Deer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0

Deer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0

By Deer Hunters Moon Guide LLC

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***The Official Hunting App of Team200, Whitetail Edge and Live 2 Hunt*** With over 20 years of proven success, join the growing number of hunters who have harvested the biggest buck of their lives on the "Red Moon" using the MoonGuide. As featured in Petersen's Bowhunting magazine (2019 & 2020 Whitetail Planner) the MoonGuide calendar will tell you the best days, times and locations to hunt deer months in advance.  Adam Hays is a world class bowhunter that has harvested over 40 Pope & Young class bucks, 10 of those going over 170" and 4 surpassing the coveted 200-inch mark. Adam has spent decades perfecting his approach to patterning and killing World Class whitetails and now you can plan your hunt using the same tool Adam uses with the MoonGuide.  Simply consult the MoonGuide calendar to find the best days, times and locations to encounter a mature muck on his feet during daylight hours. The MoonGuide is a great for pre-season scouting, scheduling time off work or planning out of state hunts.  » Requires an in-app purchase for a Pro Access Subscription » Pro Access Subscription • MoonGuide Calendar: Access to the best days, times and locations to hunt. • Landowner Data: nationwide database of landowner information • Mapping Tools: Measure area and distance. Map your hunting locations using custom markers, shapes and lines. • Hunters Journal: Keep track of field observations. Automatically stores key weather conditions and moon phase with each entry. • Weather: Current conditions, a three-day hourly forecast and radar. • Premium Content: Get Adam Hays predictions for the season along with his tips and tricks for harvesting the biggest buck of your life. • The Rub: Share your hunt with other MoonGuide users by posting a photo and story. • Discounts: Save big bucks with exclusive MoonGuide discounts. Subscription Subscription will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before end of the current period. You can cancel anytime. No refunds will be issued due to cancellation of the current subscription during an active subscription period. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: Feedback/Support:


Deer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0 ScreenshotDeer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0 ScreenshotDeer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0 ScreenshotDeer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0 ScreenshotDeer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0 ScreenshotDeer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0 ScreenshotDeer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0 Screenshot


The best app I’ve ever used!

I’ve used the moonguide for 10 years now and absolutely love it! It’s amazing how spot on it is with mature buck movement on my trail cams and sightings from the stand. I’ve harvested 5 bucks over 170” and had opportunities at many more and all of them have been on the red moon. I highly recommend the moonguide to anyone who is looking to take their hunting to the next level!
By BowKiller1

Trying to make me buy stuff

This app is trying To make ma buy something cause it says I’m in September when I’m in October trying to get me to buy a pro pass
By qwertyuioplmknjbhvgxdza

Bait & Switch

Yeah sure this app was free. Free because it only gives you OLD information. I do not need to know what happened 30 days ago. It’s about forecasting. Oh? You want to know what this weekend will be like? Oh, well! That’s going to cost you a $25.00 subscription. Pelosi would be proud. You gotta buy it to see what’s in it. No thanks. Fool me once, shame on me.
By Longarm175

Email not sent

I will give it 1 star for now. I have bought this app and now I can not get pass Account Verification Access. I hit the button to send email and it has failed to do that. I did it last night and went through this process 10 times and still no email. Yes, i looked in Spam folder, and other folders, still nothing. So for now i will rate it 1 star until resolved.
By O yuh!!!!

schmidty- new features took it to the next level

i’ve been using the MoonGuide as a tool to killing over 20 mature bucks in the last dozen or so years now, it is the single most important information you can use on selecting days to go in and have the highest chances of seeing your buck during daylight. Now that it’s been available in an app for a few years it’s been an even easier tool to use having everything right at your fingertips on your cell phone, the new format of the app that was put out this season takes everything to the next level!!! I have multiple tree stands in different states and now that I can have all those Stands marked on maps nothing will be forgotten and I can pinpoint everything I need to know from the app as far as my stand locations go. This will also be a great feature for scouting especially shed hunting, marking found sheds as well as scrapes and rub lines and saving them in maps. Looking forward to keeping everything stored in the newly improved MoonGuide app. Aim small, miss small!!
By Team 200 Chris Schmidt

The best tool for planning hunt dates.

I’ve use the Moon Guide for many years to plan my vacation times to maximize my hunting opportunities. Now with the app and it’s new features, I can have access anywhere I go and can even use it in the field to mark camera and tree stand placements. Definitely one of the best tools I have to help me be successful. Plan your best hunt! -Donnie Monroe
By Don Monroe

Hands down best hunting app

Last year was my first year using this app. I was a little skeptical when I had to pay but it came highly recommended from a friend so I gave it a shot. So glad I pulled the trigger and trust me I pulled the trigger, multiple times last year! I planned all of my trips to hunt camp based on this app and just about every hunt I saw deer. Shot several nice ones and let many walk, including a few nice 8 pointers. Can’t wait to use it again this year and hopefully get a shot and some of those 8 pointers I let walk. Highly, highly recommend this app! Will never hunt without it!
By Yat yas

Must have hunt planner

As an outfitter and guide in KS - I strategically plan client hunts during the red moon. Another tool to help you bag that giant buck!
By Rustic boredom

Best whitetail deer app

A phenomenal tool for me for planning hunts when a big buck will most likely will be moving during daylight hours. Highly recommend!
By WI Buck Hunter

👍 👍

Harvest my first 150 inch deer, this past season using the Moon Guide app. Two thumbs up!!
By sbo22369

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Deer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0

Deer Hunters MoonGuide 3.0

By Deer Hunters Moon Guide LLC

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