Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery

Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery

By Food is Good, Inc.

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With 650,000+ satisfied members, Fig is the only app that supports EVERY dietary restriction and allergy, helping you find food you CAN eat and avoid reactions. Whether you have food allergies or follow a specialized diet like Low FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Low Histamine, Alpha-Gal, or any of our 2,800+ other options, Fig empowers you to navigate grocery aisles and restaurants with confidence and reclaim your love for food. No more second-guessing or tedious label reading—simply scan, discover, and enjoy a wide range of foods that align with the specific dietary needs of you and your loved ones. CUSTOMER REVIEWS “This app is an ABSOLUTE GODSEND and I cannot recommend it enough. It works amazingly, is so easy to use, scans things super quickly and allows you to put in so many different things (I’ve got allergies, intolerances, and OAS [yay me, right!])” -Karina C. “Fig has changed my life. Being able to easily scan labels and quickly see if a product is safe for me to eat has been a game changer. I used to cry almost every time I went to the store. My eyesight is terrible, so reading labels is difficult. Now I can get in and out easily. Thank you!!” -Allegra K. “I have never felt more liberated, supported, seen and represented by an app and its founders. I am better able to manage my allergies and food intolerances through Fig and it has made an immense impact in my everyday life.” -Rachel S. “Food allergies had turned grocery shopping into a nightmare for me. I was having so much trouble finding foods that I could eat that I started having panic attacks. A friend told me about the Fig app & I immediately downloaded it. My life changed again, only this time for the better! Wow, not only was I able to find new foods to eat, but I also discovered many foods that I thought were okay-weren’t. My health improved. I’m so thankful for Fig. -Raella T. "Finally, an app that understands the needs of families with dietary restrictions. The Multiple Figs feature is a game-changer for managing my kids' allergies. Thank you, Fig!" - Jason M. KEY FEATURES -Check if a product’s ingredients are compatible with your diet in under a second using the barcode scanner -Discover a comprehensive list of foods that work for you at 100+ grocery stores and restaurants. -Learn about ingredients and follow complex diets with confidence. -Make a profile for everyone you care about and find food that works for everyone at once. -Create shopping lists and save hours at the grocery store. Fig goes beyond basic ingredient analysis. Our powerful technology is powered by millions of ingredient ratings and notes from our team of 11+ expert dietitians, to help you find what you CAN eat at grocery stores and restaurants. No matter how unique your dietary needs are, Fig has got you covered. Join the Fig Movement Our small team consists of individuals with dietary restrictions, just like you. We understand the struggles and challenges you face, and we're committed to continually improving Fig to meet your evolving needs and fighting for causes that matter to us. Together, we're building the app we’ve all dreamed of and fostering a community where you feel represented and welcomed. Download Fig Today! Save yourself from the pain of reading every label, researching every ingredient, and wasting money on products you can't actually eat. Start using Fig and experience the joy of finding food that makes you feel your best. We respect your privacy. For more information, please read our privacy policy at By using Fig, you agree to our terms of service. Read them at Fig is free to download and use. However, we offer an additional subscription (Fig+) that unlocks additional features, including Restaurants, Multiple Figs, Unlimited Scans and more. Want something added to the app? Email and we’ll be happy to help you!


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Good app - did I agree to purchase?

I am on a low fodmap diet while working on improving digestion issues. Fig has really helped especially while shopping. But suddenly I got a $50 charge. I don’t know when or how I agreed to that.
By Photo9999

Fig Is Indispensable In Our Lives

Having food intolerances makes shopping a daunting process! Fig helps my wife and I identify what we can and cannot buy. A quick label scan and we know what is safe or not! I like that user input helps build the database. It grows every day!
By stevia69

vegetarian’s best friend

fig makes grocery shopping as a vegetarian so much quicker and easier, i love not having to read full ingredient lists anymore to ensure i’m avoiding meat products. thank you!!!
By asdffgjjldpsprngovkdmtmhldor

This app literally saved my life!

It took me years to find out that a very obscure nutrient was keeping me almost bedridden. When I finally found out what it was I was down to eating only 5 different foods and had lost 60 lbs in just a few months. Then I found FIG! Fig had this (most of time) harmless nutrient on their list of things to avoid. Now I am able to just scan foods and find out if I can have them or not. It has literally been a lifesaver! I can not thank Fig enough for giving me my life back!
By Obxbeachgirl19

Citrus Allergy Made Easy

This app is genuinely very helpful for food allergies!! I cannot eat citrus, and it’s in almost everything!! This app has helped me live better, truly. I’m grateful for finding this app
By Pandaalexa

Fig is Fantastic!

My husband has pretty severe Alpha Gal which causes intense reactions to any mammal product, including dairy. Any hidden mammal products, as well. He discovered Fig and it helped us soooooo much. It really educated us on the foods and ingredients that were making him sick. Fig is our go-to if we have any questions on if something will bother him or not and it’s always accurate. 5 Stars for sure!!
By Irritated eoman

Makes it very easy to find food

Very helpful
By Eliotonmars

Incredibly Helpful!

I have a very specific and difficult food allergy (corn), that comes with a huge list of tiny ingredients that might be in any food. Fig allows other people to shop for me so much more safely!
By Nos Woods

Helpful and Amazing

This app has been so helpful during a transition to a new diet. I had to go dairy free, gluten free, soy free, egg free and corn free while breastfeeding because my little one had some intolerances. It was stressful and reading ingredients was taking me forever, plus so many ingredients have hidden names! I NEVER pay for apps, but this one was worth it. I just scan the barcode of what I’m looking at and it’ll tell me if it fit my diet or not! Do not sleep on this app!
By rusticstarr

Great Program

When my dr told me that I could no longer eat certain foods, I wondered how I would know what to eat and what not to eat without constantly reading the labels. Thanks to Fig+ I can now just scan a barcode or look up a restaurant and see if I can eat it or not. It’s great!!
By Melillil

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Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery

Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery

By Food is Good, Inc.

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