Structured - Daily Planner

Structured - Daily Planner

By Leonard Mehlig

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2020-04-09
  • Current Version: 2.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 154.23 MB
  • Developer: Leonard Mehlig
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.84
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Sometimes we just need to plan our days to make better use of the hours. Sometimes we just need our days to be more ... Structured. Structured is an app for people who need structure to their life or just like to know what's up next. Calendars and to-do lists can be fine, but sometimes we just need everything laid out, ready for us to tackle the day. Structured helps make that easier than ever, ensuring every task and event is in one place, ready and waiting. All that's left to do is smash the day ahead, checking off tasks as you go! A visual day planner at its core, Structured is the app you've been hunting for. Whether you're trying to reduce distractions by planning your day ahead of time, or you're someone who needs a clear outline of your day to avoid the worry of missing something, Structured has your back — and it looks beautiful while it does it, too. Just a few taps is all it takes to enter your first task, decide when to complete it, and get on with your day! Download Structured today and enjoy features including: - An easy-to-use app that houses all the little things you need to do today. - An Inbox for easy task capture — get things out of your head, and somewhere they can be sorted later. - Import calendar events to make sure you always know what's ahead.* - Support for the Reminders app — automatically import tasks on iPhone and iPad.* - iCloud syncing to ensure all of your devices are on the same page, 100% of the time. - Notifications so you'll never miss a task again.* - Recurring tasks — set it once, and forget about it until it's due again.* - Notes and sub-tasks make it easier to break tasks into smaller chunks while keeping extra information to hand. - Over 500 icons to customize your tasks.* - Customization including app color and icons to make sure everything fits with your theme. - Home Screen widgets to keep your tasks just a glance away. - VoiceOver support. - Support for almost 30 languages, and growing! - And more! Structured is free to download, and features marked with a star (*) require Structured Pro — an optional subscription. Structured Pro can be purchased within the app, as a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription. Terms & Privacy Policy:


Structured - Daily Planner ScreenshotStructured - Daily Planner ScreenshotStructured - Daily Planner ScreenshotStructured - Daily Planner ScreenshotStructured - Daily Planner ScreenshotStructured - Daily Planner ScreenshotStructured - Daily Planner ScreenshotStructured - Daily Planner Screenshot



By Solashadow


This was awesome it would be even better if I paid but did not want to it did help a lot would of been better if I could set the same schedule for the whole week and not just the day but you can do that if you paid. But over all loved it and recommend
By montana 3356

Very Helpful

I loved to write in a planner a few years ago but lost my love. I am currently transitioning to all digital and this is the perfect app/planner to help me do so!
By Becky0316060909

Must fix

Focus is zoom like 175 %....meaning, when i create a task and press Focus, i can only read half of the word in my phone lock screen because Focus is too zoom..for instance, if you write the word “Independence” i can only read “Indepen” when Focus is short words Focus must be fixed and minimized so peoples can read the whole sentence in their phone screen
By Paul-265

great app, would recommend

i’ve had the app for quite some time now and it’s served INCREDIBLY useful. it’s very easy to use, and has many different features making it clearer to read and organize your tasks.
By #PuppyLover_24

Would give it higher but it kept bugging me to review

I have had the app for five minutes and it's continually asking what I think of it. I don't know if this is apples doing or the apps but I am only reviewing it to get it to leave me alone.
By Dan559s


By Sheena082813

Almost perfect but…manual rescheduling is annoying

The app is very useful and it helps me stay focus and allows me to see my day visually and see how much I can accomplish in one day and stay on track. The only annoyance I have with the app is that if a task takes longer than expected, you have to manually update the start time for all other tasks in the day. It would be nice if it automatically pushed the start time of the following tasks based on when the current task is completed. Or have an option to automatically update start times to remove the overlapping times. Another thing, it would make it easier to plan the day if tasks could be dragged around the day in case you need to reshuffle your tasks based on unknown circumstances that might cause tasks to need to be pushed out.
By Fustrated user > (

This app deserves 5 Stars… but it needs a few more features.

I downloaded this app yesterday, and it is fantastic. I have ADHD, and being able to put all my to dos and calendars and routine items into one place, viewable on a calendar with checkboxes to tick them off, is AMAZING. Easily worth the annual subscription for the pro version to open up all the features. But it needs just a few more: 1) I’d love to see the ability to change the time of multiple events on a given day at the same time: I’m thinking of this as a “edit my day” button that allows selection of multiple events, moving them all together earlier or later in the day. 2) It would be super helpful to have the ability to reorganize subtasks. I don’t always think of subtasks in order and having them out of order really messes with my head. So I have more than once added in the new subtask I need and then copy and pasted each following subtask below. It’s a unnecessarily cumbersome process. From what I can tell, this could be solved in two possible ways: allow the cursor to create a new subtask when the return key is pushed or the “new subtask” button pressed even if there is a subtask already below, or provide mover bars on each subtask to be able to freely move them within the list. 3) The icing on the cake would be an option to allow overlapping events when they are 4+ hours long. Maybe a checkbox in the event? This would ideally allow it to stretch beneath other events on the day’s view to help get a feel for what things are overlapping and when to see if they can be worked in or need to be moved. Thank you for a great app, and I hope improvements can be made to make it that much better!
By BethN3


Good app
By hamdi awartani98

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