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The most popular serial fantasy novel website in the world, Wuxiaworld, has finally come to the palm of your hand! Ranked among the top 2000 websites, come see why we are loved by so many readers throughout the world! Hundreds of thousands of readers fanatically flock to Wuxiaworld each day to enjoy the marvelous worlds and fantastical stories we have to offer here. Join us in seeking the Dao, ascending to Immortality, wandering through vampire realms, surviving post-apocalyptic landscapes, dodging deadly dragons, delving into LitRPG worlds, and so much more! Wuxiaworld will bring you into worlds you've never dreamed of. We'll make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all, make sure you have an absolute blast during your time with us. Wuxiaworld is waiting for you! Website: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WuxiaworldWebnovels/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wuxiaworld_Ltd Discord: https://discord.gg/wuxiaworld


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Worst search function on a reading platform contender

That title may sound a bit hyperbolic but bear with me. So I downloaded the app went to the search function and found out you cannot narrow by tag or genre. You only options are title, completion status, and original language. Like really? Tags exist but you can’t use them in the search function. Heck it doesn’t even show you what genre the novel is until you go to their page. If you value your time don’t bother with this app as the lackakester search function makes finding novels you are interested extremely tedious.
By Princess Lacie

Text to speech is infuriating

One of the few apps where the tts isn’t unbearable, and i’ve quickly become addicted to it. However over the past week and a half the tts randomly stops working and it’s really been pissing me off. I would’ve contacted the customer support but its awful, it might as well not exist. So i decided to reach out here and hope that they fix it. As soon as they do i’ll remove the review and write a good one.
By Danthemanpoop


I have had to reinstall at least 8 times as it inevitably stops loading chapters randomly.
By eastinson13

App is disappointing

I find the lacking in many features that the website has and would rather look up novels on website then the site
By Prbvbfanever

Great stories hidden behind a paywall

Do you enjoy reading amazing stories? Great. Don’t use this app or Wuxia. Chapters are hidden behind a paywall and you’re only allowed 2 free chapters a day? What a joke. I recommend finding the books elsewhere on the internet
By Ben194729

New Update NO GOOD

I have been a member of light novel and fond of ready them. Sometimes I like to read read the same book again, however, after the new update all the novels are required to be paid or use points to access the next page. Even the books you’ve read, you will only have the same access as any new reader. Once you start reading a novel and get to the free threshold, the system will automatically blocks you from continuing. You either have to wait “23 hours” to get access to 2 free pages or paid for it. It was free before and I loved it. Now it’s just a hassle to wait 23 hours because I didn’t spend any money.
By Love4Lif3

Chapter locked behind paywall

This app used to allow you to read all available chapters free of charge, and if you wanted to read ahead you could pay to unlock future chapters, however now every chapter is locked behind a paywall. I am unsure if this feature was a mistake or an April Fool’s prank.
By Unsure Reader


Don’t bother downloading, they greedy money grubbing people, cost far too much for a stupid chapter and if you factor in a 4000plus book your reading you are spending far too much money. Stay away from this pathetic attempt at a money hole
By Honest9412

Used to be great..

Used to be able to read ALL the novels you want for absolutely free, didn't have to pay a dime. Now? One chapter a day and if you wanna read more you gotta give em your wallet. What a shame, loved this app/site.
By NxFuture

Preparatory monetization

Used to be a great app but they took away free reading of ongoing series and vip which was the best part of the app and now have a predatory monetization model that financially doesn’t make sense For example an average chapter cost of 30 karma in a series with 1500 chapters at a cost of 100$ per 20000 karma that’s roughly 225$ a series and that’s just average each chapter and series karma cost fluctuates some chapters are upwards of 50 karma so add an increase in series price by +40% and some series are well over 1500 chapters but you get to re read as often as you want Or get forced into shelling out for a subscription per series that you lose all chapters once the subscription ends so no chance to re read a series if you enjoy that typical of a company that gets bought out they get greedy and just want more sad to see such a great website and app go down the drain over greed
By theeunxpeecteed25

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