan will not pay you & doesn’t say anything about giving you credits - which is what you use to guarantee your hours & money, the basic plan ($5.99/mo) will not pay you & doesn’t say anything about giving you credits, the pro plan ($11.00/mo) guarantees pay with 20 credits a month & the pro plus plan ($19.99/mo or $199.99/yr) guarantees the same guarantee pay but with 60 credits a month. So basically, if you’re not paying for the app, you’re not gonna get a guaranteed pay even though that’s what they’re selling to people to get us to download the app. I will forever stand on that if an app makes you have to pay to use it in order to get “your” money out of it, you’re not getting “your” money, or any money. I honestly feel like the whole app is just clickbait - they’re selling you this idea that you’ll get exactly what they’re saying you’ll get & then just not pay you. The idea is nice though but I’m still waiting on an email back about the money I never received. Update: It is now March 20th, 5 days since I have emailed Solo’s support team about why I did not get the money they guaranteed me & still no response. They will not pay you or email you back if you ask about why you didn’t get paid, but still want you to pay high price subscriptions just to track exactly what your freelance apps already do FOR FREE 🤣. Don’t waste your time or money with this app.
By Mehgan Catoe

Not relatable when it comes to mileage tracking

This is an honest review. I was excited when I read what solo can do for me as a side hustler. I have used and still using the Gridwise app which does everything solo does but more accurate when it comes mileage tracking. And it’s doesn’t cost arm and leg. But this app did well retrieving my income accurately and provide me an estimate tax liability. that’s it. It will track your mileage whether you’re working or not and doesn’t matter what car your drive, the mileages are always recorded but far from accuracy. I also feel to intrusive and collects lots of data. After trying two days, I uninstalled it.
By PT977

Must have app for drivers

Love this app! And the customer support is great! Must have for drivers!
By Youknowit4444

Enjoying could improve

I definitely like being able to track and personalize my trips and expenses, I wish it would update my day quicker, and once more people use it in my area it might help more.
By Metal420ify


Was really excited for this app… isn’t in Los Angeles
By Supernatural6969


Will not provide you the miles even if you sign up unless you file your taxes through their parter app.
By sonifantastic


Yeah they guarantee but only if it’s less than $5. I worked a week and guaranteed over $450 and they still have not paid the guarantee. Submitted driving information directly from Uber and I keep being told system issues. Well I check daily and they say no Uber issues. I pay for the pro subscription to not get the full benefits. I purposely scheduled myself and works each hour on auto accept to test their guarantee which they failed, so in theory I’m canceling my subscription because that is guaranteed from me to them and they want it regardless of app issues. Don’t believe me test their guarantee and see what happens…. EXCUSES.
By 127864538


Me and my fiancée use this to boost our doordash and we don’t get what we make on the app
By Demon Guitarist

It doesn’t have an option to link to business cc can be tracked in app.

Please include link to business credit card option.
By Bob98168

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