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75 HARD is how you win the war with yourself. Are you stuck in life? You feel like no matter what you do, your career, fitness, and relationships just aren’t where you thought they would be? Feel like you are not reaching your full potential? This program is for you. Maybe you’ve tried the fad diets, read the latest trendy self help book, or forked over your hard-earned cash for seminars and courses that promised to teach you the magical secret to success. Yet even after all this, you still fail to make any real progress. Why? Here’s the real secret. YOU are the key. If you haven’t developed the traits of mental toughness needed for success in any area of your life, all these other things will get you nowhere. What are these traits? Confidence. Grit. Fortitude. Self Belief. Self Worth Discipline. Endurance. The unbreakable will to WIN. Over the course of 75 days, this program will start you down the path to becoming a person who is capable of achieving your goals by developing these winning character traits. Is it complicated? No. Is it easy? Definitely not. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Will it change your life forever? Without a doubt. Are you ready to win the war within yourself? This program requires Zero Compromises. Zero Substitutions. With the 75 Hard app, you can: - Track your daily progress - Set custom reminders for your daily tasks - Take and review your daily progress pics - Share your progress to your Instagram Story - Save journal notes on every day Already started the 75 Hard Program? No problem! We’ve made it easy for you to pick up at your current progress point. We’re working to continuously update the app with new features and updates to provide the best experience for you as you make progress.


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This is a great challenge/experience

This program is great! I’m only on day 7 but, I can already see how everyday you complete is another day that you’ve won. That by itself is a huge motivator to keep completing each day! I’m finding myself pushing myself harder in these tasks as well. One of my exercises I do daily is taking a walk around our subdivision and every day I try to go further in 45 minutes. I also enjoy reading just 10-20 pages a day. I read while I’m eating my breakfast so then I get a chance to think about what I’ve read and it’s only a few pages so it’s much easier to absorb the info and apply it to my life. I don’t know what the next 68 days hold but I’m really enjoying this process!
By Ryanc618

The best

You need this in your life
By 76Hard

Limited featured

I think that the app is too basic for the needs of people trying to complete this challenge. It is a functional app, but I think it would benefit from being able to sync data from Apple watches or other fitness apps and find them all in one place. Other trainers that have at programs such as fit by Katie, really do a great job of providing more support for they are participants. In fact, for particular challenges you are able to get one on one check-in’s each week with a personal trainer who is well informed about particular challenges.
By ClosetPHD


The app truly helps you keep track and hold you accountable.
By Maxramsey12

App is Perfect #day22

This app is what i wanted it to be. With this app you can set custom reminders so you’ll never forget to log something. If you are doing the 75 Hard, I highly recommend downloading this app. It is a small price to pay for 75 days of grinding. Highly Highly Recommend.
By Zombie murder

Worth EVERY penny!!! Get the app and make it happen :)

So glad I got the app - I am on day 4 of 75 hard and I love that you guys made an easy and fun way to track, remind, and share progress ! Every detail counts. Blessings to the Andy Frisella fam and his whole team 🙏🏼
By michellegen

Simple App but definitely gets the job done!

I know a lot of people might say they could make they’re own version of this app. However I do use mine daily, not only does it keep me accountable but I enjoy the “checking off” so to speak. Also it helps me check on my friends accountability; as we both share our progress on Instagram and this app features that share option.
By reerGeitaK

Future improvements

I love this app and what it’s about. I love taking notes and the daily pictures and the accountability factor. I’m still new to this so I’m not even a full week in yet. My one issue is I failed on day 4 and I typed start over to start at day 1. But now I can not see any of my previous notes or pictures and I don’t like that. I write a lot of things down in the notes and for them to just disappear because I start over is not okay. What’s the point of the notes feature if they are going to just get deleted? Maybe in the next upgrade in the previous slide the old notes and photos can be there? Or create another slide next to previous labeled failed attempts with all the old details and notes. If there is a way to view the old notes and photos please let me know! I will still be using this app because I still love it! Just wanted to put a few possible fixes out there! Thanks!
By The game has me hooked!!!

Simple & Easy

This app is simple and very helpful.
By Kaushon$87

Not worth $5

I have only had this app for one day and found that you can do everything this app does on your phone for free all you have to do is go to your notes app create a list and check the rules off everyday. You can also set alarms to remind yourself in your clock app I probably wouldn’t be as mad if I only spent $.99 but I’m going to use it for the whole time because I paid $5. I know it’s not a lot but I’d rather spend that money elsewhere do yourself a favor and don’t download the app
By kanieceshia



75 Hard

75 Hard