Chopra: Meditation & Wellbeing

Chopra: Meditation & Wellbeing

By Chopra Enterprises Corporation

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Sleep better, relieve stress, and find purpose with Chopra - your total guide to well-being. Take the next step on your journey with proven practices for integrated and holistic self-care. You may have heard of us, or our founder, Deepak Chopra. For 20 years, we've been empowering millions of people to balance their bodies, revive their minds, and activate their spirits. Now, for the first time, you can easily access our expert knowledge in one easy to use app. Whether you’re new to meditation and mindfulness, or you're an advanced practitioner, find your peace on a path that suits you. Relax with our best meditations, self-care tools, tips, and practices for your well-being based on our unique wisdom and scientific research. With an extensive library of knowledge for your mind, body, and spirit, plus new meditations featured daily, Chopra is specially designed to help you discover your best you. Transform your health & well-being by: * Learning how to meditate * Finding immediate relief from daily stressors * Discovering your unique you - mind, body & spirit * Going deeper on your journey to self-discovery and purpose Uncover a range of popular topics including: * Better Sleep * Stress & Anxiety Relief * Peace & Calm * Confidence, Purpose & Success * Health, Weight & Increased Energy * Relationships & Connection * Creativity & Consciousness * Personal & Spiritual Growth Chopra's complete guide to mind, body and spirit comes with: * Over 500 meditations and practices representing our best tools * A variety of well-being experts to guide your experience * 5, 10, 20 and 30-minute sessions to suit your needs wherever you are * Our most popular well-being challenges including our 21-Day and Journey to Well-being programs * A quiz to discover your unique mind-body type and receive personalized content designed for you * Daily recommended sessions to build your practice * Monthly new programs and collections * Personalized tracking to help you stay motivated and see your progress We believe everyone is entitled to a healthy and joyful life. Download Chopra and enhance your journey to integrated well-being. Access your guide to well-being for free, with a selection of our signature programs, or unlock the full range of Chopra content for $69.99 annually with a 7-day free trial, that’s just $0.19 a day. Chopra saves your meditation sessions to your Apple Health app. Read the terms and conditions here: Read the privacy policy here:


Chopra: Meditation & Wellbeing ScreenshotChopra: Meditation & Wellbeing ScreenshotChopra: Meditation & Wellbeing ScreenshotChopra: Meditation & Wellbeing ScreenshotChopra: Meditation & Wellbeing ScreenshotChopra: Meditation & Wellbeing ScreenshotChopra: Meditation & Wellbeing ScreenshotChopra: Meditation & Wellbeing Screenshot


Unresponsive service

Several weeks ago i emailed customer dervice to ask them to have the dark or light mode of the app home screen match that of the device. Chopra said they’d do that in the next upgrade. Still waiting! They just notified users of $20 increase in the annual subscription from $49 to $69. You jacked the price up $20 for thousands of users and you can’t make a simple change so you don’t blind people who use your app before sunup?
By BlkWhiteFilmPix

Developers, please fix this…

I haven’t been able to get to my purchased mediation for a week, and I was getting to the end of a 24 day mediation, too. I tried to contact customer support, but haven’t heard back from them and that was at the beginning of the week. So here I am, hoping I can go around the middleman and get this problem fixed. Thank you.
By whidbychick

Difficult to cancel subscription.

I liked the app for a while but it started getting redundant with no new material. I have tried canceling but they are no longer on the iphone subscriptions which is not good. Why did they remove it? Now I dont know where to go and the app does not give you a notice before it takes your money away. Not acceptable. What's going on? If they would make it easy to cancel, I would have given it 5 stars. As I am trying to summit this, it asks for nickname. I tried dif forms of "refund" and all are taken. I think it says it all.
By readrefund


I have developed high blood pressure from having a stressful life these meditations seem to be helping
By 1rubySlupper

Still No Customer Support (updated Review 2022)

Updated 2022 Review: same issue. Not good customer support. Sent a customer support email via the app over a week ago and no has bothered to reply to my inquiry. Also, I wish there was a search button to easily find what one is looking for - I have to scroll through so much to find what I am looking for. This is frustrating. And,It would be nice if more of the meditations were narrated by Deepak himself. I have been doing mediation for over 10 years now using deep and material, but the app can be frustrating. I also think it would be great if there were beginner meditations that are shorter (which is what they currently have) but it would be nice if that same meditation was available for advanced meditators which would be a longer meditation time.— current meditation, after initial talk you are only left with about 8 minutes of meditation. That is not enough time for an advanced meditators - I have to rewind it about 4 5 times, which is very distracting to have to do that. ~María 2020 review:I moved over from old platform. I’ve always liked Deepak’s meditation, but moving to this new app I needed support with my subscription and sent multiple messages and no one has gotten back to me. I’m a little frustrated.


His sessions are amazing. My only complaint is lately the app doesn’t show my purchased meditations and it’s hard to get a live person to assist. The app is not cheap and I have had at least 10 days or more where certain items are not available for use.
By Quick Peace

Purchased Meditations

I’ve been doing the 21 day meditations since 2011, every since the switch to this new app in 2020-21 I am unable to access my purchased meditations on my mobile device! I’ve invested $100’s in these program. I can’t always carry my iPad I need these ON MY CELL PHONE! I’ve gotten no response from support it’s been months weeks! Since I submitted help! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

App does not open on my iphone

I have to, most of the time, get into the app with my password, which is inconvenient. This morning when I wanted to meditate, it would not open for me. I updated the app, still not able to open. Any time where app is not free, things like that should not happen…. This is not the first time this month ….
By 0Nizzy0

Happiness and Joy

Thank you Deepak and your entire team for being with me on my life’s journey to wellbeing. Every hour and every session enable me to catch all the curve balls and flow with Grace and ease. Thank you.
By mymonkeymusic62

Often freezes

While I love the meditations, the app often freezes so I need to skip a day of meditating which isn’t ideal. I’d love if there was a search bar for meditations and I’d also love if there was an option where meditations could be organized by how long the meditation is. Please also do a meditation for pregnant mothers to connect with their babies!
By mamastae

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