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The CHANI app is a personalized guide through the ups and downs of life. Combining the wisdom of the stars with mindfulness and meditation, the app supports your growth and well-being. With the most detailed birth chart explanations available, real-time updates - specific to you - on how to work with the astrology of the moment, a library of meditations for daily use, rituals, and a journal to set intentions and track your growth with each new moon and full moon, the CHANI app is a tool for self-discovery. We believe that when you know your birth chart - your life’s blueprint - you are better equipped to unlock your life’s potential and your personal power. Through comprehensive chart readings that you can unpack and put to use whenever you want to, we aim to make your astrology chart an accessible and reliable resource for you. Here are the offerings: Your Horoscope: You’ll get your horoscope for the week ahead every Monday morning. The Week Ahead: In this weekly podcast, we’ll give you a rundown of the astrology of the week ahead. Astroweather: Based on what the planets are doing in the sky right now, we’ll give you a quick forecast of how the next 7 days looks, astrologically speaking. The Current Sky: Wondering where Mars is today and if it’s ruining your life? If you ever want to know what sign a planet is currently in, look here. Not only will we tell you where a planet is and whether or not it is retrograde, but we’ll also tell you what area of your life it is impacting. Did you just begin your Saturn return? Check out the Saturn section of the Current Sky to learn more about what to expect. Chart: This section of the app includes detailed information about your specific birth chart. It explores every planet in your chart and all the different relationships that they have with one another. We will regularly add new content here so that you can keep learning about other facets of your chart such as nodes, asteroids, and points. Workshops: If you’ve ever taken a workshop with Chani, this section of the app will feel very familiar. For every New Moon and Full Moon, and some major astrological moments like retrogrades and the solstice, you can listen to a reading for your sign, a guided meditation, and work with our altar suggestions. In addition, we’ll give you journal prompts and you can store your reflections and intentions directly in the app. To review what you wrote in the past and see how you’ve grown since then, just click on the Journal Archive. Transits: Come here for a daily, hyper-personalized look at how the planets in the sky are interacting with your unique birth chart. This info is time-sensitive. Some transits only last a day or two and the content will come and go as the transit begins and ends. Meditations: The library of meditations has offerings for different moods and needs. Check-in with yourself in the morning, at night, and as you need throughout the day.


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This app has changed my life! Thank you CHANI team

This is the most comprehensive astrology app by far. It is clear how much time, effort, thought, love, and passion went into creating this daily tool for self reflection and development. It really feels like you have your own personal astrologer giving you personal readings every week. The daily push notifications help bring me back to center in the middle of work and life crazy. Thank you!
By Sarah Belpedio

pointless if u don’t pay

you can bearly do anything if you don’t pay $12 a month. no point in making the app free if you have to pay for everything elses!
By scareue

Wanted to like it...

I love the content and overall look and feel of this app, but I keep getting booted off, weird error messages and am simply unable to login and use overall
By jcb135

I like it but I don’t love it yet

So for the most part I think this app has great potential but it’s a few kinks. They truly need a proof reader some of the misspellings or just sentences that doesn’t make sense can be off putting. The notifications are good but when you click on them it just takes you to the home page instead of being able to fully see what the notification was saying and meaning. I would also love getting an in depth review on all parts of my chart not just ones with the planets in it and an understanding the key code that astrologers use like ac ic dc ect. It would be great if I could also read my horoscope for my sun sign and not just my rising , I’m also a cusp baby with 1 degree separating the two so I tend to read for both signs and my rising with the emails I get from Chani’s email subscription but it would be great to have those options in the app as well. Overall I like it and know they are still developing so I will continue to support the app and use it daily.
By pearlf3Kt


I never write reviews for apps but I love Chani and I love this app! It’s not 100 percent perfect but overall it’s incredible and I know she and her team are accepting and evaluating all suggestions for improvements. I highly recommend!
By Listmaker16

The Journal is clumsy to use.

Update: 4/6/21 thank you for the changes made to the journal section it works much better now, though I’m still frustrated with the scrolling feature. I can’t read all the of the lines in my journal entry after I submit and I can’t go back and add or edit the entry. I love this app and I love the way it is personalized and tailored to my chart. I especially love Chani’s voice as she reads, it’s like hearing from a friend. I would like the developers to take a close look at the journal tab. It is clumsy to use on my iPhone. The alignment of the writing space on the page is off center, leaving the right side of the writing area out of sight. So when I go back to make spelling corrections it’s clumsy. Also I’ve lost whole entries trying to get back to the “save journal entry” button isn’t straight forward. Also adding a free writing page for general impressions and insights would be helpful. I like the journal prompts but sometimes I just want to write.
By KathyGrant

Obsessed but a few bugs

I absolutely love everything about the app and I’ve learned so much more about myself and astrology. Unfortunately all of the descriptions for my placements on the first card are cut off before the sentence(s), and therefore the message is complete.
By 🐃🖤

Great, but wouldnt mind a few tweaks

I tried the paid and couldnt justify it, so ive been using the free version. Its great, no bugs or other issues on my iphone 11 pro. I ADORE chanis voice, i find it very soothing and love the meditations. I have a hard time finding guided meditations with voices that don’t irritate me (a weird pronunciation of something throws me right out of the zone), chanis is so lovely. My suggestions are - maybe be a bit more clear about the astroweather. More often than not, i cant tell what is meant by the phrase/emoji. Maybe simplifying a bit, a little less slang style (clearly yall dont use a ton of actual slang but basically i mean slang sounding, almost like an insider might understand what you’re referencing). Secondly, id love to have both my sun and rising listed on the app. I am a virgo rising, but my sun is leo. I get the emails that include both, but itd be great to have it all in one place. Thanks for your fun and lovely app!
By Safish

Great quality, but I wish it cost flexible!

I love the CHANI app, especially all of the interpretations and thoughtfulness. There are so many incredible features to use for healing in this app. I genuinely use the app every day to help me tap in with myself, my surroundings, our planets, etc. My only drawback is that I wish the price point was a bit more accessible to folks! I know Chani and her team are putting in so much work — the app, the book, the newsletters, the playlists, the podcasts, the meditations — but I wonder if Team CHANI would consider a patreon or something to allow some supporters to subsidize prices for others. I can definitely understand why Team CHANI doesn’t want to clutter the app or the newsletters with ads — it seems like she really wants to create a space away from the noise of profit-seeking commercials that many folks are forced to encounter all throughout the day. I think this is a great starting point that can really blossom, especially with a pay model that can allow for this app to be price accessible! Thank you for such a great response. Really appreciate all who are a part of team CHANI ❤️
By leighwhittaker

Incompatibility issues with iPad

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to use this app after two frustrating downloads. The first time it wouldn’t let me past the birthdate entry page and now it won’t load past the login screen. Will I ever find out what this app has to offer? I imagine it has to do with not being sent some kind of phone number confirmation during setup because my iPad is wifi only, but I don’t understand why that would need to be the case. Royally bummed out, but whatever.
By mirrorrorrimmirror


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