LADDER | Strength Training

LADDER | Strength Training

By Milton Finch, Inc.

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  • Release Date: 2020-06-23
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Ladder is the fitness app for people who are serious about strength training. All of the benefits of personal training in a simple, flexible, fun and affordable way that doesn’t sacrifice results. With Ladder, you'll get weekly programming, an expert coach, and a team you can count on — anytime, anywhere. Choose a team based on your preferred coach and training style, and instantly get world-class workout programming designed fresh each week, with a guided workout for every day. By combining access to top coaches with a team that shares your workout experience, Ladder gives you a supportive community at a fraction of the cost of personal training. A STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM YOU CAN TRUST This isn't a playlist of random workouts. This is a professionally-designed workout program to help you burn fat, gain muscle, and remove the guesswork from your training. REAL COACHING BY REAL EXPERTS World-class trainers you can chat with, and a diverse set of strength-training styles to choose from. TRAIN ON YOUR TIME, AT HOME OR THE GYM A 'just press play' workout experience designed to maximize your time, at home or the gym, with modifications for the equipment available to you. PERSONAL TRAINING AS A TEAM SPORT A team of people who share your passion for fitness to motivate you and help you succeed. TRY IT COMPLETELY FREE Download Ladder and try it completely free for 7 days, no CC required! CHOOSE FROM MULTIPLE STRENGTH PROGRAMS LED BY THE WORLD'S BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS: BODY & BELL WITH LAUREN KANSKI - If you’re looking to achieve lean muscle with minimal equipment, Body & Bell is the team for you. Coach Lauren Kanski keeps it spicy with her focus on functional movements, kettlebell skills, and explosive cardio. RESILIENT WITH NEEN WILLIAMS - An innovative strength-training program led by pro skateboarder and expert coach Neen Williams that delivers real-world results using a proven blend of explosive lifting and conditioning, designed for longevity and sustainability. BOUNDLESS WITH BEN GREENFIELD - For those looking to biohack their workout routine, Boundless is the team for you. Fitness guru Ben Greenfield leverages his Minimum Effective Dose methodology through tabata and bodyweight-style workouts to optimize your body in 30 min or less. ELEVATE WITH ELISE YOUNG - Efficient and effective workouts are the name of the game for Team Elevate. As a former college athlete, Coach Elise realizes the importance of maximizing time and effectiveness through HIIT training, strength circuits and cardio. MAXIMUS WITH BOBBY MAXIMUS & JOE CEBULA - If you're looking for a no-nonsense approach to burning fat and building muscle, Team Maximus is for you. These garage-style HIIT workouts are led by world-class trainer and UFC vet Bobby Maximus, alongside Maximus Trainer Joe Cebula. PROJECT ALPHA WITH SAM TOOLEY - Are you an endurance athlete looking to achieve Alpha performance? Ironman Triathlete Sam Tooley will lead you through circuit-style strength training and outdoor sprint workouts to unlock your inner-Ironman and push you to new limits. CREWS CONTROL WITH ANDRE CREWS - For those looking to lift heavy, breathe hard and train like an athlete, Crews Control is the team for you. Led by Men's Health's Fittest Trainer André Crews, these high-intensity, functional-fitness workouts will build lean muscle and shed body fat. STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUT STYLES INCLUDE: - HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - Interval Strength Training - Push Pull Training - Kettlebell Strength Workouts - Bodyweight Workouts - Explosive Power - Lean Muscle Strength - Endurance Strength - Bodybuilding LADDER WATCH APP View your movement, timer and reps, plus heart rate and calories burned for each workout. Plus, control your workout experience from your watch with pause, skip ahead and rewind. Ladder integrates with HealthKit to help monitor and track your workouts. TERMS OF SERVICE


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Love, Love, Love

I love the app and coach Courtney!! I have come so far in such a short period of time. Can’t wait to see what the changes look like next year!
By Jenni Wenni Woo Woo

Best App

Hands down the best app I have used. It's motivating, taught me accountability and it takes the guess work out. I am a mom of two toddlers and my time is limited, but it has pushed me and allowed to get a full workout in a decent time. Extremely happy!
By Ladder- Team EMPWR

Best App I’ve found For More Nontraditional Training and Exercising

I started using this app beginning of January 23 after trying to find a workout app that fit my exercise style. Honestly think I tried 5 other apps before I signed up to Ladder. This app is nice because it allows you to join a community or “ladder team” that fits your style and allows you to communicate with a bunch of people that are trying to better their everyday fitness and spread motivation to get in the gym and make a better version of themselves. I love the app because the workouts aren’t extremely repetitive week in and week out. I personally dislike repetitive workouts and rep schemes without any change. Does the app have bugs and glitches? Yeah, it’s software, and it’s always going to have some problems. But the Ladder team is always coming out with releases to improve their platform as so many people sign up. Don’t complain about the bugs or glitches. Just redownload it and it will be back up. Highly recommend if you like a variety of workouts that push your limits compared to traditional lifts. Don’t mind having well scripted out workout plans. And love seeing progress in your workout journey. Extra plus, your motivation to stay consistent will increase as you find yourself motivated by everyone in the community channels.
By Dustin…

Something to invest in

I was using Beachbody for three years got tired of the same things then I went to gym ugh such a hassle waiting and timing I did do get fit a group but my hours for work was to tough and gave me an excuse .I’ve joined ladder three weeks ago and I love it the consistency and motivation from coach Courtney is just what I needed u don’t need much but just show up and the community is great and helpful. I was skeptical at first but glad I did joined thanks Ladder and Coach Courtney🥰
By Purpflwer

Work out Plan

U am really bad at figuring out what I want to do when it comes to working out. Ladder has helped me everyday with the already set up workout routines from my instructor and I really appreciate it. Being busy all the time I need something like this.
By EbbySM94

Awesome Programming. Sub par app

The exercise programming is excellent. The team I’m in is a conjugate strength program appropriately focused on the major compound movements, mixed with some HIIT style metcon style conditioning workouts. Really an excellent system. The app itself is horrible though. Much of the system is based on percentages of your one rep max, yet there’s no place to track your 1RM. It doesn’t even allow you to set your default measurement system and defaults to kg. Outside US that is probably a plus, but here in freedom land, that’s horribly distracting to have change from kg to lb, then click out. Then click into weight and enter weight, etc. you have to change it for every exercise. Using the log while you’re working out is not convenient at all. You have to pause the workout, open the log, enter your reps, RPE, and weight ( which is very glitchy btw) and then get out and resume workout. No plate calculator, no real weight logging or trending, and no assistance in calculating the days load. They pour all their technology into encouraging the image idol culture by sending likes and uploading pics, etc. but no technology for anyone serious about their programming. I’ve completed one week and paid for a month, so I will probably finish it out and look for a better platform. If I don’t find one, I may come back just because the exercise programming is really good. Continue to hire and encourage your coaches to participate with their team. Fire your app designers.
By Doc Pettit

Consistency game changer

This app is my favorite fitness app ever. It’s very intuitive, well designed, and provides excellent programming. I am heavily focused on Kettlebells and it’s great to have a complete program that I can follow day to day. Since I started this out, there has been countless upgrades, and it just keeps getting better and better. The format of this app has kept me the most consistent I’ve ever been in my life. There’s something about about time training that the best app on the market. The effort the coaches put into the program and his world class. Highly recommend.
By Ryan Bustamante

Best Workout App - and I’ve tried a lot

I am really enjoying the Empower and Body and Bell Teams on this App. The workouts are tough and effective- but not boring at all. I like the variety and difficulty and 40 mins truly flies by. The coaching are encouraging and their content is unique. I can see a difference in my body after just a few weeks. I have tried other apps and Ladder is the best! It just is…
By Lori from Phoenix


I love this app and program. This has been the best training I’ve done in a while. This allows you to have a team of people growing just like you from all ranges. Allows you to converse and ask for advice or opinions with other fitness peeps. Through your workouts I love how it times you and allows your coach to talk in your ear and motivate you. Definitely helps to keep you consistent and motivated!! #teamlimitless !!
By Alyssa Kocon


This app is greatness. The coaches, the programs, and the Ladder community is everything you want in your fitness life. I’m beyond happy that I have joined. 10 out of 10
By LabRatpt0

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LADDER | Strength Training

LADDER | Strength Training

By Milton Finch, Inc.

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