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Constantly crashing and not letting me gain any time

Now that I’m almost done with the book it constantly crashes and never lets me accumulate any time for the bonuses. I constantly have to find my place because the book resets to chapter 1 and I’m near the end of the book. It takes me forever for me to access the table of contents and when I get back to my place, I get booted out. I also get booted out after reading a few sentences. I’ve spent so much money reading this app for it not to work. I’m pretty much ready to dump it and request my last purchase back since I can’t spend it on future chapters.
By Schuster8

App Crashes after about 30 seconds.

I have been reading in this app for a few months now. Everything was working great until last night. Now all of sudden on Monday, October 17, 2022 the app continual crashes after being in a book for about 30 seconds. It is very annoying and needs to be fixed by the developer.
By amsleympie


The app worked fine for a wile but now it crashes almost immediately during some books. It’s worse because it’s not all of them, it only happens when i get far enough into one
By wtflereader

The fire to      ‌  

You guys are doing a great job but please add more interesting fonts. Thanks.    ‍‌
By soriano lilla

Stole my money

I put $20 in, went in to read my new book and it reset my coins so I couldn’t continue my book. I have not received a reply to get it fixed, even showing proof of purchase. Why should I put another $20 in it to read a book? Not impressed!
By wmt rabbit

This is a money pit!

I was roped in by reading the first few chapters….. I’ve spent so much as is. Why don’t you just charge so much per book? I’m sure you would get more readers that way! At this point, I’m done.
By jtice329

Don’t know

I have been trying to find the name of a book from FB. Enzo (the cheater) and Paliean.
By lilpeaks

 Absolutely recommended   ​   ‍

  I've been using this app for quite a while. All recent popular books are included‍     ‍ 
By man_raneyr

As Stated

You keep on sending notification. What’s your message??? Also stop sending me notification and opening other books. I am not done reading with the triplet’s mom and yet you keep on leading me to another book. Now i am wonderingly if there is really an ending to your books???
By minmakt

Very disappointed and not recommend

I got this app based solely on a book I had seen an insert to and wanted to read after a few chapters it wanted me to pay to read the following chapter I paid the $10 and figured that not to bad a price to read the rest of the book then again after few chapters another $10 was required. Ok I have paid over $20 before for a book and it’s a decent book. It is now wanting even more money I have looked at the number of chapters and to read this book it’s going to cost $150-$200. No thank you. Though the book is entertaining there is no way that I am willing to pay that for a book. This is a money pit and I am not interested enjoy the $20 you got it will be the last I pay.
By Timmy967190

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