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GoodNovel is a book app, containing a large variety of trending books & novels for the fiction lovers to read. GoodNovel has collected the most popular books & novels, provides you with the latest chapters of the highest quality. This is a must-have books app for the majority of web novel lovers. Start reading your favorite novels, by downloading the GoodNovel app! - No.1 Web Novel Platform for All Book Lovers - Numerous of Book Genres for Choosing Freely - Hundreds of Novels Read More Than 1,000,000+ Times - Professional Author Team Creates The Best Webnovel 【Fiction Genres】 GoodNovel contains many books genres, from romance story to horror story, from urban books to supernatural books, and is deeply loved by the majority of our readers. * Fantasy Novel * Adventure Novel * Romance Novel * Scary Novel * Young Adult Novel * LGBTQ+ Novel Anyone can find their favorite books on GoodNovel. Start reading web novels without delay! 【Hottest Web Novels】 If you’re looking for any of these web fictions below, then you’ll love GoodNovel for sure. -「Most Read 5 Vampire Web Fictions - 2020」 -「Most Romantic Top 5 LGBTQ+ Web Fictions」 -「Scariest 5 Werewolves Novels of All Web Fiction Platforms」 -「Best Sellers of Werewolf Fictions 2020 - Love & Forbidden」 -「Top 10 Must Read Scary Web Fictions for Scary Book Lovers」 - 「Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark」 GoodNovel has hundreds of books that have been read more than 1 million times, and you can read these novels as much as you want without having to buy the paperback edition! 【Author Team】 Our GoodNovel authors are from all over the world, with experience and talent in writing stories of many different book genres and update frequently for their fans to read over and over again. GoodNovel has been continuously recruiting high-quality authors and has a steady stream of new content recommendations. **Join GoodNovel & Become A Professional Author!** 【About Payment】 GoodNovel is unfortunately not a totally free online novel platform. Because we at GoodNovel need to ensure that our authors can obtain a stable income to produce better quality content for you to read. At the same time, GoodNovel has a lot of in-app tasks that you can easily complete to obtain coins to continue reading new chapters. If you have any dissatisfaction with the charges or feedback, please write an email to 【How To Contact Us】 - For Your Opinions | We’d like to hear from you with appreciation 1. Customer Service Email —>> 2. Opinion Collection Form —>> - Follow Us | GoodNovel Social Media 1. Official Website —>> 2. Facebook —>> 3. Facebook Group —>>


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The Son in law

I hate this app. Every time you get so far in the book they want money to continue reading. I have never in my life had to do this and they don’t tell you this until you’re into the book. I am getting rid of this app and they can take it and shove it where the sun don’t shine
By mj-chic

AVOID!!! Book never ends

The Amazing Son in Law/Charismatic Charlie Wade. When I started last year, it was around 800 chapters. As of today, it is 2020 chapters. Figure 10 coins per chapter? You will spend over $100 to finish, but WAIT. They keep adding chapters!!!! You will never finish this book!!! Eventually you will tire of the redundancy and give up like I did. Most of the 5 star reviews are fake. 1/4/21 2020 chapters 1/7 2058 1/21 2158 1/24 2172 I had a list of dates and added chapters with a breakdown of costs. Somehow they managed to get that review deleted. This is a second posting.
By Rdjville

Not worth it

I started reading a book that was really very good but I was halfway through and already I had spent $20... on an unfinished book which had typos and confusing material that made you reread the paragraph 3 times to understand the material. I mean an Amazon kindle subscription is like $10 a month and you get amazing proofread books that are free! This service is ridiculously expensive and totally not worth it, I have purchased full books from renowned authors that have cost me half or the same as one unfinished book in this app. Thanks but no thanks.
By friendndisksmend

Double charging!!! Scammers

Novels are good but the crappy part about is. When you click on payment. Be very careful......they will DOUBLE CHARGE YOU! After my coins runs out. I’ll be deleting this app and telling friends also not to download
By mr1fisherman

Love this app

Good to read . Keeps you mesmerized and glued to the book. ❤️
By yayggy

Great BUT

I’ve found some great books on here and I’m hopeful the writers will be able to publish one day, but the 2 stars are for how much it cost to read on this app it’s extremely expensive. You can pay $30 or more for a book that’s not finished and that’s not fare to the reader.
By Almoncla


Great app lots of genres to choose from However I would much rather pay a subscription than constantly buy coins
By idklmao02

Love it but...

I love it but you spend more than you can afford...
By PMooMoo301805

Do not buy - Too buggy

I purchased 1000 credits on Wednesday. Today it shows 12. I guarantee I did not use them. I verified the charge through Apple and am currently looking to reverse it. I tried logging out/in and clicking the restore button. None work. Also, the book I’m reading is full of errors, typos, and omissions. IT’s not worth the headaches.
By Amy or Henry Hoehn

Charlie good son in law

Don’t get they charge by chapter I was reading a story turns out it has over 2000 chapters I’m not even at 20 percent read and it has cost over 18$ so far do not get app
By kdad5300



GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels

GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels