ECG Analyzer for HRV

ECG Analyzer for HRV

By WMS, Inc

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2021-05-21
  • Current Version: 1.2.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 25.14 MB
  • Developer: WMS, Inc
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.1+
Score: 4.46
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Get a better idea of your general health and physical fitness level with the ECG Analyzer app + Apple Watch ECG.  ECG Analyzer integrates with Apple Health to unleash the greatest power of your Apple Watch ECG, by analyzing and calculating HRV out of your ECG data, one of the best metrics for physical fitness and overall health level. With HRV trends you can learn your health level changes. A up hill trend means a better physical fitness level and a down hill indicates you should pay more attention to your overall health. Things you can do about your ECG data - 1. Measure intervals and voltages on the ECG rhythm waves 2. Calculate HRV (using RMSSD) 3. View Poincaré plot / R-R interval plot 4. HRV trends 5. Generate PDF report with HRV info 6. Send your ECG report to your healthcare provider So what is HRV? HRV is a measure of your autonomic nervous system that is widely considered one of the best objective metrics for physical fitness and determining your body’s readiness to perform. Although HRV manifests as a function of your heart rate, it actually originates from your nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system, which controls the involuntary aspects of your physiology, has two branches, parasympathetic (deactivating) and sympathetic (activating). The parasympathetic branch (often referred to as “rest and digest”) handles inputs from internal organs, like digestion or your fingernails and hair growing. It causes a decrease in heart rate. The sympathetic branch (often called “fight or flight”) reflects responses to things like stress and exercise, and increases your heart rate. Heart rate variability comes from these two competing branches simultaneously sending signals to your heart. If your nervous system is balanced, your heart is constantly being told to beat slower by your parasympathetic system, and beat faster by your sympathetic system. This causes a fluctuation in your heart rate: HRV. Terms of use -


ECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV ScreenshotECG Analyzer for HRV Screenshot


wasted $$$

it has similar chart/ setup as apple does, not worth the buy $70…
By jdmeksir

I'm unsure why I'd pay you...

There are other apps, more accurate, less expensive. What is the purpose of this app other than making you money?
By Another Village Idiot

Is this a novelty apps?

My Heart is the hardest working muscle working in my body! I get a crack to see my heart on a graph. I am told even though it is a novelty it had saved peoples life.
By Oz j

ECG app

Does not always work , currently isn’t glad I’m not paying for it ! Going to uninstall find another one
By hansondavid53

Great app in addition to Apple’s!

I like using this in addition to Apple’s report because it’s a bit easier to see and visualize. I can still send either report to my doctor no problem.
By chris-c-thomas

Zero Support

I’ve tried several times to get support after the first lame suggestion to just push on the heart , which doesn’t work. I’m removing this app as junk
By DgmTexas1

Thanks for the app!

I’m grateful to have this app that can correctly record my heart rate at any time.
By Georgia Shumway's

Not happy

Haven’t had a readying since June
By big Bradshaw

Does not work at all

Unable to install on my watch, nor when I take a reading does it register in the app itself. I have an iPhone 13 and a new Apple Watch so it is not like my equipment is outdated. I will read from my watch but keeps no history. The app itself is worthless.
By Kernian

So far so good.

Anyone know what it means when the R in black at the top turns red or purple? Thank you for the response. That is exactly what my doctor said.
By MD Leonard