Mobius Conveyor

Mobius Conveyor

By Mobius Connective Technologies, Ltd.

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Medical dictation is effortless with Mobius Conveyor! Dictate your documentation from anywhere and easily transfer it to any EMR system with our HIPAA-compliant platform. The Conveyor iOS app connects to any macOS or Windows computer, so your words instantly appear wherever your cursor is blinking. Easily create templates and add custom vocabulary for the most efficient and accurate results. Try it now with a 7-day free trial and see how you can cut your daily documentation time in half and get home on time! ---------- Full App Description: Mobius Conveyor is the fastest and most intuitive medical dictation product available today! With Conveyor, you can document patient information in half the time it takes to type manually, freeing you to focus on what really matters. Conveyor converts your smartphone into the world's best dictation microphone and documentation workflow tool. You can dictate from anywhere, even while driving, and the app will convey your exact words to any EMR system. The app sends your dictated text to any computer using its companion software, Conveyor QR (free download), or its companion USB device, Conveyor USB (additional purchase required). Conveyor's patented technology removes the limitations on speed, usability, and idea flow that hampered documentation systems up until now. This means fewer misunderstood words, technical spelling errors, or inconsistent voice recognition. With Conveyor, you can easily create complex documentation templates that can be quickly filled out with your voice. Need custom vocabulary? Conveyor can be trained to recognize your unique terminology and voice characteristics, making documentation a breeze. The app has clear onboarding instructions, and U.S.-based chat support is standing by to answer any questions. Conveyor is compliant with all HIPAA requirements and works with any EMR. If you want to dictate but aren’t in front of your computer, Conveyor is always standing by to help. Simply dictate a memo into the app, and at a later point, tap one button to transfer the dictated text into your medical record system. Healthcare providers who have created their documentation by typing until now have told us: "Conveyor is the system that finally switched me to dictation." Those healthcare providers who already used conventional dictation have said: "[Conveyor] untethered me from the computer and feels completely effortless" and "It's more than speech to text. [Conveyor] is so accurate, it's brain to text." Try a 7-day trial of Mobius Conveyor for free and see how easy and effortless the next generation of documentation can be. With Conveyor, you can cut your daily documenting time in half and get home on time.


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Great dictation system!

I’ve been very happy with Mobius. I can use it with many different EHR systems. It has cut my charting time in half. I definitely recommend it!

Great product

This application is the only dictation format that I’ve been able to find. That would be comparable to Apple products where you can actually dictate directly into the chart. Other formats require you to copy and paste or chart into a note and scan it up to the chart which does not give you real time dictation possibilities. it is a little pricey… But you’re getting a streamline product that’s HIPAA protected and works between all of your devices with iOS operating systems. I am already deep into Apple products between my phone, iPad Pro, and recently a MacBook, and this format goes freely between all the options I have for charting. I have had direct feedback, an excellent customer service, they answer emails quickly, willing to help with anything I’ve asked of them, they’ve been patient they’ve been understanding and most importantly, they were not a hard sell the product sales itself. Congratulations on a great product. One other issue that’s easy workaround, but can be a little interrupting is the keyboard sometimes pops up when you don’t want it to and other times you have to make it pop up if you’re trying to actually type in something versus having to chart everything through the dictation system. I wish it would just keep the keyboard popped down until I need it. This is not a dealbreaker by any means just a matter of inconvenience at times.
By jh drummer

Simple and easy

I was looking for voice dictation that was simple and easy to use and this was it. I already have a number of word templates on my desktop and a system in my office that I could readily type into. So I would just move my cursor to where i wanted to go, press ready to dictate then speak. It basically has saved me a lot of key strokes in which i was prone to make errors. I still need to proofread my notes. I have yet to use all of its features. Overall it fit my needs very well.
By rms3ps

Transcription quality useless

There were so many steps and the software fight you at every stage of the way I spent almost 3 hours when I finally got in the transcription quality was horrible If you are a software developer you might want to give it a try otherwise move on as fast as you can run from this!
By LionHeart^

Game changer

Simple yet powerful dictation app. Has already had a positive impact on my clinic workflow. Highly recommended!
By FGelpi


I love the device. It has saved me numerous of hours and is so easy to use. I am a horrible typist and can’t believe how well this device works highly recommend it.
By Badfghwgrggcuufigh


I’ve been using this for a week and already see a huge improvement in my time and energy with charting. I love using this with headphones, so that I am hands-free to dictate. The USB makes it simple to connect to any computer. I highly recommend.
By New Hospitalist

Fantastic product, even better customer service

This has been an excellent solution for Mac users missing Dragon-like dictation. I’ve only had Mobius a few months, but I immediately preferred it over Dragon. There are some minor issues I’ve encountered, but I’ve got to credit my go-to Mobus customer service rep, Lauren. She is quick to respond, listens and understands my needs, and always has a resolution. I really feel that customer service and the tech department work hard to support the client. I have occasional speech impairments with my medical issues and my dictation only gets better the more I communicate with customer service. Plus the Conveyor USB that doesn’t require a download regardless of what computer you plug it into (Apple or Windows)??? C’mon ….it’s fantastic.
By Lynn Byrd

Mobius MD is the BOMB!!!

Has changed my practice. Great APP that is light years ahead of Dragon. Use my USB at the hospital and at home. The QR conveyer can be used anywhere. I use for letters, lectures and anything that I used to have to dictate or type. Templates work with any EMR. Thank you.
By Andrew Cohen, DPM, FACFAS

Best Dictation I’ve found

I’ve tried all the different options for chart dictation. This is by far the easiest to get going with and I love that I can even use it on the hospital’s computers.
By user212j

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