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Living a 100% gluten-free life has its challenges. Boy…does it have its challenges! Where can I eat and not get sick? How do I save money on GF food? Where do I get answers to my questions about dealing with celiac disease? How do I find other who understand? The Gluten Dude app was created to alleviate those challenges and help you live a better gluten-free life. CHALLENGE: EATING OUT SAFELY Eating out is one of the more stressful parts of having celiac disease. Everything that is fun and spontaneous about eating out can be overshadowed by the anxiety of whether you can get through your meal unscathed. SOLUTION: A directory of 100% gluten-free restaurants, guaranteeing you a safe meal. The app also includes restaurants that are not 100% GF but 1) have been recommended by someone in the celiac community; 2) have been personally vetted by my team; and 3) take precautions to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. NEW RESTAURANTS ADDED EVERY DAY. ----- CHALLENGE: SAVING MONEY ON GLUTEN-FREE FOOD Quality gluten-free food is expensive and hard to find. Did you know there are over 150 awesome GF companies that will ship right to your doorstep? SOLUTION: The app has a directory of every one of these online companies, with a description of who they are and what they sell. Over 50 of these companies are offering online coupons just for app users!!! ----- CHALLENGE: GETTING THE RIGHT INFORMATION ABOUT LIVING WITH CELIAC DISEASE Getting diagnosed with celiac disease is overwhelming. The internet is littered with falsehoods and dangerous info regarding celiac disease & living gluten-free. People are looking for answers to their problems and they are not sure where to turn. SOLUTION: The Gluten Dude app has a forum with hundreds of ongoing discussions. Ask a question and get the right answers from people who have been in your shoes. ----- CHALLENGE: CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE WHO ‘GET IT’ Celiac disease is a very misunderstood disease and can be quite isolating. I've received many emails over the years from people whose own friends and family don't take their disease seriously; who don't get invited out because they're "too difficult"; who are bullied at school simply because they can't eat gluten. And most of the time, there is no one there to turn to, to listen to you, to understand you. SOLUTION: The Gluten Dude app allows you to privately connect with others who have celiac disease thru private one on one chat. ----- CHALLENGE: FINDING GLUTEN-FREE BEER Beer is not gluten-free. The most popular "gluten-free" beers on the market today are actually "gluten-removed" and are not safe to drink. There are a handful of amazing 100% gluten-free beers out there, but they can be difficult to find. SOLUTION: The Gluten Dude app shows thousands of stores, bars and restaurants where people can purchase gluten-free beer. Stay thirsty my friends! ----- WHO IS GLUTEN DUDE? My real name is Scott but within the celiac and gluten-free communities, I'm known as Gluten Dude, a passionate and outspoken celiac disease advocate. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008 and I launched my blog in 2011, which now has over 700 articles and 34,000 comments. APP REVIEWS "So grateful I came across this app. I was diagnosed 26 years ago when there were NO resources to help us. I am so excited for all of the resources I could ever have imagined all in one app now!!" "I love the Gluten Dude App! It is a great resource and it is easy to use. It is a labor of love and it shows. Get this app if you have Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and help support our community." "Just wanted to tell you how worth the money your app is! My husband and I went to Philly this weekend and ate great food all weekend and wasn't sick for a second. Thank you!"


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Extremely expensive for what you get

Too expensive. The forums are not very active and the restaurant listings are okay, but they didn’t really help me. Like all the gf apps I’ve tried, I do better with a quick internet search and a few phone calls to the establishment directly. I have super severe celiac and can only go to dedicated gf places (and any dedicated place that uses oat flour is usually out of the question too unless the restaurant is educated about celiac reactions to oats, which is rare)— so my options are doubly limited. However, I travel a lot and I thought this app might help for finding places in addition to having a little internet community of fellow celiacs. But again: forum isn’t active enough to justify that price tag, and neither is the list of businesses. I would pay a one-time price for access ($5 as things stand right now, and maybe $10 if it were more active), but not a dollar more than that.
By Jentropy

Amazing app for Celiacs!

This app has given our family the freedom to travel with less worry by being able to find vetted 100% gluten free restaurants. It’s the first thing we go to when we think of traveling to a new city with two celiacs in our family. It’s easy to use and we are so grateful for Gluten Dude for creating such a needed and valuable tool for our community.
By Avocadosandsunshinenutrition

The app the Celiac community needed!

This app is exactly what the GF/Celiac community needs. Love that every restaurant on here is vetted with the ability to leave reviews and easily see whether or not it’s 100% GF. It’s so easy to navigate and looks nice too. Thank you for bringing this into our life. It will make searching for safe restaurants in my hometown - and especially when traveling - so much easier and less stressful.
By allisappetite

Great Resource!

I love the Gluten Dude App! It is a great resource and it is easy to use! It’s very clear which restaurants are dedicated GF and which restaurants offer GF food options, in addition to their other non-GF menu items. My family has added reviews and it is a terrific community building app. All of the data is vetted by Gluten Dude and his team. It is a labor of love and it shows. Kudos on a job well done! The UX and UI are great as well as the aesthetics and graphics. Get this app if you have Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and help support our community.
By CeliacJourney

Great, helpful app

This is a great app to use especially while traveling. I love how it separates restaurants that are fully gluten-free versus those that are not fully gluten-free but good with handling cross-contamination.
By Lsb190

The app every celiac needs!

This app has helped me find 100% gluten free restaurants and beers nearby that I didn't even know were there! It's great to have the forum and messaging components as well, which I can tell will only grow as more users join! An impressive amount of work went into collecting the information for this app and I feel that I can actually trust the recommendations.
By Bo9d


Thanks for all the great information. So helpful when traveling !
By jenhenke

So glad this app is here!

Finally an app I can use. This app shows me, as someone with Celiac Disease, exactly which place is 100% GF vs the places offering GF options. The option to find GF beer is great too. I am going to use this app all the time, not just for travel, but have already discovered a couple of places nearby that I haven’t tried. It also gives the option to suggest a place to be added to the list, so we as the Celiac Community can help each other. Thank you Gluten Dude for doing this! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 9 years ago today and already used your book to help navigate my new life. Thank you.
By $4(789cvh

Not enough content

I tried the free trial for this app and there is not enough content to pay to use this app! Maybe in the future if more join but not now
By Carolsatx

Got a craving? GD can help!

A few days ago I was dying for a burger and fries, real fries but what is a celiac to do? So many restaurants have shared fryers and I have not enjoyed French fries in ages. I’ve lived in my area for many years and thought I knew all the restaurants I could eat at...boy was I wrong! I pulled up the GD app and looked at restaurants around me and sure enough there was a place I had no idea existed where I could order that much craved burger and fries. This place was amazing! It is not an exclusive GF restaurant but it was certified by GD so I felt confident ordering from there. It turns out they have a whole separate kitchen just for GF orders and they take it very seriously! Thank you GD for helping me satisfy my craving and opening a whole new world of possibilities 🙌 now off to find some tasty beer 🍻
By DanielleZ!

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