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Sunee is a wholesome cooking app, offering new recipes every week to suit your dietary requirements! Our nutritionist approved recipes are simple, easy to follow and can be filtered via gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, low FODMAP, nut free and modern paleo. Whether you’re looking for main meals, light snacks, desserts or simple smoothies, Sunee uploads NEW recipes EVERY SINGLE WEEK for you to create and enjoy with your besties! Sunee is home to a wide range of educational resources developed by our highly qualified naturopath and nutritionist. From health, fitness and beauty articles uploaded weekly, to tips on how to build a healthy and balanced meal, Sunee is here to support you on your health and wellness journey. Get some Sunee in your life: • NEW nutritionist approved recipes uploaded EVERY WEEK • Filter recipes via GF, DF, V, VG, NF, Low FODMAP and Paleo • 7 recipe categories including main meals and sweet treats • Dietitian, nutritionist and naturopath written articles uploaded weekly covering all things health, wellness, fitness, beauty and lifestyle • Naturopathic directory providing tips and suggestions to more than 50 common health concerns including bloating, oily skin and immunity • Cooking basics including how to poach an egg, bake a chicken and prepare the perfect roast veggies • Pantry staples • Favouritise recipes to create your own go-to database • Spin the Recipe Roulette wheel and let Sunee decide your next delicious meal • Healthy alternatives to your fave comfort foods and treats
 Subscription Terms & Conditions: Sunee is free to download. Ongoing use requires an active subscription available on 3 month, 6 month and yearly (12 month) plans. Plans are billed as a one off payment at the beginning of your subscription from purchase date. Subscriptions will cease at the end of the plan and a new subscription plan will need to be purchased to continue using the app. Users will receive an email and notification reminding them of their end of subscription date. Full terms and conditions can be found at and privacy policy can be found at


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Suggestion from a subscriber

I love Sarah I’ve been watching her for years. I think the app feels like Sarah in app form. It’s very creative and I like a lot of the features. I have a recommendation though. I have other subscription based apps and a lot of them have a free trial period before requiring a subscription. That way I could see all the app has to offer before I subscribe. By the time the trial is over I’m already sucked in and don’t wanna lose the content I’ve had access too and I’m more likely to subscribe.
By elizabethh1223

Nothing Revolutionary, especially for vegans.

It’s a very pretty app, however the actual recipes themselves are nothing revolutionary. Pretty much every recipe I’ve seen on Pinterest in some shape or form. There are a handful of recipes that are incredible/unique but the trade off for the price is just not worth it. Especially if you are vegan it’s not worth it. The majority of the vegan recipes are smoothies, protein balls/raw desserts, or super basic crispy tofu/tempeh recipes that almost every vegan knows. Unless you’re a die hard Sarah’s Day fan save your money, use Pinterest.
By mannabell13

Thank you Sezzy!!!!!

This is everything a foodie needs!! From beautiful designs to delicious recipes this app provides it all. The app provides easy step by step methods on how to prepare the food, staple items for the kitchen, and kid friendly!! I think for the authenticity of the recipes, amount of recipes, and the ease of not having to think about it, this app is worth every penny!
By Juleszssz

Very underwhelmed and disappointed

There is a lack of any nutritional facts of any kind. The App in itself is disappointing in the fact that some of the recipes won’t show ingredients or method. I also dislike that you have to pay for either 3,6, or 12 months in full and there is no month to month option. Along with that point, I feel that this app is very overpriced for what you get. I was very excited for these recipes and since trying multiple recipes and giving them a fair shot, they just weren’t good. I was very underwhelmed with the recipes. All in all, I would not buy another subscription. The recipes, although healthy lack flavor. The app is not well made. The subscription is overpriced. There are no nutritional facts. I am extremely disappointed and underwhelmed.
By bethany.//-


I was looking forward to this app for SOO long and to find out there’s no monthly subscription, free trial period, or that we won’t be keeping the recipes we paid for if we couldn’t afford to keep up with the cost... *sigh, it’s really a shame. Please consider your followers in these areas. I think it’s a good idea to maybe have different tiers of available content to separate those who’d be willing to purchase more than just recipes from those who want just the recipes and if we had to end our subscription, then allow for us to keep the recipes we paid for at that time to utilize as our own “cook book” (obviously not including the newly uploaded recipes after the cancelation). Love you Sarah, hopefully this project will be tweaked up a bit more for us.
By kat7318

Love it !

Really love this app ! It’s beautiful, friendly, and easy to navigate! My only critique is that I wish the recipes included nutritional information ! Would definitely be 5 stars otherwise. Really great work on this app ! Can’t wait to see how it evolves over time 😁
By Clumsia06

Surprisingly useful and amazing??

I was VERY skeptical (actually pretty peeved tbh) about a subscription app at first. I’ve spent years cultivating my Pinterest boards, searching through TONS of different blogs, then sorting all of the results; I could do this myself. But just like her fitness books, this does all the work for you. DEFINITELY worth the money. Great articles, tasty recipes, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use.
By Squashatron

Best. App. EVER!

No more scouring the Internet for recipes that may or may not be good for you or taste good. There are so many tried and true recipes on here! I’ve made 4 recipes so far and they are easy to follow, and most importantly, SO DELICIOUS! So glad I got this app, best purchase of 2021💛
By madisssonnn

Pretty, but No Substance

This app is very visually pleasing but has so many hang ups, that it’s not worth a free download let alone $100+ for a year subscription. The people that are giving this 5 stars are the privileged, devoted followers of Sarah’s Day that will do whatever she says and buy whatever she promotes, no matter the cost. Even if you enjoy the recipes available, you don’t get to keep them when your subscription ends so you’re out of any money you spent on the app. In addition, the app is riddled with spelling errors, mistakes, lacks nutritional information, and lacks a approval by registered dietitians. Please take the criticism and make a book that is more accessible and approved by experts, instead of labeling any criticism as bullying or negativity.
By Jorr29

Sends unhealthy message and not worth price

The fact that the app’s tag line is “healthy cooking made simple” and that it seems to only have GF/DF recipe sends a bad message that implies “GF/DF=healthy” which I don’t support. A lot of the recipes I looked at also seem to boast high amounts sugar/fat/sodium... some of these recipes might be even worse for you than their “non-healthified” counterparts. Additionally, the high price point on the recipes, when some are as simple as a variation on nice cream or avocado on toast, really cannot be justified
By reviewer_cc99


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