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Juggernaut Training Systems’ revolutionary A.I. strength training system has arrived on iOS. Get stronger than you can imagine with The Smartest Program for You. Designed by legendary coach Chad Wesley Smith and with revolutionary technology created by World Record holder Garrett Blevins, JuggernautAI is like having the best strength coach in the world with you during every workout in the gym. HOW IT WORKS JuggernautAI helps you reach your strength potential using our cutting edge technology - the JuggernautAI Powerlifting and Powerbuilding system - in an efficient and easy to use way; Decide on your goal of Powerlifting, to focus on building your Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, or Powerbuilding, to balance your focus between bodybuilding and strength training. Tell us about yourself, your level of experience, and your strength goals JuggernautAI will then design a unique individualized program tailored just for you with the use of expert technology As you progress, the system will continue to adapt your training plan based on your real-time individualized feedback, ensuring you continue to grow and achieve your strength goals. WHY IT WORKS Your JuggernautAI strength program is specifically tailored to your needs and includes; ◆◆ Individualized Volume Landmarks. Do enough training to advance but not so much that you can’t recover. ◆◆ Optimized Training Frequency. Decide how many days a week you want to train, and JuggernautAI will optimize when and how often you should Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. ◆◆ Personalized Periodization Strategy. JuggernautAI finds the best way to progress to ensure you maximize your training while also managing fatigue through a strategic phasic periodization plan. ◆◆ Exercise Selection for your Weak Points. JuggernautAI looks at your weak points and your strength in individual lifts to decide which exercises will be most effective in helping you improve. As a Powerbuilding user, you can also choose which body part to focus on to ensure your physique improves the way you want it to. ◆ Real-Time Feedback Your unique individualized program continues to adapt to your feedback with our Readiness Rating System, making adjustments to your program pre-session, intra-session, session to session, week to week, block to block, and program to program ———- ABOUT JUGGERNAUT TRAINING SYSTEMS Juggernaut Training Systems is The Leader in Strength, having helped thousands of athletes from beginners to World Champions maximize their results and reach their goals. We deliver principle-based coaching through cutting-edge technology to help you get the best results of your life. Privacy Policy: https://www.jtsstrength.com/app-privacy-policy/ Terms of Use: https://www.jtsstrength.com/app-terms-of-use/


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Great program but can’t figure out how to cancel now

Loved the program but can’t figure out how to stop the charges now. ! Very confusing
By wth N. fed cir

iPad Functionality

So far so good. Loving the simplicity but depth of the app. I do wish it would allow for iPad viewing instead of having to look at the small screen of the iphone.
By DirtyJerz32

I love this app.

I am both a trainer and an athlete I absolutely love this app. I am a huge data nerd and being able to track so many things about my training is both impressive and incredibly easy on this platform. Complete with videos, coaching cues, and the ability to quick-swap exercises makes this THE best training app on the market. Thank you to all of the minds at Juggernaut Training Systems for this incredible resource.
By swolesaucelifts


I was excited to see what this app had to offer, however, at first glance I could tell this app was not worth the $35 monthly subscription. I appreciated the easy to use interface but the programs feel very generic and they don’t offer much explanation for why your program was specifically designed for you. Also, the app felt incomplete after choosing to do planks for my ab exercise the app recommended I leave 4 RIR, that just doesn’t make sense. Overall, decent app and easy to use interface but it does not do much for intermediate to advanced lifters.
By Z97375

The best out there

Firstly, the app is stunning and one of the most intuitive designs I’ve used. The level of detail and care that has been put into this is worth the price alone. I’ve been using it for a few months now and seen some pretty good gains. Programming is solid but I wish it was easier to adjust volume as I felt there was too much at the beginning but after I completed a few weeks it was much better. I give 4 stars as I think it still has a lot more potential especially for a premium priced product.
By mackLifts

Top Tier

The UI alone is worth the price of admission. Much easier than dealing with spreadsheets. Lot of potential with this app curious to see how it progresses. Would love an e1rm trending chart
By burfeckt

Hard work

Hark work made easy
By Blackfish Xfit

Worth It

Like a mini-coach in your pocket. You’ll still need to have a basic knowledge of programming to optimize how you input in the app, but it’s revolutionary regardless.
By Jake6895

Excellent if you can’t afford an actual trainer

Great app. Would be cool to have a function that displays an estimated workout time for each day.
By IllSpinach

Great program so far.

Im only currently on my fourth week and I am loving it. I have already hit a decent 10 rep max.
By riggsthedecoydestroyer

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