ECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT

ECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT

By WMS, Inc

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2021-05-21
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 22.19 MB
  • Developer: WMS, Inc
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.51
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Get a better idea of your general health and physical fitness level with the ECG Analyzer app + Apple Watch ECG.  ECG Analyzer integrates with Apple Health to unleash the greatest power of your Apple Watch ECG, by analyzing and calculating HRV out of your ECG data, one of the best metrics for physical fitness and overall health level. With HRV trends you can learn your health level changes. A up hill trend means a better physical fitness level and a down hill indicates you should pay more attention to your overall health. Things you can do about your ECG data - 1. Measure intervals and voltages on the ECG rhythm waves 2. Calculate HRV (using RMSSD) 3. View Poincaré plot / R-R interval plot 4. HRV trends 5. Generate PDF report with HRV info 6. Send your ECG report to your healthcare provider So what is HRV? HRV is a measure of your autonomic nervous system that is widely considered one of the best objective metrics for physical fitness and determining your body’s readiness to perform. Although HRV manifests as a function of your heart rate, it actually originates from your nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system, which controls the involuntary aspects of your physiology, has two branches, parasympathetic (deactivating) and sympathetic (activating). The parasympathetic branch (often referred to as “rest and digest”) handles inputs from internal organs, like digestion or your fingernails and hair growing. It causes a decrease in heart rate. The sympathetic branch (often called “fight or flight”) reflects responses to things like stress and exercise, and increases your heart rate. Heart rate variability comes from these two competing branches simultaneously sending signals to your heart. If your nervous system is balanced, your heart is constantly being told to beat slower by your parasympathetic system, and beat faster by your sympathetic system. This causes a fluctuation in your heart rate: HRV. Terms of use -


ECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT ScreenshotECG+ Analyzer for HRV and QT Screenshot


Great device re. ECG

The only problem is if you have an athletes hear you can’t get an afib. reading under a pulse of 50. Athletes heart rates resting are 30 and above. Apple needs to change that. It’s not as accurate as it could be therefore excluding many people. Love to exercise. Endorphins are the best drug out there for everything 🙂
By Waveabe

Subscription only app

Cant see the feature’s until you pay (unless it has none) and no subscription services are offered, just access to the app. Ripoff!
By The Ribbler

Lifetime option

I have been trying to purchase the lifetime option and it won’t go through. It keeps asking me for the yearly renewal and I do not want that. Why would I pay $24.99 for a year when I can pay $49.99 for lifetime. I’d rather pay for lifetime use since I have a heart condition.
By hgfhgcbcmn

Waste of time and money. Does not work.

Waste of time and money. Does not work.
By markmark120


Since the update , I have to manually fix the qtc reading . Why is this ?
By isjwjjsshah


Best app for HRV using the ECG on the Apple Watch. HRV is very transient. I like to use this app as a real-time HRV. Too bad we can’t use the ECG on Apple Watch while we sleep.
By wesleyja81

Do you have an Apple iWatch 1,2, or 3

You’re out of luck this app doesn’t support your iwatch.
By bam021980

Much clearer than the default health app

Love this app for a number of things. 1. The strip is much easer and clearer to read with finger gesture to zoom in/out 2. I can change amplitude and pace, this is a game changer, you know it when you try it 3. HRV is an add-on which is nice A few things missing but would be nice ti have. 1. QT trend 2. Calculate HRV with different methods 3. Write HRV back to health 4. Show PQRST rather than only R Don’t thank me, thank you, this is an awesome app!
By dr.reno-nv

wasted $$$

it has similar chart/ setup as apple does, not worth the buy $70…
By jdmeksir

I'm unsure why I'd pay you...

There are other apps, more accurate, less expensive. What is the purpose of this app other than making you money?
By Another Village Idiot