AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner

AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner

By Acina

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2020-06-03
  • Current Version: 5.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 135.27 MB
  • Developer: Acina
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.4+
Score: 4.51
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AI-Dermatologist is an innovative app helping you monitor your skin health and detect any unusual or alerting skin conditions. We all want to have healthy and clear skin, and in order to achieve this result, it is necessary to make an effort and try different skin care methods. We may need a rash identifier, a mole checker, a skin analyzer, or an acne scanner, depending on the problem. The AI-Dermatologist app combines all these functions. We have designed this modern skin analyzer so that by using it on a regular basis, if you suspect a problem, you can contact your healthcare providers in time and avoid complications. Based on today's most advanced Artificial intelligence technologies and professional knowledge and expertise in dermatology, our application enables you to check all your skin problems for risk assessment: spots, birthmarks, acne, moles or papillomas. In 1 minute AI-Dermatologist gives a result on the next step to be taken. Likewise, AI-Dermatologist gives you the opportunity to store photos to keep track of changes over time and monitor your skin health in the long run. By creating AI-Dermatologist, we supported the idea of making skin screening and monitoring accessible to everyone. With AI-Dermatologist you can: - Snapshot your skin spots, birth-marks, mole or another skin diseases such as: angioma, warts, papillomas, mollusks and etc. - Take / upload photos and track results for changes - Get a reminder when it is time to take a new photo, take pills or build a skin care routine - Сreate your own scheme for the medicines or cosmetics’ use according to your schedule - Track dynamics of baseline and follow-up results - Easily log the tracked your skin conditions locations on your body Please note that AI-Dermatologist is not a diagnostic tool and does not replace or cancel a visit to your doctor. This application aims to help you be more aware of your skin condition via self-exams, but it is not an online dermatology platform. If you ever feel uncomfortable or see that your skin spot is changing, irritated, itchy or bleeding, we strongly recommend that you contact a medical specialist without hesitation to avoid the risk of melanoma or other skin diseases. By signing up for this subscription, you agree to our Terms of use Privacy Policy


AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner ScreenshotAI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner Screenshot


Save your money

This app will charge you $7 per WEEK and most of the advice is to see a professional. It incorrectly identified nearly everything I showed it.
By Karen398

Everything is benign

I have terrible bites and they are obvious and it just says normal, no pathology.
By Violettaterzi

Worthless results and need to pay 6.99 after one pic

I decided to try this out and took 3 photos of the same issue on 3 different spots and got 3 results! First one told me it was acne, but I’m 57 yo and it is in my ankle - no way. Second result said chicken pox - I had chicken pox in the 1970s! Third result was more possible, said possible skin cancer. My dermatologist appt. is next month. I’d give app 0 stars if I could. I wish I could get my $ back. Stick to a real doctor.
By Allergic to air

Whats the Deal

i’ve tried to upload over a dozen different pictures and every time it says check my internet connection make sure your 4” away. no hair no jewelry no fat . welll i don’t have any of those and this app doesn’t do jack squat and waste my time. i guess i will haul my skin issues to the dermatologist
By Blizz26


Completely useless…
By Scarlett midnight

Won’t give me results

I used it once and it was fine. The 2nd time around it would not allow me to see results unless i paid for a plan. Very disappointing, i got rid of it.
By banjbutt


Thank you so much😊 it's about time I figure this out, it's the worst & painful. I've seen many doctors an not a one can be straight with me or even know what it is. I've been told numerous of times, I'm on drugs or your doing meth. U have relieved a lot of stress off me and now I can finally deal with it and get my nice, clean skin back & not be so embarrassed to go out with friend's & family. Thank you!!!💛
By Red Fairy Dust

Don’t rely

It uploads a picture of myself without my consent. It didn’t even ask. Also the flash when taking the picture doesn’t work. I think it’s not trustable. He tells you to buy telling you that you can save visits to the doctor. This kind of tools can never substitute a doctor. Wrong app
By Jessica Hoz


The scan says I have acne—but I don’t think so. I am 71 years old and the rash is on my legs with a few water blisters.
By jstorybook

Fails at identifying my rash

I scanned a food allergy rash and it told me it was acne. LOL So don’t trust a thing it says
By Mohair3