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  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2021-02-04
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Dannella Munoz
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.5+
Score: 4.56
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It’s time to do it for the peach! DMF is a fitness, wellness, and nutrition app by Dannella Muñoz. Dannella has shared her personal fitness journey throughout many years, creating a community of powerful women who strive to become the better version of themselves – both physically and mentally. Dannella launched DMF years ago by providing workout guides and challenges that would soon change the lives of women all over the world. With all these great features, this app is designed to do just that. Now, let’s get to work! PROGRAMS DMF includes three workout programs to choose from based on your personal body goals. Each program guides you through a full schedule of workouts that span over several weeks to keep you aligned on your goals. • Booty Bible • Full Body • Tight Tummy DAILY WORKOUTS DMF includes daily guided workouts, circuits, and more. All guided with video demonstrations and instructions for each exercise to ensure correct form and safety while building that peach! • Home and Gym workouts • Stretching Sessions • HIIT Circuits / In-built workout timer for circuits • Guided Video Workouts NUTRITION DMF includes nutrition features to guarantee the utmost fitness optimization. By combining our workouts with these nutrition features, you can reach your health and weight goals through better eating. Our nutrition features allow you to make more health-conscious decisions and get a better understanding of which foods to put in your body. • Custom Calories and Macros for your fitness goals and body type • Nutrition Guides • Recipes THE JOURNEY DMF is there with you every step of the way. With our app, you will be able to: • Upload your before and after pictures and track progress pictures • Update your measurements and goals and receive updated calories and macros • Read our tips and tricks on training and nutrition SUBSCRIPTION TERMS The DMF App is free to download. Ongoing use requires an active subscription, available on a monthly or yearly basis: • $9.99 per month USD • $99.99 per year USD Pricing in other countries may vary. Monthly subscription users are automatically billed per month, renewing automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period in your iTunes Account Setting. Yearly users are billed the total annual fee from the purchase date and will renew automatically as well unless you turn off auto-renew in the iTunes setting. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided. You are welcome to cancel the upcoming month at any time.


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This app shouldn't have been released just yet. It has potential but it doesn't track anything(which is the biggest reason people download workout apps). I have to keep track of everything on my notes app which I feel I shouldn't have to do. There should be categories like beginners, intermediate, and advanced instead of one plan for everyone. The app does not provide enough info on how you should do the workouts. For example, how much weight is recommended I start off with? Are there low impact alternatives for beginners? And also, how many people actually have dumbbells at home? Since I already spent the $10 I've decided to go through the app and pick up new workouts I haven't seen before and incorporate them into my older routines. In my honest opinion people who purchased the full year should be refunded because there's no way anyone is using this app longer than a week. This is feeling rushed and money hungry.
By latitata

Not worth the money at the moment

Unfortunately I think this app was released prematurely. I love the concept of it, but for a paid app it’s severely lacking in features. The recipes are so basic and not impressive. I think most people were hoping for a larger selection of recipes. Tracking your progress is non-existent because it doesn’t save anything. You can’t track your progress within a program either, so it’s easy to lose track of which workouts you’ve completed. The full body at home workout also shows a tutorial using gym equipment, which defeats the purpose of having an at home option. As the app currently stands, it’s not worth the money, and it’s unclear when updates will be made. Updates have been teased for several weeks now, so it’s frustrating having to pay to wait for the app to be functional. It has great potential, but it really shouldn’t have been released until it contained more features.
By hey thereeee.

Amazing but could use improvement

I’m really loving the app so far, but I wish I could do the workouts out of order, or pick and choose the ones I’d like to do for the day. I also wish that you could keep track of the weights your using on each machine so I could see my progress with lifting, leg press, etc. the guides and videos are awesome but it needs to be a little more personalized!
By Hdosnclamxhes

Not Worth it At All !!

Honestly, this app was not what i was hoping for. I have purchased her previous guides and loved them, but this app is just so confusing to use. I don't think it’s user friendly, and I honestly think it looks unfinished. Your info doesn’t save in the app, it’s too expensive (yearly) for what it is. I love dani but i also just feel this app needs a lot of work. I started to use it and it just seemed like I wasn’t actually getting any work done at the gym. If you want an app that is so much better than this it’s called Fitbod and it’s $60 yearly and $10 monthly.... it gives you workouts that are personalized for you by answering some questions and it runs so much more smoothly and by using it once i had a good workout at the gym !! Her app is just not worth it i’m sorry :/ i’m disappointed.
By Izzy3442


I absolutely love this app! I was counting down for this haha. A lot of people are saying that they expected more... HELLO it was the first launch! She’s just going to make it better and better as time goes on.💜
By briiannagutiierrez

A little overhyped

The workout videos are nice gives you a idea on how you should be doing the exercises. I like the before and after feature I think it’s cute and motivating. I think the app needs more work would like to be able to better track what I have completed and the recipes are not worth it which is the whole reason I was excited for the app it’s really just mainly different ways to eat eggs and maybe 3 dinner ideas. Dinner is what I struggle with the most so that was disappointing for me.
By Ana___2020

Clearly rushed

I had really high hopes for the app as I love and support Dani but this seems rushed. 1. The “at home” guides aren’t even at home friendly. Some of the clips for the movements show her at the gym using equipment... i dont understand.. 2.The description for some moves are too vague or don’t make sense as well. 3.I think the timer should track the time it took to complete the entire workout rather than only giving you X amount of seconds to do each set before being forced onto the next. A built in timed break would be nice as well. ~ Granted, you don’t have to use the timer but I loved how the Alive App did it. 4. I wish the app could remember where you are in the program.. ** I know Dani said there’s an update coming but as a broke college student, I dont see the point in spending $10/month to wait to see if it gets better.
By AyeYoCC

Love it but wish there was upper body workouts

I love the app I especially love the timer omg what a life saver, please add some upper body workouts if possible 😪🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 UPDATE: there’s a full body added in, another thing that would be nice is if we had the option to check mark the ones we have already accomplished to track our progress, if we can have the option to actually see our progress on a scale not just the first pics to track and see the difference. So far so good for a new app
By scarlettnalvarezzz

Needs work

Love the workouts however the app needs work, does not save measurements or pictures, if it was able to keep track of this i’m sure it’ll be nearly perfect, hopefully for future updates this is possible, as of now it seems like i just bought 3 workout guides and that’s it.
By Dmfuser123

It an okay app, great for someone who completely new to a workout journey

I enjoyed her previous guides so much, so i had high expectations for the app and unfortunately it didn’t rise to them.. app needs a lot of work. Understandable since it just got released, there not huge variety in the workouts whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, you also do the same workout for each day repetitive week after week. I liked the idea that you click start and you go through the whole routine but it be step up better like you do ONE workout for all the 10 reps and for 4 rounds before moving to next vs 1 round 10 reps moves to next workout 1 round 1 reps so on and so on then brings you back to beginning. If i would follow that id be all over the gym 🥴! It also doesn’t save your measurements you have to be consistently putting it in so i gave up. She also has a hiit with every workout idk if your suppose to do the hiit every time, i emailed messages her still havent heard back tho..
By Jamrnax28


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