AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner

AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner

By Acina

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2020-06-03
  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 163.08 MB
  • Developer: Acina
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.4+
Score: 4.58
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AI-Dermatologist: Your Personal Skin Health Monitoring App Experience the revolutionary AI-Dermatologist app, a cutting-edge solution to monitor your skin health and identify any potential skin conditions that require attention. We all desire healthy and radiant skin, and achieving this goal necessitates consistent efforts and various skincare methods. Whether it's identifying rashes, nevus or cancer, checking moles, analyzing your skin's condition, or scanning for acne. AI-Dermatologist combines all these functions and recognizes 58 different skin conditions in one convenient application. By incorporating today's most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and drawing from the expertise of dermatology professionals, our app empowers you to assess the risk of various skin issues, such as spots, birthmarks, acne, moles, or papillomas. In just one minute, AI-Dermatologist provides you with valuable insights and recommends the appropriate next steps to take if any concerns arise. Furthermore, the app enables you to store photos, allowing you to monitor changes over time and track your skin's health in the long run. By creating an AI-Dermatologist, we aim to make skin screening and monitoring accessible to everyone. With AI-Dermatologist, you can enjoy the following features: - Capture snapshots of skin spots, birthmarks, moles, and other skin conditions, including angiomas, warts, papillomas, mollusks, and more. - Take or upload photos to track and observe changes over time. - Easily log the tracked your skin conditions locations on your body for better record-keeping. - Receive timely reminders for taking new photos, take pills or build a skin care routine and tracking progress. - Сreate your own scheme for the medicines or cosmetics’ use according to your schedule. - Monitor the dynamics of baseline and follow-up results for a comprehensive view of your skin health. It is essential to understand that an AI-Dermatologist is not a diagnostic tool and cannot replace or substitute a visit to your doctor. Our application aims to raise awareness of your skin condition through self-examination, but it should not be considered an online dermatology platform. If you ever notice any discomfort or changes in your skin spot, such as irritation, itchiness, or bleeding, we strongly advise reaching out to a medical specialist promptly. Early consultation with a healthcare professional can help avoid potential risks associated with melanoma or other skin diseases. Download AI-Dermatologist today and take charge of your skin's well-being with the power of AI and professional dermatological expertise at your fingertips. Stay proactive, stay informed, and prioritize your skin health. By signing up for this subscription, you agree to our Terms of use Privacy Policy


AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner Screenshot


Wrong diagnosis, have to pay for more than one

It told me I have chicken pox. I absolutely do not have chicken pox. I’ve had chicken pox… this is not it. Thanks for nothing.
By kthisismynickname

Doesn’t work AT ALL

Tried at least 200 times trying to get a picture of a certain area and it failed each time.
By Savionce


I am a physician, quite surprised how inaccurate this app is. I am not expecting a diagnosis with high accuracy but at least some thing close.
By Rambandagi

Not accurate at all

I’ve had a horrible itchy rash all over my body for the past 2 years. I took a picture on this app and it said I had acne with a 91% accuracy which is ridiculous. The app Aysa is much better as it said it could be scabies (doctor thought it was this at first but ruled it out later) and prurigo nodularis (what I’m convinced I have after doing research). I believe Aysa is completely free too and asks about your other symptoms for more accuracy. I do think the other features are nice but not enough for me to keep using this. I think I’ll just track my symptoms on the WebMd app.
By Weeeeesnaaaaaaw

Ah, nah, that ain’t acne on my wrist!

Maybe spider bites or contact dermatitis, but pretty sure that’s no acne. Tried 2 different scans over 2 days of a few red spots on the forearm/wrist. Twice the results came back as acne. All I can say is there ain’t no zits on my wrist!
By UnkieD Spins

Two different answers and then charges

The app worked beautifully to send a photo and it was fast. The issue was I did it twice and got two very different answers and then need to pay to submit again.
By Jeanie0522

I can’t live like this

This app just told me I have HPV on my arm but it said I have nevus on my nose but I thought they were the same rash?? and now I’m going to kill myself. I can’t live with HPV. I have to give my kids to foster care and end my life because it’s contagious
By Shandel M B

Quick and Easy

By tracsf

Not truthful

Your app says it free. Once you’ve got the app IT COSTS MONEY! I’m so fed up with apps saying there free and there NOT!.
By jardindrise

Provides inconsistent results

I took 5 pictures using their app and got 4 different results. I even took a picture of a picture and got two different results. How helpful is that? It provided almost every possible option as a result. I am an informed user as I am a physician myself (surgeon not dermatologist). Ultimately I had a real dermatologist look at it and they diagnosed it as one of the 4 that the app had provided. Not ready for prime time. Use with caution!
By Gordon C on MI