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Two-Week Free Trial. Sign up for a Monthly or Yearly subscription, cancel anytime. The Alexander app is a revolution in non-fiction storytelling. Go deeper into stories than ever before with three experiences in each original feature. Read the written story, listen to the audio performance, watch the short film. All originals, all by award-winning international authors & journalists, actors, and filmmakers. “Here you get a chance to dwell in the true deep heart of a story. It’s not just a fierce new island for readers, writers, actors and filmmakers, but a galapagos for ideas too.” — Colum McCann Subscribe to be a part of it. Read. Listen. Watch. With Alexander you get: A one-of-a-kind immersive experience A-list actors Award-winning authors & journalists Visionary filmmakers An entirely and forever ad-free experience The Toggle, go between audio and text on your terms A curated library of non-fiction classics A new feature every two weeks


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Super Glitchy

So much for a 2-week free trial. I can’t even get the stories to open because the app is so glitchy. Shuts down every time I try to select a story.
By PierreDoodle

The app I’m never deleting

I’ve deleted most apps from my phone to avoid wasting hours on things that don’t really enrich my life in the end. Alexander though, is a keeper. For me, it’s the only world I can enter from my phone, where I feel richer post experience. I learn something new and also learn about myself. It offers something for all my moods both in user experience - being able to switch from audio to reading to video however I please - and in content. There’s a great library with mixed topics that make you relate or reflect or even upset - which stimulates my brain. Most of all, I love the quality. Amazing writing, talented and experienced actors delivering the audio and the little trailers are like a mini movie experience. It encompasses everything one could ask for in storytelling and it’s done RIGHT. It’s an app I’m actually happy to subscribe to and support in its growth. I look forward to what will be released. Highly recommend.
By gudanna

Never been able to run this

I have an iPhone but an older version (updated though) and this app has never played. It crashes before I ever hear a story. It looks good but it seems like the amount of impressive aesthetics that went into this have made it less than functional at what it’s actually meant to do.
By Delftelf

Great app

Love the clean format and great stories.
By Hanningham

The missing link

Alexander is the manifestation of a desire that I sense most of us have been carrying within us unconsciously. A platform that offers high quality stories that entertain and form with an interface that is not just intuitive, but exquisitely beautiful. I love the option of toggling between reading and listening to stories as I move about my day.
By Hudds

Dan Stevens did an excellent job reading The Tower and the Circle

I appreciate the high quality stories and performances this app provides.
By fishh_cc

When the Risen Dust Settles by @chigozieobiomaauthor on the reading/ listening app @alxrfeatures

Some people are gifted storytellers, and @chigozieobiomaauthor, twice nominated for the prestigious Booker prize, is one of them. Today, I read his autobiographical story When the Risen Dust Settles on Alexander, @alxrfeatures a brand new global non-fiction app that not only allows you to read, but also to listen, and watch a short video, on highly curated works by great authors. In When the Risen Dust Settles, a young Obioma heads to Nigeria’s Caritas University with dreams of becoming a writer. What he finds terrifies him, but it’s too late to turn back. In the strictly Catholic institution, nuns and armed guards police the students for signs of dissent, labeling them as cult members to punish them. In spite of his fear, Obioma is forced to confront the authorities. But what will be the price for his rebellion? Excellent storytelling by @chigozieobiomaauthor, and reading by Nigerian-English actor, Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù. And I’m definitely recommending the @alxrfeatures app!
By ScruffyElbow

Excellent app, but with a feature request

Fantastic app and stories - very refreshing in a world of algorithmic timelines and influencers. However, I would really love if it were integrated into the standard iPhone media player - so it can be played/paused from the lock screen, controlled via headphones, etc. I’m sure there’s plenty of new stuff in the pipeline; and to me this seems like it should be one of the priorities, especially since audio is such a major component.
By steamboat willie 420


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