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Video Up! makes it easy, quick, and fun to create high-quality videos. Use powerful editing tools to customize your videos with visual effects, music, and animations. Whether you want to make artsy movies, pro-level films, or simply share memories with the people you love, Video Up! is the app for you. ◉ FEATURES: √ EDITING TOOLS: - Trim, crop, cut, and transform your clips. - Add text overlays, title slides, and personalized outros at different times in your video. - Adjust the opacity, contrast, saturation, hue, exposure, orientation, temperature, and more. - Put your videos in slow motion or increase the playback speed. - Combine videos into a single project. - Drag any element to overlay or relocate it. - Undo and redo in just one tap to avoid errors. - 100% customization by splitting and duplicating elements, such as video, image, sound, effects, text, and voice. - Invert files so that they play backwards. √ VISUAL EFFECTS: - Choose 10+ incredible effects for your video. - Special chroma key function to remove backgrounds and overlap videos. - Apply cinematic filters to make your videos stand out. - Add transitions and animations between different videos. - Control the speed between transitions. - Edit the color and background of your video. - Trim, customize, and mix multiple audio tracks. - Create your own effects with the shape design and mask functions. √ MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS: - Import your favorite iTunes music. - Choose fun sound effects from a library of 14 unique categories, such as ambient, action, or cheers and applause. - Add music from Video Up!’s library of +5.000 songs. - Include voice-overs and narration by using your device’s microphone. - Edit the volume of your video. - Adjust the speed of any sounds you add from 0.1x to 10x. - Extract audio from any video and transform it into an audio element. √ UNLIMITED SHARING, SAVING, AND UPLOADS: - Easily upload photos and videos from your device. - Share your video directly to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail, Messages, and more. - Save videos to your camera in seconds. ◉ CONTACT: For app support please contact us at: ◉ MORE INFO: Terms of use: Privacy policy: DOWNLOAD Video Up! and turn your device into a Hollywood-level film editor!


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Bait and switch

Advertised as free then demands money. Dishonest.
By Unlistedturtle

No support help

After paying for a subscription I needed help with understanding why some clips were acting the way they were when other clips were perfectly fine. I emailed support to ask questions and they just responded with a general reply telling me different features of the app. I liked the app at first but quickly because frustrated within the first week of using it.
By Shag471

Weekly subscription

After reviewing my bank statement I just noticed I’ve been charged $7.50 a WEEK for this app! Glad months haven’t gone by before I noticed, it’s already accrued too $45. Terrible.
By connolly85


I spent a good amount of time editing the video because doing things as simple as dragging clips to the position I wanted was something the app seemed to have a difficult time handling. When I finally finished editing, I was required to have 19 GB of free space just to download a 1GB video. I deleted files that I really did not want to in order to free up some storage. I ended up freeing an additional 30 GB of storage just for the app to tell me I still do not have enough storage to export my video. Super frustrating and a complete waste of time!
By Tait95

Trying to contact someone about my account. No contact information available

I did not order this and now it’s charging my card. Been trying to contact and no contact info available???
By simplyblessed4u2

Won’t save video

App can be a bit glitchy especially after editing for 30 + minutes but after I finish a video I always seem to have trouble saving a video, sometimes it takes 4 plus times to download the video again and again before it actually saves to my library. The app has lots of pros and a lot of cons just never know how it’s going to act everytime I open the app
By RR woodworking

Not free

Falsely advertised.
By TMasoner

Another 60 bucks bit the dust

All these subscriptions… By 2023, you can spend $10000 annually just on little micro subscriptions, membership that weren’t there before in 2020…. It’s ridiculous… everybody makes you pay another $60 to $200 year, just for small things like photo albums or short clip processing that was free for 20 years….
By Prince1099

BEWARE! WEEKLY subscription of $6.99!

This app preys on quick purchases and the user not realizing it will be subscription based, renewing WEEKLY for an outrageous $6.99. That makes this app more expensive month-to-month than most of the Adobe Creative Suite at $27.96 compared to their $20.99 for Premiere Pro—an app which puts this scam to shame with features. Do not purchase this app, because it is not a purchase at all, it’s an obnoxious and greedy scam trying to disguise its WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION model to take advantage of people just looking for a quick way to edit their videos. There are much, much better alternatives. You have been warned!
By raybani

App crashes

This app keeps crashing every single time I try to make a video!!
By AldNada

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Video Up! Movie maker & editor

Video Up! Movie maker & editor

By Video editor & maker app

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