Pocket FM: Audio Series

Pocket FM: Audio Series

By Pocket FM Corp

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2021-01-02
  • Current Version: 2.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 105.68 MB
  • Developer: Pocket FM Corp
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.72
From 88,405 Ratings


Pocket FM is an audio series platform pioneering audio entertainment with millions of listeners worldwide. It features various audio series in multiple genres: romance, horror, thriller, and drama. It has an extensive library of audio series delivering whole new entertainment experiences for audiobook and podcast lovers. Pocket FM enriches millions of listeners with the best entertainment experience with its audio series, delivered by its large creator community, including the best authors, storytellers, voice-over artists and writers. The app has a vast content library for everyday entertainment, with stories ranging from romance, drama, fantasy, thriller, horror and more. Pocket FM has a library with more than 100,000 hours of content, introducing a new binge factor with non-stop entertainment. Listeners spend an average of over 110 minutes daily on the platform, binge-ing new episodes of their favorite stories from a diverse range of titles in the library. The genres include - Romance Horror Thriller Drama Fantasy & Sci-fi With Pocket FM, you can listen to your favorite audio series anytime, anywhere. The user-friendly interface makes browsing and searching for audio series easy, and its built-in player allows you to listen to them with just a tap. Our offline listening feature lets you download episodes and listen without an internet connection. And with adjustable playback speed, you can listen at the pace that's most comfortable for you. We have replaced screen boredom and fatigue with audio series that can be consumed 24x7. With the unique storytelling, Pocket FM has introduced a new entertainment format that can be consumed while commuting, driving, at the gym, cooking, at bedtime or even while working, whenever your ears are free. Every click on Pocket FM brings entertainment with fresh and new stories. So, stop getting bored with repetitive music numbers or the same old audiobooks and podcasts and get into the next era of entertainment. What you'll love about Pocket FM: 1. We keep adding new audio stories and other audio content all the time. You can browse or search your favorite series and listen to them anytime, and anywhere you want from mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop etc 2. Experience listening to your favorite audio series with a fun-loving and active community of listeners 3. Smooth navigation between episodes and chapters and quickly going back and forth by ten seconds in our player, which is specially designed for audio content. 4. The delight of having a great sleep while listening to your favorite audio series with our in-built sleep timer. Listen to Audio Series on your mobile, tablet, desktop, Chromecast, TV or wearable device. You get free episodes of your favorite audio series everyday. However, the premium experience has been beautifully designed to elevate your listening experience, without any additional wait time. Wondering why more and more listeners are opting for our unique micropayment model? Here are the reasons 1. You don't have to pay for the content you don't want. On Pocket FM, you only pay for the audio content you want to consume. Freedom is in your hand. 2. No lock-in period. You only pay when you exceed the free episode limit. 3. Zero waiting period for new episodes. Binge-listening is the only way forward. 4. The choice to unlimited download and listen offline 5. Eliminate ads with 'No-ads' pack Pocket FM is the ultimate entertainment destination that offers a wide range of best-selling audio series to keep you engaged. With our binge-worthy library, you can immerse yourself in the world of storytelling and experience the thrill of unlimited entertainment. Download Pocket FM today. Privacy Policy - https://www.pocketfm.com/privacy-policy Terms and conditions - https://www.pocketfm.com/terms-and-conditions Love Pocket FM? Follow us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/pocketfm.official/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocketFM_App


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Where is my free coins

I love this app but when I signed up for monthly subscription. I was supposed to get 165 coins free with the subscription. I have not yet gotten that not one time except for when I first started. So why am I not getting the coins if you’re getting the money monthly what’s going on here with this I love the stories but the time for the coins are short, you have to always keep buying coins, but they don’t last hardly at all. I went into the history of buying my coins and I see that you guys are saying that you gave me 165 coins a month and I had not happened. I have been purchasing all them coins so if you gave if you suppose of giving me, these coins will give them to me because I’ve never gotten a free coins since I’ve been on here listening to this app signed where are my coins.
By sharon the diva


I’m so impressed and love the storyline the narrative are so pure and well vocal
By Goddey864

Complete SCAM!

Never ending stories, supposed to give u free episodes daily but never do and counts the ones u already listened to. Money grab.
By R12007

The good and bad

So i have been loving this app for a while. I don’t mind the ads to get free coins and i love the vitality option to gain more coins per ad but what i did notice is the book says 6 or 7 coins for a chapter yet it takes 8 out of my balance. If a chapter has a price it should match what it takes repeatedly for days I’ve screenshot and tracked this inconsistencies i find this bad business to take incorrect prices. This if a bug should be resolved immediately if i am going to give money i simply expect to receive what i pay for not be cheated. I am not sure how the story writers are paid but if this is any indication how their fans are treated they will not continue to support these writers. I hope someone takes the time to correct their math.
By Jcwaldron


I really hate that when you purchase coins to hear a novel. The next 3-5 days they only unlock one chapter. Vs 5 to 7 chapters you would have unlocked before purchasing coins. So my advice don’t purchase coins wait till next day to get more chapters. Since this app punishes you for purchasing coins 😡. First the next chap was 4 coins now it’s 10 and 11 what in the world do you not want people to be on your app. You should make it easier for us to listen to chapters and more economical coin purchase. If I have one more issue I’ll delete this dammm app
By an upset player 😡

Was of coins

The fact that you repeat the highlights of every episode that I just listened too, is a complete waste of my coins.
By TheBey313

Saving Nora

its so nice
By Marriam San Diego

Avoid this app

There is zero support for your issues. Facebook. Big deal. Ir is incredibly buggy. Though, I have seen some fixed. The audio ends before its end all the time. The streaming locks up between episodes all the time. It auto plays other books adding them to your selection and pushing your selections off the library. The audio skips often. Etc. If you pay for the streaming audio episodes, it is ridiculously expensive. Episodes of varying length(9 minutes being common), can run 9 coins, typical seems to be about 7. That’s watch 7 commercials or $1.99 for 15 coins. You can buy bulk coins but they decide how you spend them. They will auto spend them until they’re gone. But, from what I can see, you get no free episodes You used to get about 6 free episodes a night but that seems to have dropped to one or two for most “books”. The monthly charge is $14.99 for a subscription. But, it is a limited number of coins and isn’t a good value. Other apps allow binging for their monthly. When you first get the app, they will allow you to binge a week for a fire sale price. I’d endorse that but in all honesty, it was prices a bit low. If they did the $14.99 binge per month, I would consider that a good deal. Audible allows binging for $7.99..
By Donknow

Really sad

Listened for month to 2different books.. got closer to end and found out I have to pay to get more than 1 chapter per day. It says free. I can’t finish my books
By 1GrannySavage


I loved this app until a few days ago when I started only getting 1 free episode a day it went from 4 to 1 and I believe the app is taking my coins that I purchase
By Larry brown 26

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