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Watch New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Liberty games live on the YES App with a YES subscription. Your YES subscription includes: Access to the full YES Network 24/7/365 including live Yankees, Nets and Liberty games. App exclusive originals and video on demand content including highlighs and game replays. Enhanced viewing experience with access to: - Live enhanced stats overlays in real time - Pick-N-Play predictor games offering cash prizes - Watch Parties to enjoy the games with friends and family In addition to accessing the 24/7 broadcast schedule and select shows from the YES Network vault, the YES app allows you to customize your experience to ensure you get all the latest highlights and news from your favorite teams and players. The YES app also features the ability to receive notifications directly to your device so you never miss a moment of the action. Plus, you can use the YES App to stay up-to-date on scores, schedules and stats. Please refer to Terms of Use (EULA):


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White Hot Garbage.

If I could give this 5 negative stars I would. What an absolute disgrace this app is. I intended to use the Direct to Customer service in order to stream Yankee games since I’m no longer a cable subscriber. I downloaded the new version of the app on March 30 for opening day and was charged $19.99. Then what do you know, 2 days later on April 1st I was charged another $19.99 for the month. In that time ALL the games I tried to watch were interrupted about a million times. The app kicks me out several times an hour, requiring me to sign in again each time. The Blackout notification is the most patronizing thing ever, “sorry about that”. The entire reason I am paying monthly is to stream games, and the games are only being blacked out to those PAYING customers who stream them? I’ve also tried to reach out to Customer service but their super convenient hours of One day a week from 11-1 pm when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing from the east must not allow for a lot of time to really answer emails. Best part is I’m absolutely stuck since it’s the only way for me to watch Yankee games. (Aside from the other 4 streaming services I have to pay for in order to see them). YES content is amazing and Pre and Post game coverage- which NEVER gets blacked out - is half the reason I watched the channel. But this “amazing” new app, just a disgrace. How embarrassing for you all. To quote the great Don LaGreca, this app is STEAMING HOT GARBAGE. ZERO STARS.
By Tryharmony7

Worse everyday - Can’t even login now

Update 05.30.23 Here we are again!!! Will not play the game! It seems to actually work for about 3 weeks… but then again hard to be sure since the Yankee games have been on Peacock, Amazon, FOX, ESPN, AppleTV etc… can they make it any harder to just get the Yankee game?! App updated, re-logged in with tv provider, get blue screen with play button and scoreboard which then goes to a black screen with pause button, 3 blue boxes and an ad… then bounces back to the blue screen with play button and scoreboard but WILL NOT PLAY!!! Ridiculous. This is so frustrating, the Yankees and MLB should be embarrassed. Update 05.05.23 This is literally the worst streaming app I have ever used. I finally was able to login again after some catastrophic failure last Sunday. Tonight, it keeps freezing or going to a black screen with a spinning wheel. No other streaming app I have does this. I have super fast internet. I’ve checked speeds and every other app will play fine. So as if no RW/FF or pause was bad enough, now it won’t play for more than a few minutes and right now I can’t get it to play at all. Clearly they are having major server or bandwidth problems on their end. This is pretty embarrassing for such a storied franchise. ___________ 04.30.23 This app is constantly getting worse. Always having to jump through a million hoops to login. No rewind / fast-forward / pause is embarrassing and very difficult for those of us who have kids to put to bed at 8pm. Today I cannot log in at all on my iPad. I try to login in with my tv provider and it forces me to a registration screen which of course fails because I have an account and it says unknown registration error. If I try to login in with either my Apple ID or YES account which I have it times out. So no game for me today. Great job YES. Totally pathetic. . WOW! Thought it might be a problem with the new iPad update so decided I would just watch on my phone… can’t login there either! It just times out. What did you do to this app?! As a YES subscriber I have used it for years and it has been a nightmare this year since you created this new paid version although I am still a subscriber through FIOS but now here on April 30th I all of a sudden can’t get in at all on any device. Unbelievable.
By NYSubway18

A dated app with way too many bugs

I’ve had this app for years and I’m still unable to Cast or Airplay for more than 2 minutes without it crashing regardless of the device I use or TV I cast to. Additionally, there are many times where the game won’t even load on my iPad or iPhone and I have no way of watching the game. For the TV app, there is no QR code login feature and it logs you out every week or so. Thus, it’s a total pain to login time and time again. The app is dated and despite YES offering a DTC option this season, the refuse to give the YES app the overhaul it desperately needs. Disappointing.
By DCop23

Borderline unusable

App is always glitching and freezing no matter the device. Pretty terrible functionality for something so simple. $20 a month for a product that’s broken seems wrong.
By commentqween

What a Joke

It works maybe half the time.
By theferd1


The app use to put up the replay of the game a lil after the game was over now they don’t or they do it late the next day which is ridiculous if I’m trying to watch it the same day it was played
By chuckycharmz

Worst app I’ve ever used

This app is plagued by sign in issues, poor resolution, freezing, constant pop ups, and weird in game gambling offers. Blow it up and start from scratch, you’ve failed on all fronts.
By N.C.tuig

Fix the Widescreen

You’ll be watching the widescreen mode and then all of a sudden close out and minimize.
By DJLDR 0505

Lifelong Yankee fan

The app is horrible. It asks me to sign in all the time when I try to open it on my tv. The picture quality is mediocre and closed captions option is terrible. I tried to cancel my subscription and YES made it impossible. I had to call my credit card company to stop payment.
By Lifelong Yankee Fan

Can’t login with TV Provider

In order to watch live Yankee games on the YES app, I am forced to subscribe even though I already pay my TV provider for the YES channel. No way! That is ridiculous.

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YES Network

YES Network

By Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, LLC

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