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Bodies By Rachel

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Achieve your health and fitness goals with the brand new BBR App! This new-and-improved App has been created to provide you with the most effective training, nutrition, mindset, and progress tracking tools to transform and achieve your dream shape. Join Rachel Dillon and our incredible female fitness community to begin your BBR journey now! Plus, all new members can enjoy a FREE 7 Day Trial! Explore our 4, 6 and 8 Week Programs that cater for YOU and YOUR goals. Workouts: - Train anywhere, anytime with access to BOTH home and gym workout options. - A fully customisable Workout Planner - adjust your training protocol to suit your needs! - Access our BBR Workout Library with hundreds of additional Warm Ups, Target Workouts, Sculpting Circuits, No Equipment Workouts, 30 Min HIIT Workouts, Cardio Options, Finishers, Burnout Challenges and Cool Downs. - Beginner, intermediate and advanced options for all exercises. - Minimal equipment and no equipment workout options. - All workouts include access to video demonstrations, exercise descriptions, workout tutorials, a playable workout feature and timer, exercise swap options and so much more. Plus, you can track your weights, reps, sets, and performance! Nutrition: - Access a customised Meal Guide, created for your goals and preferences. Our interactive nutrition features make it easier than ever to fine-tune your foods to your preference. - We cater to a wide range of dietary requirements (such as dairy free, gluten free, nut free, red meat free, seafood free, plant based, and more!) - Access to over 500+ delicious BBR recipes that can be added to your Meal Guide with a push of a button! - Not finding a recipe or your favourite brand in the Food Database? Now you can ADD YOUR OWN ITEMS, and track them accurately! - Our dashboard updates your daily calorie and macronutrient targets throughout the day for easy tracking. - The interactive Shopping List holds your recommended Meal Guide items, as well as lets you add your own. Progress Tracking, Goal Setting, Support and Accountability: - Exclusive video content from Rachel Dillon and our Team of expert Trainers and Dietitians. - Check-ins to update your Program based on your progress. - Tools to track your daily hydration, steps, sleep and nutrition compliance. - Log weekly measurements and progress photos. - Daily mindset quotes, goal setting and interactive to-do list. - Information, tips and tricks to educate you on your journey! Are you ready for this? We would LOVE the opportunity to welcome you to our community and help you achieve your goals!


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Bodies By Rachel

I have used plenty of fitness Apps and BBR is the absolute BEST ! I am not tech savvy and this is extremely intuitive, leads you right where you need to go .It never once left me wondering “how did I get here” or “ how do I get back there” or sucked up my time in a state of confusion. It is so simple , the demos are great and every day every workout is right there . The nutrition program is just as simple! I think it’s the best out there !
By prochallenge7


All I can say is that I’m in love with this app!! It’s super easy to follow and absolutely works if followed! Has a few systematical glitches, but other than that it’s perfect!
By jan!!22

Stop scrolling and say YES!

This app is amazing! I’ve had zero trouble with it and it’s super user friendly! It’s like she thought of everything to help us succeed! I’m excited for the next challenge on 1/25/2021! Woo hoo!
By eye_candee426

Best Fitness App

I love the BBR app and recommend it to all my friends. The challenges are a great price for the amount of stuff you get. Home and gyn workouts, macros, meal plans, and recipes. On top of that it has mindset and quotes for each day and goal setting. I always think the recipes could be improved on, but they have come a long way abc is amazing now just thing it could always improve. This is an Australian based app and I am in the US and honestly they have been able to accommodate my time zone and tastes too.
By kchkc3

Amazing app

Been with Rachel since before the app, and I must say since BBR app, even the one prior to this one it’s been pretty great and easy to use! I love it! I love the workout swap options, and especially the alternative for progressions!
By GarciaChristy


I am in love with the BBR community, creators, the app and every little thing they have added into it. You can tell they worked super hard to make it so user friendly and it helps when you’re on your journey to have easy access so you can enjoy doing the workouts and nutrition. All the features worked well for me, and if there was ever a small bug, the updates corrected them so quickly and improved the app each time. I can’t wait to see what else these girls have in store!
By fallon_williams_

Bodies By Rachel

When the app first launched there were some bugs but the BBR team was AMAZING at addressing all the problems and getting them fixed ASAP. On top of their great customer services they also have everyone an additional month of access to the app and allowed people to start the challenge a week later so they didn’t loose any time over the issues. All around love the app!
By samtay16

Goals reached!!!!!

Always always this workouts met the goals I setup at the beginning. The commitment and the community is key!!!! I always want more and more.
By Taijomaris

The easiest fitness app to use

This app makes your fitness journey so simple and easy to use. I love how it ask you how much you slept and helps you be grateful about things and yourself every single day. No other fitness apps do that. The workouts are so easy to do as well. I highly recommend this app to anyone just starting out on their fitness journey.
By Dimeisa

A positive and uplifting app

I have had a great experience using this app. It’s very user friendly and has all the things I can think of that I would want in a workout/lifestyle app. I love that there is space to set daily goals and track water intake. BBR in general is such an amazing program. If you’re looking for a sure fire way to get in shape, feel amazing and learn healthier habits, this is the way to go. I especially love that the staff and other app users are so supportive. I’ve tried many programs and this one is the best. They have different challenges but the food you eat is more than I thought I’d be eating, and the workouts are intense but the progress pics speak for themselves. There’s an at home or gym option and also alternative moves for things that may be a little too difficult. I just can’t say enough good things about it.
By mrsboutda


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Bodies By Rachel

Bodies By Rachel

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