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The CHANI app is a personalized guide through the ups and downs of life. Combining the wisdom of the stars with mindfulness and meditation, the app supports your growth and well-being. With the most detailed birth chart explanations available, real-time updates - specific to you - on how to work with the astrology of the moment, a library of meditations for daily use, rituals, and a journal to set intentions and track your growth with each new moon and full moon, the CHANI app is a tool for self-discovery. We believe that when you know your birth chart - your life’s blueprint - you are better equipped to unlock your life’s potential and your personal power. Through comprehensive chart readings that you can unpack and put to use whenever you want to, we aim to make your astrology chart an accessible and reliable resource for you. Here are the offerings: Your Horoscope: You’ll get your horoscope for the week ahead every Monday morning. The Week Ahead: In this weekly podcast, we’ll give you a rundown of the astrology of the week ahead. Astroweather: Based on what the planets are doing in the sky right now, we’ll give you a quick forecast of how the next 7 days looks, astrologically speaking. The Current Sky: Wondering where Mars is today and if it’s ruining your life? If you ever want to know what sign a planet is currently in, look here. Not only will we tell you where a planet is and whether or not it is retrograde, but we’ll also tell you what area of your life it is impacting. Did you just begin your Saturn return? Check out the Saturn section of the Current Sky to learn more about what to expect. Chart: This section of the app includes detailed information about your specific birth chart. It explores every planet in your chart and all the different relationships that they have with one another. We will regularly add new content here so that you can keep learning about other facets of your chart such as nodes, asteroids, and points. Workshops: If you’ve ever taken a workshop with Chani, this section of the app will feel very familiar. For every New Moon and Full Moon, and some major astrological moments like retrogrades and the solstice, you can listen to a reading for your sign, a guided meditation, and work with our altar suggestions. In addition, we’ll give you journal prompts and you can store your reflections and intentions directly in the app. To review what you wrote in the past and see how you’ve grown since then, just click on the Journal Archive. Transits: Come here for a daily, hyper-personalized look at how the planets in the sky are interacting with your unique birth chart. This info is time-sensitive. Some transits only last a day or two and the content will come and go as the transit begins and ends. Meditations: The library of meditations has offerings for different moods and needs. Check-in with yourself in the morning, at night, and as you need throughout the day.


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Biased views on world events

I don’t ever write reviews but felt the urge to share here ... I liked this app at first however when I approached the support team with concerns about some of the comments Chani made in the readings and week ahead about current world events, I was told to basically go away. It cannot be assumed that everyone listening will agree with one view about our world and the problems we face. I had hoped the team would receive my feedback about that and be willing to neutralize hot topic statements that can come across as biased and one sided and not throw it off as sticking up for oppression. I think it’s important today that we come together, all sides, to face our challenges and what better way to do that then within astrology? I really wanted to like this app and had hoped the team would receive my feedback and be willing to hear the feedback and at least consider neutralizing statements regarding their perceptions on current events but they did not. It cannot be assumed that everyone will agree with one view on what we face as a world and I don’t like to see this mixed with astrology. My time and money can be spent better elsewhere.

A masterpiece!

I am so thankful for this outstanding masterpiece of an app! In true Chani fashion- it far exceeds expectations. A daily companion. Thank you For this 🙏🙏
By Le KP

Chart off

I was excited to download this app, even upgraded my iOS to do so. But after going through with it, it has my rising sign stuck as my main horoscope every day and I don’t resonate with that. My sun sign is the main horoscope I should be and want to be getting everyday, and rising sign after that, but I can’t access my main/sun horoscope at all! At the least I should be able to switch that, and both should be available to see, but there’s no option to do so, and no response from the team at my email, so I just deleted the app:/. Most of what I’m uninterested in is behind a paywall anyway and I have books for that. Would be nice to have my sun sign *and rising sign available on my phone but I’m tired of looking at the wrong one for me every time I’m open it. Frustrating.
By samisam86

Over the moon!

By cailleybrin

Love the app - some formatting issues

Love the horoscopes and weekly readings in the form of a podcast. Chani has a very soothing voice. I was initially wondering if the monthly price would be worth it, but the Chani team has really packed a lot in here. My one request is to fix the formatting issues in the “journal” section. I have an iPhone SE and it seems like the page was made for a larger screen (other pages don’t have this issue), so I have to toggle back and forth awkwardly to complete a single entry. That’s my only complaint! Otherwise it’s great!
By NB 💫

In love with this app

Honestly, I’ve never been a person who has gotten too deep into astrology, but this app has been an incredible gift during such an emotional and tender time. I feel so grounded by the clarity offered through Chani’s writings. As someone who is neurodivergent & living with chronic illness, I can say it’s been a very accessible space. I haven’t felt overwhelmed or confused. The layout and functionality feel clear and easy to engage with. It also means a lot to me to know Chani has brought a high level of integrity & equitable action to this space. Given my relatively neutral feelings about studying astrology, I feel excited, surprised, and inspired by how much I love this app! Chani brings astrology to life in such an embodied way, not bypassing the injustices of our reality, and makes space for our individual and collective experiences. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking supportive scaffolding in tender times.
By vyana.novus

This is Something Special

Honestly, worth every penny. This app provides you with so much beauty and content that is constantly being updated. The astrological readings are so personalize and surprisingly accurate. But they are also delivered with such compassion. I usually dislike meditation, as it makes me anxious, but these ones are magic and I’ve made them a part of my daily ritual. Not to mention the art and alter suggestions are so pleasing. Chani is a great companion. Thank you!
By Opal.Toad

One of a Kind

This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Chani’s horoscopes each week feel deep, well thought out, and personal. The app really feels like it’s been custom made for me. The weekly readings, guided meditations, and journal prompts are more than I would have expected. Not to mention the detailed breakdowns of current transits, planets impacting you, your chart, and beyond. Nothing else out there like this! For any astrology nerd on an introspective journey, I highly recommend.
By SR Jacobson


Chani (the app and the divine being Chani Nicholas) is so generous and offers abundant wisdom and nourishing inspiration. I have been reading Chani's horoscopes since 2015 and I am in awe of how her work continues to enlighten and awaken profound insights in my life. This app is gorgeous and rich with knowledge that can support a meaningful relationship with oneself through knowing how astrology unfolds in our unique chart. It is better than I could have ever imagined a personal astrology app being! About the price: It is both affordable and expensive. Affordable in the sense that she is giving SO SO SO much information that used to be $25-$28 per workshop and now we get all of that AND more at only $11.99-$15.99 (not sure of the exact rate since I locked in a lower rate before the end of 2020). Plus some of the cost goes to FreeFrom, which as their website states, is an organization that supports the financial independence of survivors of intimate partner violence. The fact that the app updates daily with astrology completely personalized to you with a thoughtful and compassionate lens is outstanding. It feels like a personal sacred weather forecast. It is certainly expensive compared to other apps that charge $60/year ($5/month on average), but you usually have to pay that all at once and with the Chani app you can cancel anytime. Plus Chani is constantly creating new relevant powerful content! For the value you get it's an extremely worthy investment if you have any interest in learning more about astrology. But if it's inaccessible, I think the free version is still very impressive and beautiful. I am so grateful for this dream come true app. Thank you Chani for the magic of all that you are and offer us with your grace and expansive heart.
By Mck048

Wrong Chart

Love the interface, was having a blast reading through everything, until I realized the chart that was generated was wrong. Not sure how that happened, maybe the app is still too new?
By lapicolina


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