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MacroFactor - Macro Tracker

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MacroFactor combines innovative coaching algorithms with proven nutrition and behavioral science to help you reach your diet goals and achieve empowering, sustainable results. MacroFactor uses a dynamic algorithm to adapt to changes in your metabolism and personalize your macro plan to keep you on track. Download to start your 7-day trial of this premium, ad-free macro tracker app. DIET SMARTER Using a best-in-class expenditure estimate, MacroFactor’s nutrition coach algorithm adapts to changes in your metabolism so you never plateau. • The unique energy expenditure calculation detects changes in your metabolism • Smart algorithms personalize your calorie and macro intake targets, just like a nutrition coach would • Weekly check-ins keep you on track toward your goals The result? You better understand your body’s needs and can successfully reach and sustain your goals without stress. THE BEST MACRO TRACKER TOOLS • The fastest macro tracker on the market with tools like barcode scan and custom foods • Verified food database, so you can trust the accuracy of the foods you log • Custom macro programs and weekly check-ins based on your goals and preferences • Detailed breakdowns of micronutrients, macros, and more • Period tracker, habit tracker, unique data insights and visualization, integrations, dark mode, and more AN EMPOWERING, SUSTAINABLE APPROACH MacroFactor’s robust nutrition coach algorithm will make appropriate adjustments to your calorie and macro targets based on what you log, regardless of how close you came to hitting your targets from the previous week. The algorithms don’t function any worse if you deviate from your macro targets. This means that unlike other nutrition coach apps, you don’t have to eat like a robot or perfectly adhere to your macro targets in order to get your weekly coaching check-in and an appropriate calorie adjustment. You’ll never see warnings, red numbers, or shaming when you go over your calorie or macro targets, unlike in other macro tracker apps. Instead, MacroFactor’s macro tracker and nutrition coach aim to empower you with the guidance and tools you need to reach your goals without stress or rigidity. A CLOSER LOOK AT FEATURES & BENEFITS Nutrition coach • Get a science-backed macro plan designed for your goals and preferences • Set a goal to lose, maintain, or gain weight • Smart nutrition coach AI makes weekly changes to your macro plan to keep you on track Macro tracker • Large verified food database, so you can trust that calorie and macro information is accurate • Barcode scanner • Food tracker for both macros and micronutrients • Features like copy/paste, custom foods, and smart history make food tracking quick and easy • Timeline-style food log doesn’t lock you in to a certain number of meals • Metric and imperial options • Custom foods and recipes Health insights tracker • Best-in-class expenditure estimate • Unique Weight Trend insight that cuts through the noise of daily fluctuations • Habit tracker • Period tracker SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS MacroFactor is a premium app that offers three auto-renewing subscription options: $11.99 / month $47.99 / half year $71.99 / year (equal to $5.99 a month) MacroFactor has a free trial, but does not offer a free subscription tier. These prices are for US customers. Pricing in other countries may vary. Payment will be charged to your Apple account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription to MacroFactor will automatically renew, unless you disable auto-renew at least 24 hours before the current period ends. You can turn off auto-renew or manage your subscription from your Apple account settings. Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy:


MacroFactor - Macro Tracker ScreenshotMacroFactor - Macro Tracker ScreenshotMacroFactor - Macro Tracker ScreenshotMacroFactor - Macro Tracker ScreenshotMacroFactor - Macro Tracker ScreenshotMacroFactor - Macro Tracker ScreenshotMacroFactor - Macro Tracker ScreenshotMacroFactor - Macro Tracker Screenshot


Diet can be delightful

Let’s be real, nobody would be tracking macros/calories/food if it didn’t work. What I didn’t expect was such a delightful experience that makes tracking less of a headache, and a set of motivational charts that helps you stick with it. I’ve used several other leading apps and this is my favorite, because of the ease of use, simplicity, and great design. I love being able to share recipes with my husband via text so he can also track the meals we share, and logging a food with a new illustration (today’s favorites, a fig) never fails to make me smile. The developers are also super responsive and share their roadmap with the community. The one area I think there is for improvement is adding a new barcode/food item. To me, the input nomenclature is a bit confusing and I feel like I always have to edit and troubleshoot a few times before I feel like I get the information to match the nutrition label. Overall though, this is a small nit in an otherwise great app, and I would highly recommend it to people who are looking for an app to aid in their health journey.
By Lin Z.

Speed Matters

I downloaded the app because I was interested in the coaching algorithm, as I’m still trying to dial in my macros. However, the thing that I didn’t appreciate at the time was their claim of being the fastest food logger. It is so much faster and easier to log foods on MacroFactor than on any other app I’ve used. I didn’t realize just how cumbersome the other apps were until I used this one. Removing that little bit of friction has made me much more consistent in logging. Even without the algorithm-based coaching, I’d say it’s worth the money.
By Blue_Thorn

Best Tracking Software I’ve Used

Before trying MacroFactor, I had used MyFitnessPal and LoseIt for food tracking. I had some mild successes with MyFitnessPal several years ago but left the app for LoseIt. I then had little success using LoseIt for the majority of the time I was subscribed to their premium subscription. Since I started using MacroFactor, I have lost nearly 45lbs and am still going strong. I really appreciate that there’s no red bars or circles that scream out that you consumed too many calories on certain days. The trend weight function makes it much easier to step back and see how you’re truly progressing when looking past your day-to-day fluctuations. What I think I like the most about the app is that it’s not really marketed or treated like a “weight loss” app. It’s more accurately a health and nutrition tracker and is rather agnostic in how it approaches your health goals. I am, of course, using it for weight loss purposes at the moment but I’ve never made that negative association with the app that I have made with LoseIt and MyFitnessPal. Tracking my nutrition feels much less like a chore and is rather now just part of my daily routine. When I eventually do reach my goal weight and want to either maintain that weight or begin incorporating more resistance training and focus on gaining lean mass, it feels like MacroFactor will still be just as useful. Of course, MacroFactor isn’t what’s making me lose weight. Making long term changes to my eating habits is what has caused the weight loss. However, MacroFactor has made tracking and adjusting those habits significantly easier than it’s been for me in the past. $72/yr is a premium price for a food tracker and may serve as a barrier of entry for those who are used to free subscription tiers or relatively inexpensive subscriptions. However, given my experience with the app, I feel as though I have gotten my money’s worth and would still recommend the service to others at that price.
By Myroyes

Simply phenomenal

I have been loving the intuitivenes of this app so far. The coaching system is simply brilliant and it is pretty clear that this app takes many factors into consideration to calculate when you achieve the weight you want. The only thing they can improve is the “AI describe” feature, as it doesnt really take into account everything I type.
By niggacrusha69

Wrongfully charged

Hi, I love your app and all the features, however I renewed my subscription on the 16 and for some reason was charged again on the 19th? Via Apple Pay
By samantha grace gibson

This app changed my life

So helpful and good at keeping you on track with your fitness goals!
By ninjatastica

Great app, but UI feels cluttered

There’s a lot to love about this app in regards to how flexible it is, but I have some gripes about some of the UI decisions that makes certain actions feel clunky. Sometimes when I’m planning my meals, I’ll search for the items to look at what the macros might be. When I remove those items and am not logging anything, I have to swipe the menu down and then tap the X in the top left to go back to the timeline. I wish the bottom tab navigation was still there so I could tap on the Food Log tab to easily go back. Also when I’m looking at my weight trends, I feel like I should have the functionality to be able to enter my weight in that section, but I can’t. I have to go back and then press the plus sign to do so. The menus have so many options for flexibility which is great, but I wish they did a better job of organizing them so there wasn’t SO MUCH to navigate through.
By Jeff Klaybur

Incredibly polished

Every bit of this app from onboarding to daily use is polished. It works well and looks good, it has plenty of options to fine tune it to your preferences, and has a huge amount of functionality packed into a phone-sized screen.
By Steve_is_my_name

Won’t even start

I was recommended this app by a workout program I purchased, but the app does not even start. It simply stays at the logo indefinitely.
By icon2049

Needs Work

I’ve used about every logging app out there. The lack of widgets is something that is in dire need of fixing. It should be fairly simple to have something on the dashboard displaying macros. The current food database is also behind several other trackers.
By DoctahDave

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MacroFactor - Macro Tracker

MacroFactor - Macro Tracker

By Stronger By Science Technologies LLC

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