Аstro VРN - Bеst Prоxy

Аstro VРN - Bеst Prоxy

Аstro VРN - Bеst Prоxy


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Astro VPN is one of the most productive apps, which can provide you with a stable VPN connection 24/7. Furthermore, we developed the most reliable program, as it doesn’t collect or store the information about your logs or another online activity. As the result, you get an absolutely anonymous searching, safe transactions and fast connection, even if you need to watch a long movie. Also, we designed a new in-app browser, which can be easily launched without extra registration. Why should you choose Astro VPN? Here is the list of facts, which will definitely convince you: • Speedy connection. Astro VPN is able to provide you with the fastest internet, so you won’t notice any speed changes while surfing the net. • In-app browser. There is a special browser for private searching included. • Compatible. Astro VPN matches all the popular browsers. So, it doesn’t matter, which one you prefer to use, you’ll stay 100% anonymous. • No traces. We don’t save your browsing history or logging information. You can be sure that nobody will find out, which websites you visited. • Stable connection. It doesn’t matter which time or part of the day you are going to establish it, the result will be the same. You won’t get any pauses or breaks even at a rush hour. • No limits. Speed and traffic are absolutely unlimited, so you won’t need to purchase additional minutes or Mb. • Our interface seems to be the simplest and the most comfortable! You won’t get any extra problems, because Astro VPN can be launched and used right away. We tried to make the interface as understandable as possible! • Reliable. We can guarantee the workability and reliability of servers. We chose only trustworthy ones to provide our users with the safest connection. • No registration. Your online activity will be absolutely anonymous, as you don’t need to fill in any forms or give your personal information. Main subscription terms: We provided 3 types of subscription to make it more affordable and profitable. The subscription renews automatically each time the paid period comes to an end. Please, notice, that in case you don’t want to renew it, you need to go to iTunes account Settings and turn this option off at least 24 hours prior the end of the current subscription. You can purchase Astro VPN for such periods: • 1 week per 9.99$ • 1 month per 29.99$ • 1 year per 59.99$ Each type goes with a 3 days trial. So, you can test Astro VPN for free to make a final decision. You should pay attention to the fact, that these 3 days may be forfeited in case you purchase a subscription before the end of your free period. Privacy policy https://astrovpnios.com/data-policy.html Terms of use https://astrovpnios.com/terms-of-use.html


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This one is the best!

I have already tested several vpn apps, but they seemed to me to be not as good, as this one! I stopped my app-hunt by purchasing Astro, and I guess, this was a right choice of mine! 5 stars!
By Orlo Krajcik

Speedy thing!

Super app per a low price! The subscription you offer me to purchase is affordable enough for me and my family. By the way, they installed AstroVPN too and say that they love it. My opinion is the same! I wanna thank the developers for this prog and its simpleness - even my daughter can use it without any problems. I will put the highest mark - thanks! Keep up the good work!
By Frederik Rolfson

Fast one!

Every member of my family uses AstroVPN, as it’s the most convenient and affordable prog for us. We all have our own reasons to run it, but everybody is satisfied and that’s a fact! I was the first one to try it out and I can say that everything works perfectly! This is just what I was looking for during the last week. Beneficial app, which everyone should try! Great!
By Libon Baxaz

VPN is wonderful

Astro has many benefits provided, as it is one of the best progs on Store! I will name several advantages of this vpn app: design and interface are amazing and very comfortable, speed is high and the connection is stable enough to watch a video, for example. I even downloaded several files and that was performed really quickly! I can’t say anything bad about it!
By Liliane Shields

I am grateful

Beneficial prog, which can provide me with a brilliant connection 24/7! I enjoy using it for sure! My privacy is fully guaranteed and I can rely on Astro without any doubts! There are no traces of my searchings left, so nobody will guess, that it was me! I don’t wanna be tracked by some cyber criminals, while I’m surfing the net through a public wi-fi, which happens to me quite often. Thanks for this splendid app! High quality development it is! I will recommend everyone to give Astro a try, ‘cause I haven’t found anything more profitable and well-made! It works perfectly and satisfies me enough!!!
By Nicholaus Wiegand


There are so many workable servers provided that I can choose only the one to connect to. I think its a common problem of those, who use Astro daily. Of course, I’m joking and this is a super benefit of a vpn app today! I like it and can’t say anything wrong about Astro’s productivity. At last, this is the best app I’ve ever installed from Store from this category!!!
By Elva Greenholt

Scam app!

A scam app!!!!!!!
By chen.liang

I love this prog!

Astro is a must-have for me, as I study at a college and it’s impossible to chat or google without vpn in-there. I understand that this is an important rule, but I definitely can’t follow it, ‘cause I have lots of friends to chat with. One more thing is that we have kinda long breaks and I have to entertain myself somehow. I like vines and other funny things to watch - thanks!
By Cleora Denesik

Well-developed 😎

One of the coolest apps, which I’ve ever met! It’s quite affordable and doesn’t have any speed or time limits! The speed doesn’t change at all, so I can watch videos anonymously! Good!
By Simeon O'Kon


Luxuries vpn! The connection is wonderful and the speed is fast enough! I can say that this is a high quality development of this team! They managed to do everything properly and release a well-made prog! I love it, when the app is simple and clear. I don’t wanna spend much time, figuring out, how does everything work in-there. This one is understandable even without a tutorial or other hints. I set Astro on my own, without a help of technical support. This is an amazing result for me, as I am a true noob. This is the main reason of mine to write the review. I wish all the users find out about Astro’s simpleness and workability. It’s perfect to use an app, which is absolutely basic and understandable! You don’t waste your time on figuring the things out. Astro is wonderful at any rates, so I started using it daily. It appeared to be incredibly helpful!
By Leola Hintz



Аstro VРN - Bеst Prоxy

Аstro VРN - Bеst Prоxy